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Four score years
Living down in this rain swept town
Sea salt tears
Swimming round as the rain comes down

Something More

Anon asked: Steroline AU (all human) : Caroline & Stefan being friends with benefits. If you can make a smut it will be awesome ;) but I also want that one of them starts falling in love and realizes it. Choose the one that give you more inspiration. Thank you :) 

Okay so this kinda veered from the prompt, sorry about that. But I still have the idea that one of them is falling for the other and that they are friends, and there will be smut eventually ;)) I wouldn’t dream of leaving it out. I decided that this will have multiple parts, I don’t know how many yet, it depends if people like the idea or not. Big thanks to @youweremybestfriend for betaing this!

Stefan didn’t expect to hear someone knocking frantically on his door at - what did his clock say? - three in the morning. He felt frustration brewing inside of him at whoever it was interrupting his sleep.

He trudged through his apartment to the door with heavy footsteps, not even bothering to throw on a tee shirt. He didn’t care about indecency at an hour like this. 

When he swung the door open he wasn’t prepared for the sight of his best friend standing there with a tear stained face and clothes drenched with rain. She was shivering and sobbing and Stefan immediately pulled her in for a hug, shutting the door behind her.

“I’m sorry it’s so early, but-but Enzo and I had another fight, and he kicked me out. He broke up with me and kicked me out, Stefan…,” Caroline trailed off into another fit of cries, and Stefan felt his chest clench at her pain, all the while he fought against the urge to clench his fists in anger. 

He was furious that that pompous British ass thought he had the right to break up with his best friend and force her out on the streets with no where to go.

All Stefan wanted to do was march over to Enzo’s house and bash his face in. Instead of acting on his fury Stefan focused on the blonde in his arms, putting the duffle bag she was dragging onto his shoulder and lifting her into his arms. 

“Come on, let’s get you into a pair of dry pajamas.” He said gently, bringing Caroline to his bedroom and helping her undress. He wasn’t bothered by her nakedness and neither was Caroline herself, they had been friends since birth and seen everything there was to see. Caroline could vaguely remember them taking baths together as children.

Once Caroline was dressed comfortably, Stefan settled her on the couch and rushed off to get a glass of bourbon. She took it gratefully, downing the glass in one gulp. 

She placed it on the side table, before grasping her legs and visually retreating into herself. Stefan felt equally as torn apart as he was angry, he had seen his best friend like this before, after many past relationships ended horribly, but this time something was different. She didn’t seem as sad as she normally was, instead she seemed more regretful and solemn. 

“Do you want to talk about what happened?” He asked, placing a strong hand on her knee, his thumb massaging the skin there. Caroline’s shoulders sagged in content as she let out a sigh. 

“I-I, Enzo wanted to be intimate, but I told him I wasn’t in the mood…”

“Darling, you’re never ’in the mood’, you haven’t wanted to have sex with me in almost a month!” Enzo snapped and Caroline tensed as she saw his jaw clench. He had always been a somewhat laid back person, but when he got angry, he got enraged.

“Work’s been hectic lately and I’ve been too tired.” Caroline mumbled indifferently, she really didn’t want to have this conversation right now. She had just gotten back from a night out with Bonnie and it was late so she just wanted to shower and get in bed. 

“Hate to tell you sweetheart, but work has never impacted your sex drive before. Maybe there is something you aren’t telling me?” Caroline could pick up the underlying accusation in Enzo’s harsh tone, and she felt almost as if she’d been slapped. What did he think she was? A whore?

“Don’t you dare use that tone with me, I am nothing if not faithful to you!”

Please, Caroline, is that why you were out so late tonight? Were you sneaking around shagging some other guy?” His voice was so vicious and malign it sent shivers down her spine. She was scared of what Enzo might do to her with him acting so unreasonably. 

“Shut the hell up! You have no right to accuse me of cheating on you,” Caroline shouted poking a finger into Enzo’s chest, “I was out with Bonnie, just have me call her so she could tell you how ridiculous you’re being.”

He gripped the hand she was pointing at him roughly, squeezing hard enough to make her whimper, “Enzo, let go you’re hurting me.“ 

“I’m done with your bullshit, Caroline. I’ll give you two choices either shut up and let us take this to bed, or leave.“ 

“You can’t force me to sleep with you and you can’t make me leave either! Who in the hell do you think you are?! I’m not some lost puppy you can train into obedience, you bastard. Go fuck your-,” Her words were cut off when a harsh slap was landed on her cheek, and she gasped at the sharp sting. 

“You are going to leave my house without another word and you are going to leave now. I don’t ever want to see your face again, you slut.” Enzo’s words pierced Caroline like a knife, and she felt her tears welling before she could stop them. 

What happened to Enzo in the past month that made him this way? She thought that he was a genuinely good guy, like Stefan. She was confused and hurt.

Caroline didn’t fully comprehend what was happening until Enzo returned with a duffle bag filled with her things, and shoved it at her.

“Leave.” His rage filled voice snapped her from her daze and Caroline didn’t wait a second to run out his front door.

“Then I walked here and one of your neighbors buzzed me in,” Caroline said, Stefan noticed the detached look in her eyes and the way her fingers traced the the bruise forming on her cheek, “I never thought he would hit me, I didn’t peg him as a guy who would lose his temper like that.”

“Caroline, I swear to god I will go to his house right now and beat the shit out of him, just ask me and I will do it,” Stefan raved, pacing the length of his living room, running his fingers through his hair in frustration. 

He was enraged, no homicidal. He could kill Enzo right now, he could snap his neck like a twig. How dare he lay a hand on Caroline and hurt her? Stefan grunted and took a few breaths to calm himself. 

Caroline did not need him to be angry, she needed him to be there for her and comfort her like the good friend he was. 

“No, Stefan, please just-just hold me, I just need you to hold me.” Caroline whispered gently, her eyes fluttering in exhaustion. She could vaguely feel Stefan’s body moving behind her own and she hummed in content, feeling safe in his warm embrace. 

“I didn’t cheat on Enzo if you were wondering,” She mumbled, her words close to unintelligible. 

“I know you didn’t Caroline, you would never do something like that.” Stefan assured, his nose burying into Caroline’s blonde hair, breathing in the scent of vanilla and sugar. 

“I didn’t sleep with him because I’m in love with someone else…,” The blonde trailed off as sleep overtook her, and Stefan couldn’t help the leap that his heart took. 

Maybe after all of these years she felt something for him? After all of the heartbreak she endured maybe she realized that the perfect guy had been there all along, right by her side to comfort her and make her happy. 

Stefan wondered that maybe she finally felt it back?

Update: Part Two