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We are the only two parents who agreed to attend the school trip” AU (bonus: “so i guess we share this hotel room?”)

Hey guys! So, here’s a sequel to that school drabble I wrote a month or so back. I know this isn’t many people’s cup o’ tea, but this is about as canon-esque as I’ll write LOL.

WARNING: Fluff, Magical children, Magical School, and Flirty AF Klaus.



Caroline glared over at her immortal pseudo-boyfriend, Klaus, who had the audacity to look confused.

“What the hell is this?” Caroline practically screeched, gesturing at the huge white charter bus that was parked on the street in front of her. 

“A bus for the field trip,” he answered quizzically. “At least for the children. Our transportation is over there.”

She followed his pointing with her eyes and groaned under her breath at the sleek black limo parked behind the bus.

“Absolutely not,” she said firmly.

Klaus rolled his eyes. “Sweetheart, it’s nearly a 7 hour trip to Atlanta from New Orleans. I want us and the children to be comfortable.”

“Yes, but I asked you to get a regular school bus, not a charter,” she glared at him. “This is so much more expensive than I budgeted for the field trip.”

Klaus waved her off flippantly. “Don’t worry about that.”

Caroline narrowed her eyes at him, crossing her arms and pursing her lips together. “What did I tell you about doing stuff like this?”

Klaus heaved his bag on his back and went to take her roller suitcase from her. “Love, just because you tell me to stop throwing money at people to get what I want, doesn’t mean I’m going to ride in a ridiculous yellow vehicle with screaming children for seven hours.”

Caroline tossed him a glare. “Then why did you volunteer to chaperone?” 

Klaus smirked at her, his eyes raking down her form lustfully. She rolled her eyes and took back her suitcase from him, biting her lip at the low chuckle he let out. 

Damn that stupidly attractive hybrid.

“Okay, just because we are semi-dating doesn’t mean this is a trip to fool around on.”

Klaus gave her an offended look. “First of all, we are together, my love. Not just “semi-dating.” And I didn’t just come to stare at you for the next two days, love, though, I probably will be-”

She rolled her eyes, but couldn’t help the small smile creeping across her face. A little thrill went down her back at his statement about their relationship as she inwardly marveled at how lucky she was to finally have someone who cared for her as much as she always dreamed of.

They had been dating for the past couple of months ever since the twins and Hope played parent trap with the newly rebuilt Mikaelson Library. Surprisingly, everything was going really good with them. Their children were thrilled their matchmaking had worked, but weren’t too happy with the many hours of detention they had to go through for punishment.

However, surprisingly, Klaus was an amazing boyfriend-y type partner.

On the other hand, calling him her boyfriend was so weird. He was so much more than that.

“-But I came to make sure Hope would be safe and create some memories with my daughter,” he finished, arching a brow at her slowly forming sheepish expression.

“I know,” she answered begrudgingly. “You’re freakishly overprotective.” 

Klaus just shrugged, leaning into kiss her sweetly on the cheek. “I would do the same for the twins too.” 

She wrinkled her nose cutely at him. “I don’t know why Josie loves you so much. You suck up way too much to be taken seriously.” 

He grinned, bumping her hip playfully with his arm. “I think it’s because we both like you the most.”

Caroline barked out a laugh. “You’re ridiculous.”

He just hummed as he gestured towards the limo. “Shall we?”

She shook her head. “We can’t. Part of being a chaperone is actually watching the kids. We have to ride the bus.”

Klaus made a face. “But they are so loud.”

Caroline giggled, poking him in the chest. “Welcome to chaperoning. Call off the limo and then start gathering the students’ luggage. We have to leave after they are finished with breakfast.”

He growled under his breath as he stalked towards the limo. Caroline smiled as she watched him, basking in the way her heart stumbled as he walked away.

The School for the Young and Gifted New Orleans branch was headed up to Atlanta for the opening of the Georgia branch. In addition to the Mystic Falls branch that Jeremy was now running, (Alaric moved to New Orleans with his latest girlfriend when the twins decided that they wanted to attend school in Louisiana), there were now three branches of the school.

The opening ceremony was the next day, but she decided to leave earlier the day before so that the students would have time to explore Atlanta. Klaus volunteered immediately to chaperone with her along with a couple of other parents and he even offered up some of his minions for extra protection.

Caroline wasn’t too worried about anybody coming to harm the kids. She was more concerned about what kind of trouble her students could cause with their shaky grips on their powers. Needless to say, both Hope and her daughters were all wearing their bracelets to contain magic for the next few days.

“Mommy is it time to go?” she heard a small voice behind her.

Josie stood expectantly in front of her with a little pink suitcase, Hope and Lizzie chattering away behind her with their bags.

“Just about!” she replied cheerfully. “Is breakfast already over?”

The little girl shook her head, her brown hair waving in the air. “No, I just wanted to make sure I got a good seat on the bus. I want to be able to watch the movie Mr. Klaus promised.”

Caroline chuckled, tucking a lock behind her daughter’s ear. Of course the girls would already know about the charter bus. She heard Klaus come up behind her, his footsteps stopping as he came to her side. 

“Hi Dad,” Hope beamed up at her father, her adoring eyes twinkling as the sun caught a gleam off her auburn locks. 

“Mr. Klaus!” Lizzie cried cheerfully. “Are those for us?”

Caroline looked over at him, fighting the urge to roll her eyes at the platter of chocolate covered strawberries that he held in one hand and a bottle of champagne in the other. Clearly his limo ride was just a tip of the iceberg for the romance plans he had for the trip. 

“Of course they are,” Caroline chirped, smirking at Klaus’ annoyed expression. “Wasn’t that thoughtful of Mr. Klaus?”

“I love strawberries,” Josie grinned. “Thanks Mr. Klaus.”

“Is that grape juice?” Lizzie continued, motioning at the champagne bottle. “Because, no offense, but that’s gross.”

Klaus snorted, handing Hope the platter of strawberries and the bottle to Caroline. “Not to worry, love. I will arrange for your mother and me to drink it later.”

“I doubt that will happen,” Caroline cut in with a wink. “Hope, why don’t you take that to your seats on the bus? Jo, Liz, will you give your luggage to Klaus? He’ll go load it for you.” 

Klaus growled under his breath as he took the pink suitcases, annoyed at having been regaled to manual labor. She smirked victoriously before asking Lizzie to tell the other students to hurry with their luggage so Klaus could load it in the undercarriage.

He was still grumbling ten minutes later when the students began to file onto the bus.

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Four score years
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Sea salt tears
Swimming round as the rain comes down