pokes at your cheeks

Random Actions-Edition {Action Starters}
  • *punches you in the face*
  • *dips and kisses you*
  • *hands you an ice cream cone*
  • *pokes your cheek*
  • *turns off the lights*
  • *spills coffee on your lap*
  • *throws ball at you*
  • *hands you a bouquet of flowers*
  • *drops a sandwich in your lap*
  • *boops your nose*
  • *hands you a kitten*
  • *hits you over the head with a book*
  • *pats your head*
  • *runs right into you*
  • *hands you a puppy*
  • *pours a bucket of water on the floor*
  • *slams door in your face*
  • *hands you a gun*
  • *tosses video game controller at you*
  • *puts tiara on your head*
  • *splashes water on your face*
  • *throws glitter on you*
  • *hands you a hamster*
  • *pushes you into a lake*
  • *ties a bowtie in your hair*
  • *pushes you against the wall*
  • *offers you a doughnut*
  • *puts hand over your mouth*
  • *smacks you with a shoe*
  • *slaps you across the face*
Seventeen Reaction: You Sleep On Their Lap

Requested by anon! As you can see, I’m trash at stretching things thirteen different ways ;; But I hope you like this!

Dino is honestly such a sweet kid, I believe he won’t mind in the slightest. He would like that you’re resting but would be worried that you were overworking yourself. Would gaze at you while you slumber and softly smile because you looked so cute. I see him being the type to move your hair out of your face if it was falling onto your eyes.

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DK would get a little surprised when he realizes that you were knocked out on his lap. However, he gets over it and would have this strong sense to protect you because you looked so soft while sleeping. Hums to you whenever you stir in your dreams and pokes your cheek playfully bc you look adorable~

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Hoshi would chuckle because you swore you wouldn’t sleep during the movie but here you were, fast asleep on him. Is probably the type to gently shake you awake and give you a piggyback ride to the bedroom so that you had a more comfortable place to sleep.

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Jeonghan would be the type to be so gentle and sweet, all smiles when you were asleep. His caring side would kick in and he would grab a blanket and pillow for you. If you sleep talk, best believe he is going to tease you about it ^^

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Joshua would stay in place, worried that you might wake up if he moves. Would probably just chill there on his phone or watch TV on low volume. Is alert every time he feels you move against him and (you lucky thing…) his sweet smile is the first thing you would wake up to.

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Jun would be the type to just stare because jeez, you’re cute. His hands would be absentmindedly stroking your hair and would be the type to leave a kiss on your forehead. Would like it too much, hahaha but it’s cute. Takes pictures that hopefully you won’t find.

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Mingyu would check to see if you were really sleeping, waving his hand over your face. Laughs quietly when he sees that you are truly asleep on his lap. Would relax back into the couch and just watch you sleep for a little bit. Draws hearts with his fingers onto your skin when he gets a little bored.

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Seungcheol/S.Coups would definitely be the type to lift you up in his arms and smile when you cuddle close to him. Would carry you to bed and probably fall asleep with you, spooning you to him.

((gif originally posted by saysvteen))

Seungkwan would be so flustered the first time~ Would be internally screaming and just mumbling like “…..is my lap that comfortable, babe…..” but he would love it because you’re too cute.

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The8/Minghao would be like Dino and not mind at all. Although a little shy that you were this close, he would probably take off his jacket and throw it over you so that you don’t get cold.

((gif originally posted by mienghao))

Vernon would be chill about it but would probably be all “omggggg” on the inside. Like, this is cuteness overload for him but he’ll try his best to not to move. Would end up falling asleep himself.

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Wonwoo would be nervous and would not know what to do with himself. Does he wake you up? Does he just stay there? Does he grab a blanket? He would try to move but when you also move with him, he just gives up and lets you sleep on him ^^

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Woozi would be like Seungkwan and Wonwoo except he’s as frozen as ice. Would be so shy and a blush would be creeping up his face. Tries his best not to move but let’s be real, he secretly really loves it.

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Blogmas 5; Never Too Old.

Harry is squealing in the morning of a Christmas bc he is so excited to open presents but missus is tired and just rolls around

Because the Christmas smut is taking me some time to finish, here’s a little and very small (and very bad?) something for Blogmas; about an excited Harry on Christmas morning because one of my favourite Harry is when he’s got such a gorgeous grin on his face and such a melodic giggle leaving his mouth. xx

“Wake up,” you heard from beside you, a deep and raspy and still sleep-filled voice speaking softly and breaking the silence of the quiet bedroom, your sleeping figure bring roused from its slumber with a poke to your cheek and a puff of hot air being blown into your face between puckered lips, “wake up, Gorgeous. S’Christmas mornin’ and it’s just the two of us today. Wan’a squeeze in as much as possible.”

“Harry, it’s early,” you grumbled, giving his shin a gentle kick with your heel, “get some more sleep.”

You’d intended on having a lovely, late morning in bed, beside Harry as you cuddled up and spent Christmas morning in the best fashion known to the two of you; exchanging kisses, sharing discrete glances to one another, and, trading sweet and loving touches to one another and insinuating a little something more than horny touches. 

You had no-where to be. 

It was just you and Harry celebrating Christmas together, uninterrupted by friends and undisturbed by family members who’d insisted they celebrate your first married Christmas together, partaking in Christmas traditions that had been passed through generations from both families. Creating more along the way to pass on to your own children. 

Lie-ins in the morning to squeeze in the extra cuddles and warmth, to spend the minimal time you had available before you were torn apart to endure different activities.

Opening Christmas presents with cups of tea and hot chocolates steaming away with festive music playing in the background, humming and singing filling the room as photos were taken to share with family members.

Cooking the big dinner as your children played with their new gifts in the living room, and then eating the food you’d slaved hard over with laughter and love and praise at how gorgeous delicious the cooking was, cracking crackers and slipping on the paper hats to get the festive feel rolling.

Before settling down for the night and reigning in Christmas Day with a cuddle on the sofa with cheese and crackers and sharing a bottle of mulled wine together whilst the children slept after a chaotic day, in new pyjamas and cuddling teddies that had been gifted to them by family members that adored them to bits.

You wanted to catch up on as much sleep as you could, relaxing as much as you could in bed on a day that required hard-work and an exceptional amount of love to be shared, before you were whisked away with the rush of getting dinner cooked and dished up at a specific time.

But, your husband had a different idea.

“I went downstairs,” he said with a grin in his words, “Santa came last night, Gorgeous.”

“We put the presents down there last night,” you sighed, rolling onto your back and turning away from his figure, giving yourself space between the both of you as you tried to refrain from waking completely, “you know we put them there. You insisted that I put them under the tree all wrong and you took over and stacked them up all nicely.”

A chuckle left Harry’s mouth as he turned his face to you, his cheek pressed against his pillow as he came face-to-face with the white material of his t-shirt adorning and swallowing your figure.

“Keep up with the Christmas spirit, you Grinch,” you heard him mutter beneath his breath.

The mattress creaked and dipped under his shuffling weight, his arm settling across your waist as he rolled onto his side to spoon you against him, his upper-arm muscle tensing as he pulled you closer to his front.

“And keep festive for the kids, please. ”

“We don’t have any kids, you moron,” you groaned, his palm flattening as his fingers stretched out over your t-shirt covered belly, “and, m’not a Grinch either. You can’t go round callin’ people that when they’re grumpy.”

“The Grinch was always grumpy,” he mumbled into your neck, his lips brushing over your skin and peppering soft kisses when his lips formed a pucker, “why are you grumpy anyway? You love Christmas Day.”

You loved celebrating with him.

You’d only ever celebrated Christmas with him once, out of the 5 years of your relationship, but it was enough for him to realise that the day was something that had you giggling from the beginning to the end. 

You’d woken up early to help his mother cook up a buffet of foods to eat whilst opening presents, you’d made sure to give him extra marshmallows when he craved for a hot chocolate and you’d given him endless cuddles on the sofa as Gemma and Anne and Robin slaved away in the kitchen to cook up a delicious dinner set for more than 5 hungry people. The house filling with all kinds of smells and noises, chatter being heard over the loud music blasting from the kitchen, resulting in Harry and yourself having a little dance around the living room as he belted out the classics his mum was playing; ranging from John Lennon, to Wizzard, to Wham, and topping off everyone’s festive mood with the Slade classic. 

He’d spent the day watching you intently, as you laughed and expressed your excitement towards aspects of the day, captured by how beautiful you looked in a sweater his mother had made you wear. A reindeer print scattered over the thick woollen material, that somewhat matched his own red jumper with a white and generic looking reindeer stuck to the stomach, but you were too polite to turn down wearing it; because it seemed a tradition and you didn’t want to stand out amongst them.

And, it was when he found you lounged on the sofa with your legs over Gemma’s lap, that it settled into his mind that he couldn’t wait to share many more Christmases with you in the future.

“I’m jus’ tired,” you sighed, cracking an eye open and taking a look over your shoulder, “s’your fault though.”

“It is not,” he retorted.

“You insisted we stayed up to watch the whole of Elf and then you wanted to watch National Lampoon,” you reminded him, reaching a hand behind you and giving his thigh a few soft pats, “so, really, it was your fault.”


But, really it was.

He’d moaned from dinner and right through the evening about how tired he felt, how his day was busy because of the Christmas Eve rush, admitting that all he wanted to do was cosy up in bed with some wine and share a cuddle to pass the time.

You’d poured two glasses of wine, cosied under the covers and settled back for the night, following his orders of watching a movie before he caught himself some shut-eye because he knew by the end of the film, he’d be droopy-eyed and almost snoring away beside you. 

However, that changed after his second glass of wine.

When he became ever so slightly more wide-awake and insisted you both watch another Crimbo film because he wasn’t feeling festive enough for the following day. His eyes set on one of his favourite movies, immediately playing it before you had the chance to inform him that he’d be tired during Christmas Day and before you could warn him that you weren’t willing to look after and tend to a grumpy and tired Harry.

“And, we had a little sex before we fell asleep, too. I can see, and feel, that you’re still naked.”

“I am,” he whispered, bringing his lips to your ear, “why’d do you put a t-shirt on afterwards? Would’a made waking up this morning a whole lot more nicer,” he mumbled softly, nibbling upon your ear lobe and suckling on the flesh, “tis’ the season for squeezin’, am I right?”

You scoffed out, pushing at his body. Your foot pushed at his leg and your arm bending back to push his figure away from yours.

“You’re so awful,” you muttered, “please, go back to sleep. Give me some peace before I have to put up with your god-awful Christmas cracker jokes all day.”

“You love them,” he sighed, all warmth radiating from his body disappearing as he rolled onto his side, all contact being lost except the occasional brush of his toe catching your ankle, “don’t lie about that.”

365 days a year you were a victim to his endless and repetitive jokes.

And, the one day of the year you were prisoner to them, was Christmas Day. When he cracked every cracker in the box to store the cheesy and the most common jokes into his mind, when he brought them out more often than ever before after a couple of beers and ounces of alcohol became induced into his insides.

And as much as you loved him, you just wanted to tear his tongue from his throat when the words Knock Knock or What Did The.. left his mouth.

“Please, let me sleep a little more,” you begged.

“I’m going to put my pyjamas on, okay? And when I finish, I expect you to be awake and up and ready to come downstairs with me to open our presents,” he warned, pressing his lips to the back of your head, and nudging his nose into your hair, “I want to be opening presents soon, because, I’m getting rather curious to know what you’ve brought for me.”

“Don’t get too excited,” you grumbled, “jus’ pants and socks for you this year, I’m afraid.”

“Hmm,” he grunted softly, pushing himself up from the bed and allowing his nude figure to stand to his height, “not from the heavy box I picked up last night, labelled Peaches, and stuck beneath a whole lot of other boxes.”

“You’re unbelievable,” you muttered, “dress in silence, please. Let me have a couple more minutes to shut my eyes and rest.”

“You’ve had your eyes shut for 7 hours,” he retorted, bending over to reach for his pyjama trousers pooled into a heap on the floor. His fingers curling around the material as he hooked his feet into the legs, “you need to sleep more?”

“To be able to put up with a child during all of today? Yes, I do.”

“M’not a child,” he mumbled under his breath, his hands pulling up the flannel pyjama trousers up his legs, going commando beneath the cotton as he sat on the edge of the bed, “right, m’dressed now, Gorgeous. Time to get up and spend Christmas day with your very gorgeous, very festive husband.”

“I hate you,” you hissed playfully, kicking the duvet from your body and instantaneously feeling goosebumps rise upon your skin in retaliation to the cold air attacking your exposed flesh, “I’m up. I’m awake, are you happy now?”

A grin lifted up Harry’s cheeks, popping his infatuating and every so adoring dimple, as he nodded his head in response to you and confirmed to your question with a wordless answer.

“You’re too excitable for 9 in the morning,” you sighed, sitting yourself up and setting your feet to the floor, your toes brushing over the carpet, “tone it down a little. You’re almost 24-years old, Peaches. Not 4.”

“Never too old to get excited about today,” he stated matter-of-factly, his bare feet carrying him at a quickened pace around the bed to where you were sat upright, his arms held out ahead of him with his fingers wiggling and ready for you to take in your hold, “Merry Christmas, my Gorgeous.”

“Merry Christmas, Peaches.”

When you wake up to Jhope’s kisses

Warning: You’ll fall for Jhope by reading this ;3

JH: *pokes your cheek* Y/N~~

Y/N: *still half asleep* Nhnhnghnhnnnn

JH: *smiles* Wakey wakey sunshine

Y/N: *opens one eye* let me sleeeep for a wee bit moreee

JH: *grabs and pulls you on top of him*

Y/N: *startled* Jhopeeee why don’t you let me sleep?? *pouts*

JH: *gently grabs your face* Did you know that I love you?

Y/N: *blushes* yes I love you too, hobi

JH: *chuckles* I love it when you call me that

Y/N: *smiles* do you really?

JH: Yes, now here’s a present 

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Andre Burakovsky - Then There Were Three

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You woke up to your boyfriend poking your cheek repeatedly. You cracked one eye open to glare at the grinning Swede.

“Good morning,” Andre greeted.

“I hate you,” you groaned, rolling over to bury your head in the crook of his neck. His hand slid over your waist and onto your stomach. You smiled, knowing what he was thinking about.

“Good morning, baby. I love you and your mommy very much,” he murmured.

Yesterday had been eventful. After throwing up for the fifth morning straight, Andre had dragged you to the doctors where you learned that you didn’t have to flu, but you were instead pregnant. After a few moments of panicking, he calmed you down and reassured you that he would never leave you.

He loved you and he loved your baby, even though you two were barely twenty one.

“I propose a challenge,” you smiled, pulling back far enough so you could see his face and look into his breathtaking honey brown eyes, “We drop hints and whoever can get Tom and Mike to guess first wins.”

“I’ll win,” he smirked, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

“We need prizes.”

“Winner gets to pick dinner, loser owes the winner ice cream.”


He laughed as you practically bounced out of bed, ready to get dressed and see your friends. You stared at your reflection in the mirror and lifted your shirt, turning to the side. A barely there bump was starting to form since you were around six weeks along. Andre appeared behind you as he slid his hands up to rest on yours.

“You are so beautiful and I know you will look beautiful when you’re forty weeks along.”

“Someone has been reading up on pregnancy,” you teased.

He bent down, brown curls tickling your cheek as he pressed kisses along your shoulder, collarbone, and made his way up your neck.

“We need to get ready,” you laughed, lightly pushing him away, “The last time we were late to brunch, Latts and Willy whined for three hours.”

The two of you met your friends at the regular brunch place which was just an iHop. The boys loved the all you can eat pancakes. Tom and Mike were sitting at your usual booth and were on their phones, like always.

“Good morning Thing One, Thing Two,” you greeted.

“Finally! I thought you two would be late again,” Tom said as he set his phone down, “What’s new?”

“Do you guys think Y/N looks a bit bigger?” Andre asked casually.

Michael dropped his phone, which was saved by the case, and Tom’s mouth dropped open in shock. The boys glanced between you and him before staring at each other.

“Dude, did you just ask us if your girlfriend was getting fat? While she’s sitting right there?” Mike hissed.

“That is low, Burkie. That is….dude…” Tom whispered in horror.

Just then, a waitress came by to get drink orders. Tom shook his head in disappointment at Andre before turning to her.

“Four coffees,” he ordered like usual.

“Three coffees, actually,” you interjected, “I’ll have water.”

The waitress left and the boys turned to look at you and Latts spoke up, “Something’s up.”

“Andre is calling you fat, you’re not drinking coffee like usual,” Willy added.

“I’ve been getting sick recently and kept throwing up so I figured to go easy,” you shrugged.

Michael nodded and started rambling off about something as Willy stared at you two in shock. His eyes widened and a shit eating grin split across his face. He slapped Latts’ arm until he stopped talking.

“You’re pregnant,” he blurted out.

Mike actually gasped and jumped out of the booth, pulling Andre into a bone crushing hug. Andre looked terrified as both guys piled on top of him, cheering. You were pulled into the fray but they were much gentler when they hugged you.

“I’m going to be the best uncle. This kid will be spoiled so much,” Latts babbled.

“Excuse you, I’ll be the better uncle,” Tom argued. The two started squabbling and Andre wrapped an arm around your shoulder, smiling contently at your little family.

Jim Moriarty Drabble

Word count: 353 

Warnings: none

Request:” Can you do 20 and 101 with Jim Moriarty please? :)” - toovillaintobehero 

Drabble: 20:”Hug me so I can get warm” 101: “You’re cute when you’re freezing.” 


People would think that being an extremely rich, criminal mastermind Jim Moriarty would remember to pay the gas and electric bills, unfortunately for the pair of you, he had been too caught up in his scheme with Sherlock to remember the bill lying in his desk draw in the office you weren’t allowed to go into. These regrettable events lead to you and Jim shivering under several layers of clothes and three blankets in your living room. “All y-you had t-to do w-was-s pay the b-b-bloody bill.” You managed to get out with your teeth chattering relentlessly. He huffed and looked over at you, red nose and cheeks poking out from your hoodie and blanket burrito. “B-but n-no, you ha-had to g-get t-too engr-rossed in y-your work d-didn’t you.” You sighed, hugging your body as you sat in the dim candle light, on the upside the candles filled the room with a lovely vanilla scent. 

He rubbed his hands together and looked at her softly"I already s-said I was s-sorry (Y/N), I’ll p-pay them this m-month th-then g-get someone to-“ "Y-your not ass-assassinating the head of our gas and electric company.” You said sternly, staring at the wall opposite you. You heard him whine and grumble under his breath. After a while of sitting in silence shivering you looked over at him and whined. “Will you just hug me so I can get warm.” He chuckled and shook his head. “WHY?” You pouted childishly causing him to laugh even more. “You’re cute when your freezing.” He said softly and poked your nose. “Will I still be cute when I get your pistol from the bedside table and shoot you?” You asked grumpily and his laugh increased in volume. You felt him shuffle next to you and wrap his arms around your cold body, pulling you into his warm body, you sighed happily and nuzzled into his chest. “No, then you’ll be really hot.” He smirked and kissed your temple. 

At Lunch {Taehyung x Reader}

Genre: Smuff?

Word Count: Over 9000! (jk more like 1500)

Taehyung asks you to help him with his homework, and you deny. 

Originally posted by supersaja

“Sorry Oppa, I’m really busy this week,” You apologized, staring up at your boyfriend over the tips of your lashes. You never liked lying to Taehyung, but this was something that you couldn’t help. It’s not a complete lie anyways, you convinced yourself, counting down the number of papers you had due that week.

“I don’t understand anything though, and you’re really smart~” He teased, poking your cheeks as he pouted, trying his best to get your attention, “C’mon!”

“Nope,” You grinned at him, enjoying the site of his pleading face, “But seriously, I…have work to do.”

“I’m going to give you one last chance, Jagi,” He said seriously, all traces of a smile missing, as he looked intently at you, “Don’t make a choice you’ll regret.”

“I said no, really,” You answered, though more unsurely, peering up at him warily, “But why would I—”

You were given no time to react.

“You should have helped me with the homework Jagi,” He breathed down your neck, sending shivers down your spine as you slowly backed away. There was no sound in the room other than the dim buzz of the AC and your shuffling footsteps as you carefully tried to move out of his grip, only for him to mirror your moves as he walked towards you.

“It’s your fault for not knowing the answers,” You giggled nervously, gasping as you felt your back hit a desk, feeling the cold metal through your thin uniform shirt.

You spotted a mischievous glint in his eyes as he took two more steps closer to you, resting his hands on the table behind you, caging you against him with his strong arms.

“Maybe it is,” He hummed, nuzzling his nose into the crook of your neck, as he breathed in your scent, “but that won’t change what’s coming next,” He whispered as he pressed his lips onto the junction between your neck and shoulder.

You could feel Taehyung’s fluffy hair against your chin, taunting you to run your hands through it, to tug and pull at it as you wished while your boyfriend continued to place soft kisses along your neck, sending warmth flooding down your chest and butterflies fluttering away at your insides.

You let your hands roam over Taehyung’s well defined chest, letting your fingers ghost over the buttons before coming to rest on his shoulders as you let him have his way with you, his feverish kisses wiping your mind of the fact that you both were still at school.

Before you could get too hung up over your thoughts, Taehyung decided to change the pace, nipping at your soft skin with teeth.

“Oppa,” You whined, letting your hands trace over his collar and tie as you tugged at it, “You better not leave any marks!”

He pulled back for a second to grin devilishly. Panting slightly, he pressed his lips against yours with a wet, smacking sound. “Sorry Jagi, I call the shots now,” He laughed, wrapping his toned arms around your waist as he effortlessly lifted you onto the desk.

“Open your legs for me babe” He commanded, moving his hands lower, down past your hips. He didn’t really give you a chance to respond before running his long, cold fingers over the bare skin of your thighs, pushing your thighs apart just enough for him to step impossibly closer to you, the cloth of his trousers brushing against your inner legs.

“Think of it as a potential reward for tutoring me,” He laughed, moving one hand under your dress shirt to the small of your back so you could feel his cold skin against yours. His other hand stayed on your thigh, rubbing slow circles with his thumb.

You closed your eyes, trying your best to enjoy the feeling before lunch ended and someone barged in. You buried your face into his chest, trying to enjoy the almost soothing feeling when you felt a slap over your thigh, the sound echoing in the empty room.

“Open your eyes babe,” He growled, pulling you back just enough so that he could rest his forehead against yours. You gazed into his clouded eyes, your face red and sweaty and he smirked at your arousal.

“How about we play a game?” He muttered, using a single finger to trace a line down your back, “Tell me when I’m being too hot for you.”

As you nodded slowly, he brought both his palms back to your knees, slowly moving them over your legs as he maintained his intense gaze on you. You struggled to meet his eyes as his long fingers continued up your sensitive skin, rolling your skirt further up.

Is this too hot for you babe?” He chuckled, waiting for you to give him the signal to continue.

You could feel the tips of his fingers over your core, sending the arousal pooling past your stomach. You couldn’t feel anything below your thighs other than the soft tingling feeling of your boyfriend’s experienced hands gliding over your skin.

You nodded slowly, opening your mouth to grant him permission, “Y-Ye-”

But the words never left your mouth when the shrill sound of the lunch bell resounded in your ears, ricocheting against the walls of the empty classroom. The both of you were stock still, entirely frozen, panting heatedly from your earlier activities. It did you a favor though, snapping you back into your senses, bringing forward the thought of what could have happened.

Was…was I really going to do it with Taehyung? And at school, of all places?’ You thought to yourself as you carefully tucked your shirt back in and straightened your skirt.

You looked back up at Taehyung who stared at you in turn, somewhat clueless. Giggling at his almost 180-degree personality flip, you took your chance to fix his collar and tie, reaching up on your tip toes to smooth over his hair.

“Jagi,” He whined, “Why can’t we finish up now?” He asked, gesturing the somewhat obvious tent in his khaki trousers.

“Sorry, Oppa, ‘no physical intimacy during class hours’~” You cited off the rule book, making sure you looked presentable, before you grabbed your book bag, ready to leave, “Anyway, our math teacher will kill us if we’re la-”

You didn’t get to complete your thoughts as your boyfriend snaked his arms around your waist again, resting his chin over your head as he held you from behind, warming up your back.

Don’t worry Jagi, I’ll get you after school then.” He whispered into your ear, using his deepest voice before letting go of you and stalking away ahead of you, words still resounding in your head, “And you’ll love every second of it.”

You felt your heart involuntarily jump in excitement, the anticipation rolling over your core in waves. Looks like you’d be stuck after school again.

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13 and 25 with Moriarty please 💕 x

Originally posted by iamfire355

Reader x Moriarty

13. “It’s three a.m.”

25. “This is a horrible idea.”

You felt a poke on your cheek and shifted away.

“Y/N.” Your boyfriend Jim poked you again. “Come on wake up.”

“Go to bed, Jim.” You swatted his arm away and faced the other side.

“Y/N.” Another poke.

Begrudgingly, you opened your eyes looking at the alarm clock and then at Jim. “It’s three a.m.”

“Time is only a number.” Jim responded in a sing-song tone. “Besides I’ve got a great idea.”

“What is it?” You asked warily. Jim’s ideas almost always ended with the two of you getting in trouble.

“Get dressed and I’ll tell you on the way.” Jim flung clothes at you and walked out of your shared room, yelling back behind him, “I’m going to get the car. Meet me outside in ten minutes.”

You groaned and grabbed the clothes, putting them on as fast as you could before walking outside. When you were outside, you knocked on the car window and waited for Jim to unlock the car.

“It’s so bloody early, Jim.” You muttered while getting in and buckling your seat. “This better be good.”

“Oh, it will be.” He assured you, backing out of the driveway.

After driving for a few minutes in silence you spoke up. “Are you going to tell me what we’re doing?”

“We’re going to steal the crown jewels.” He told you excitedly.

“Steal the crown jewels?” You asked in disbelief. “You just did that last month. Remember, they had a trial and everything.”

“I didn’t steal them, Y/N. They didn’t leave their case.” Jim said as if it was the most obvious thing ever.

You stayed quiet for a minute. “This is a horrible idea.”

“Well, get ready.” Jim stopped the car. “Because we’re here.”

When you refused to get out of the car, Jim opened your door and grabbed your hand, pulling you out.

“We’re going to get caught.” You muttered, anxiously. “I’ll never survive in jail.”

Jim stopped walking and turned to face you. He placed his hands on either side of your face reassuringly. “We’re not going to get caught. You’re with me, darling, remember.”

“It’s still a bad idea.” You sighed before asking, “Why are we even doing this?”

“Because Honey, you should see me in a crown.” Jim smirked, placing a light kiss on your lips. He grabbed your hand once again and pulled you the rest of the way.

The crown jewels loomed in front of the two of you. Jim looked over at you, shooting you a wink. “Pretty cool, huh?”

“Alright, yes. It’s pretty cool.” You admitted.

“Go stand next to them.” Jim told you. “I’ll take your picture.”

You let out a laugh and moved over to stand next to the crown jewels. “Alright, I’m ready.”

“You’re just standing there.” He rolled his eyes. “Boring.”

“Well then what do you suggest?” You crossed your arms.

“Do something evil.” He told you.

“Like what?” You asked. “I don’t know any evil poses.”

“Pretend like you’re going to kick the glass down.” Jim smiled, getting his phone ready.

“That’ll set off alarms, Jim.”

Jim gave you a soft smile. “I’ve already disabled them. Do you really think I would bring you somewhere dangerous?”

You grinned and pretended like you were kicking the glass down as Jim took your picture. “Is that evil enough for you?”

“We’ll work on it.” Jim laughed before continuing, “But now, I think we need a little music.”

Before you had time to answer, Jim started playing Staying Alive by Beegees. He grabbed the fire extinguisher off of the wall and took out his gum, sticking it on the glass. Jim looked over at you. “You better stand back. I don’t want the glass to hit you.”

“Jim-” You began to protest, but he shot you a stern glare. You stepped back and watched as he placed a diamond on the gum and hit it with the fire extinguisher, shattering the glass.

With a goofy grin, Jim stepped into the case and began to put the crown jewels on. “What do you think, Y/N?”

You took your phone out and snapped a picture as your eyes scanned over Jim’s body. “You were right, Jim. I did need to see you in a crown.”

Say it. (Minho smut)

A/N: This was a request, so i hope you like it :-)

Type: Smut lmao

length: 1,880 words

Summary: Minho just wants to hear you say “oppa”. 

(gif unrelated lmao he’s just so cute look @ my smol cinna roll)

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“Say it.” Minho poked you in your cheek, his body facing you on the couch as he squinted his eyes at you, trying to draw your attention away from the game you were playing.

“In your dreams.” You retaliated, your fingers working overtime on your small receiver, half paying attention to your boyfriend, who’s finger was still positioned on the side of your supple skin.

He pulled back, sighing, and let himself fall back into the couch pillows, dramatically placing his hand over his heart as he let out a long groan, a spectacle you weren’t even paying attention to.

“My heart, y/n.” He quipped from the side of you, only further trying to divert your attention.

“Your heart what?” You murmured back at him, your eyes zeroing in as the speed of your game increased.

“It hurts.”

“Why?” You half halfheartedly asked, knowing the reason already.

“You won’t say it.”

“Say what.”


Your fingers paused over your game for only a second, your eyes squinting together as the word fell from Minho’s mouth, trying to collect yourself to give back a response.

“Because I don’t want to.” You finally shot back, shrugging your shoulders as you fired one last shot on your game, smiling to yourself as you moved up a level.

“Why not? It’s not like I’m asking you to do something weird, like-”

You cut him off, putting one of your hands up to cover his mouth, your other finger still diligently tapping away at your game.

“Shut up, Minho.”

His warm mouth moved against your hand as he began to poke his tongue out, moving it across your skin as you let out a sigh and took your hand away, wiping it on his jeans as you felt him lean closer to you, your attention still completely focused on the game.

“I bet I can make you say it.” Minho smirked from his seat next to you, causing your face to scrunch up as you fired again on your game, your heart skipping a beat as you tried to play it cool, pulling your face back into a bored expression as you said nothing, not wanting to edge him on anymore.

You felt him move his legs and swing them away from you, his body’s weight being lifted from the couch as he got up, your cushion pushing you up as you continued to ignore whatever he was up to in favor of your game.

“Ahh, look at the time, 8 already?” Minho asked the empty air, stretching his arms above his head, and when you flicked your eyes to survey him, a sliver of his abs exposed in the cool air caused you to immediately lower your gaze again, humming in response to his question.

He let both his arms go, his body going lax as her turned to face your seated form, your fingers still idly pressing in tune to your game, only a little irked at his sudden intense staring.

“Is that game really that interesting?” He questioned, inching only a little closer to you.

You still didn’t say anything, knowing he was up to something and opting to not play along.

“More interesting than…” His tone suddenly dropped as he closed the last few inches so that his fingers could place themselves on your knees that were pressed together, dropping to squat as your fingers tapped harder on your game, trying your hardest to ignore him still.

“More interesting than me?” He whispered loudly enough for you to hear, as his fingers began to poke at your knees, his hands slipping inside as he began to pry your legs open slowly, your stomach heating up against your will as you tried to seem unbothered by his actions.

“Hmmm?” He hummed, once he got your knees pried open enough, his body sliding in as he maneuvered himself around your slightly shaky phone, his chest pushing your arms and screen closer to your eyes as he brought his lips close to your neck as his hands came up the sides of your thighs, rough hands on smooth skin as he pressed in closer.

“M-Minho my game.” You weakly stated, feeling your phone buzz from the repeated shots you were taking, your health depleting as you completely abandoned it, your body screaming at you to focus on your boyfriends hands.

“Forget your game.” He mumbled, pulling back as your hands lowered, his body facing you as he grasped your phone, to which you weakly gave up, his thumb locking it and tossing it to the side as your arms fell to your side.

“Wouldn’t you rather play with me instead?” He offered, laying you back gently on the couch as you stared at him, still crouched between your knees.
His eyes were looking down as he continued to massage your thighs, biting his lip harshly as his pinkies came up to twirl themselves in the fabric of your black shorts, your chest heaving as your attention was completely diverted to him.

“Wouldn’t you?” He asked again, his fingers popping the button to your shorts as he reached down to place a kiss on your exposed stomach, roughly pulling down your shorts as you gasped, opening your mouth as you lifted your ass to let him pull them down easier, Minho tossing your shorts to the side roughly as you were left in your dark blue underwear, your shirt apparently in the way as he reached down to rip that off too, your body tingling as you felt your bare skin hit the air, as Minho stared at you with dark eyes, his breath coming out in harsh gasps.

His hands came out to caress the insides of your thighs, goosebumps raising on either side as his fingers played daringly close to your core. He adjusted his head so that he was facing your heat directly, as you watched with wide eyes as his mouth got closer until his warm lips pressed against the outside of your panties, causing you to gasp loudly and fist your hands in the cushion as his heat began to raise your own.

“M-Minho-” you breathed, as his tongue came to dart out against your panties, his tongue switching between points and a flat lick as he wet the entire outside of your underwear. Your head shaking from side to side as you struggled to watch him, trying to find the right words to beg him to eat at your actual core instead, he answered half your request by suddenly pulling your panties down to your ankles, the wet fabric weighing them down as your wet slit was finally exposed to him, the cold air causing you to cry out.

“Oh you look so good, y/n.” He whispered in a gravely voice, his eyes focused on your wetness both from his tongue and your natural juices that caused you to shine.

“I want to taste you so badly.” He expressed sadly, shaking his head as he leaned further away from your core, causing your eyebrows to bunch up and your mouth open I surprise.

“W-where are you going?” You asked him, his eyes darting between you and your slit as one of his fingers came up to softly trace around you, completely ignoring the parts that matter.

“I was gonna go lay down, I don’t feel like I have enough encouragement to do this.” He finally sighed, sighing a hot breath that reached your wetness, your hips lifting up in desperation as the hotness in your core was becoming to much to process.

“Please.” You whimpered, knowing where he was going with this but wanting nothing more than release from him.

“Please what?” He fake yawned, his finger still caressing the sides of your lips as his other hand began to smooth up your stomach to your breasts, his attention focused on your mouth.

“Please Minho.” You tried, getting more impatient and turned on from the begging and from his wandering fingers.

“Ah, not good enough y/n. Try one more time.” He drew back one of his hands, as his body began to shift further from yours.
Your eyes shut as your body focused on his hands, your core screaming at you to just say it as you began to open your mouth, Minho’s breathing the only other thing you were focusing on.

“Please…please, oppa.” You whimpered finally, your eyes opening just in time to catch the glimmer that erupted in his eyes, as his distance closed up, his head once again positioned where it had been earlier, the excitement making it harder for you to breath.

“One more time.” He asked you, his breath dangerously close to your slit as he flicked out his tongue to lick along his lips.

Your resolve gone, you went limp as your mouth opened to repeat the words, desperate to get Minho to touch you.

“Please. M-minho-oppa.”

You sucked in a large breath of air as you felt his warm wet tongue suddenly plunge inside of you, your legs tensing up as the contact caused you to seize up from the sudden immense pleasure he was giving you. His tongue worked in circles and in a flat sweeping motion as his mouth caressed your skin around you, the only sounds in the room being your heavy gasps and Minho eating you out thoroughly.
The typical heat coil that you felt in the pit of your stomach was beginning to be too much to deal with, especially as your eyes opened to spot Minho palming himself through his jeans as he sucked in your clit. His mouth murmuring against your skin.

“Oh fuck.” You gasped, as one of his other fingers made their way inside of you, as he pumped back and forth with his hand, fiercely adding more as the tightness grew continuously, your mouth whining out as he moved his mouth from your core on last time.

“Keep saying it.”

And he dove right back in, continuously lapping at you and licking with the same urgency as before.

“Keep going, Minho, ah, oppa, please.” You whined, your eyes squeezed shut as you began to feel the familiar warmth of an orgasm began to blossom inside of you.

“Oh-oh my god, please, oppa.” You mumbled, not even knowing how to form coherent sentences as his tongue darted across your wet clit and two of his fingers curved up into you as he continuously slipped in and out of your walls.

“I’m comin-oh fuck,-” you tried to warn him, as your orgasm came crashing into you, your stomach tightening as you felt your body began to empty juices into the couch you would worry about later. As Minho’s tongue never stopped working except to hear you say it one more time.
With one last loud cry, you said what he wanted to hear the most as you came down from your rush, feeling Minho pull his fingers out of you as he stood back on his heels, smirking at you when you finally opened your eyes, them bulging at him licking his fingers clean of you, as his mouth opened and you struggled to listen to him through the blood rushing from your ears.

“Told you I’d make you say it.”

reasons why calum would be the best daddy ever:

-looking at the baby bundled up in his arms before glancing at you and whispering in an awestruck voice “we made this”
-emailing drop dead to ask them if their clothing comes in children’s sizes
-accidentally drinking the baby formula because he thought it was a protein shake
-taking your child to the dog shelter every weekend because “babe, if we’re gonna get one this is good practice”
-letting your child colour in his tattoos whilst he’s just sitting and giggling slightly because “what? it tickles”
-walking in on you breastfeeding and pouting because he claims that “its not fair, i never get boob time anymore :-(”
-poking the baby’s cheeks and laughing at how your child is so squishy, yet he rolls his eyes whenever you do the same thing to him
-”babe, look, look, a green day onesie!”
-the baby would probably fall asleep on his chest and calum would just rub soothing circles into their back until he followed suit
-”no, trust me, the guitar is overrated, don’t pay attention to uncle luke. bass is way better bub, i swear. no listen–”
-dressing your child up as a puppy for their first halloween
-dropping the baby bottle and going “fuck–no wait i’m not allowed to swear anymore, shit–no, fuck i meant–”
-teaching your child how to play soccer and letting them score on him all the time
-”your mummy is so pretty, isn’t she bub?” “you’re still not getting laid tonight”
-”aunt mali’s gonna take you out for ice cream, okay? that way me and mummy can have some alone time”
insisting that his kid is way better than uncle michael’s kid
-”for fuck’s sake ashton, yes my child is getting all the nutrition they need, thank you very much”

michael  ashton  luke

Dating Harry would include - 10

When you’re grumpy:

- Him looking at you for a long moment trying to figure out what bother you
- His index poking your cheek while he let his chin on your shoulder to get your attention
- Trying his best to make impossible for you to ignore him
- His fingers caressing your jawline, him calling your name gently
- Him tickling your ear with the tip of his nose, blowing on your neck to make you giggle
- His voice asking you softly why you don’t give him his favorite smile of you
- His arms snaking around your chest when he kisses your temple
- Him begging you, his lips resting on your skin “ Please Princess smile for me… ”
- Giving you ridiculous cute names to make you react
- The smile on his face when he sees you trying to keep a straight face
- His hand going discreetly under your blouse to tickles your side
- His “offended” face when you push his hand away to make him stop his teasing tickles
- The sad pouty face he gives you after that, crossing his arms on his chest
- Taking your hand and interlacing your fingers pulling on it to make you site on him
- Preventing you to escape by circling your waist with his strong arm
- Kissing the back of your hand looking up at you slowly
- Making you lay your forearms on each sides of his neck to make your chest rest on his
- Kissing your chin, jawline and nose but not your lips to tease you
- His hands going up and down your sides to rest on your hips
- Him throwing his head back in laughing when you try to force him to kiss you
- Squeezing your buttocks with a smirking face when you jump suprised on his laps
- His amused voice calling you “His needy kitten!”
- Him kissing your pouty lips several times holding you tighter against his chest
- Feeling his hand going up on your neck to pull gently on your hair
- His mouth giving open mouth kisses on all your throat
- His teeth nipping your skin a smile growing up on his face when he hears you whimper
- Him making you looking at him, his thumb carressing your lower lip
- His sweet smile when he sees you smiling again

Voice Mails

Title: Voice Mails

Member: Sehun (ps. Baekhyun had a special role + the rest of the boys had an appearance) 

Genre: Angst

“Hello! It’s Sehunnie on the line. Sehun sounds too formal. Anyways, I’m a little busy right now so leave a message after the beeping sound. If the message is absolutely important or maybe you are just really special to me, I’ll call back.” 

You groaned in frustration as you glance at the boy who is lazily humming a song at the couch. He asked you if the voice mail he just made is applicable and after hearing it, you can’t help but giggle because of his childishness. Calling him a child is not okay, knowing that he is a few years older than you. But he had the face and actions of a child so he is counted as one.

A light poke on your cheek brought you back to reality. “Doesn’t it sound too boring? Is it already okay?” he looked at you a lil worried. 

You slumped down on the brand new couch you two just bought, which is color white and on sale, but it felt like home. You were never fan of white especially when your boyfriend is known for spilling coffee everywhere and your hands always have smudged ink because of the scripts you write for college. “It’s technically okay, Sehun. You got nothing to worry about.” you smile and he can’t help but reach for you and place a kiss on your lips. It was sweet and innocent and so does your relationship.


You were too busy writing something on the papers that messed up the glass table. All you can hear was the clock ticking and the angry rain hitting your roof. You were never a fan of storms nor being alone. But Sehun said that he’ll be coming home later than usual because of something important.

“Hello! It’s Sehunnie on the line. Sehun sounds too formal. Anyways, I’m a little busy right now so leave a message after the beeping sound. If the message is absolutely important or maybe you are just really special to me, I’ll call back.”

“Sehun baby, I’m scared. I hate storms and I know that it hates me too. Please come home.” you say sleepily. Your fingers held the phone real tight as you end the call. A picture of your boyfriend appeared on the screen and you can’t help but feel a pain inside you.


You were never a fan of clubs and the loud music can rip your ears off. You held the bottle of beer as you look at the crowd dancing hard. The funny thing is you met Sehun here during the college party. He was the one who caught your attention and you can’t help but smile at the thought of the faded memory.

Years have passed and your hatred for clubs has possibly increased but you can’t help but say thank you for you have met the man who never fails to make your heart flutter the most.

“Hello! It’s Sehunnie on the line. Sehun sounds too formal. Anyways, I’m a little busy right now so leave a message after the beeping sound. If the message is absolutely important or maybe you are just really special to me, I’ll call back.”

“You will never my answer my calls, don’t you?” you tried so hard not to cry for you’re sure that the bartender who’s in front of you might give you a look of sympathy and you hated that. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have screamed at you and blamed you for everything. I’m so sorry.” you stumbled outside the club, holding your heels.

“I was never a fan of clubs nor heels and even beer. But you dragged me here, Sehun.” you mutter as you look at the people passing by. They were probably wondering why a messed up girl is saying a string of painful words to the unknown caller.

“But then I saw Mcdonalds from here and you love Mcdonalds. I do love them too even though I prefer the ramen noodles you have been cooking here for me when we were together.” your voice starts shaking. “Please come back, baby. I love you so much.”


The headache you are feeling right now couldn’t beat the heartache you’ve been feeling for weeks. Baekhyun ended up falling asleep on your couch after sending you home. You can’t help but feel guilty for you may have stolen a kiss from the older boy. Multiple it’s okay, you were just drunk fell off from the lips of your best friend, your boyfriend’s best friend.

“How are you feeling?” he ask as he placed a plate full of bacon and eggs. Chanyeol probably dragged himself at your apartment too, and maybe the rest of the boys. They decided to stay the night but got no idea that you have drunkenly kiss Baekhyun behind closed doors.

“I’m okay.” you took a bite of Baekhyun’s happy breakfast. It was just okay, nothing compared to Sehun’s cooking. Baekhyun can cook well but the bitter taste remained at your tongue. The pain made you bitter itself.

“Are you sure?”


“We’re worried about you.” Minseok spoke up. “It’s because Sehun-”

Hearing his name shattered your heart even more and you can’t help but rub your eyes, as if tears were starting to fall. You looked up again and you can’t help but start crying for sympathy was written on their faces. “I’ll stay here for the night, it’s okay.” Baekhyun muttered as he wrapped his arm around you.

You were thankful that Baekhyun took the couch and he did nothing to interrupt you for the rest of the night. You ended up looking at the clock, waiting for it to hit 11:11.

“Hello! It’s Sehunnie on the line. Sehun sounds too formal. Anyways, I’m a little busy right now so leave a message after the beeping sound. If the message is absolutely important or maybe you are just really special to me, I’ll call back.”

“Sehun” you say slowly. “I’m sorry for pointing out your flaws. We were different from each other and you knew that I never wanted to do this in the first place. Our differences made us imperfect. You knew I prefer coffee over milk. You know I hated white. You knew I hated the things that you love. But I tried my best to love them because I love you. Come back home, baby. The apartment feels so freaking empty without you.” you ended the call and you hear the door open. You knew it was Baekhyun for he rubbed your shoulder. “It’s going to be okay.” he whisper, singing you to sleep.


You are inside your car after a month and the cold gave you a sense of comfort and guilt at the same time. The boys offered to tag along but you said no, informing them that you’ll be updating them most of the time.

You suddenly stopped as you see her. The girl who inspired him to do his best, to achieve his dreams. And it made you guilty even more. 

You ended up sitting on your couch. The color white made you feel like home. The place where innocent kisses and sweet nothings were exchanged made you tear up. Your hand lands on the pillow where his head was always placed as you two were watching romantic movies. He was never a fan of romantic movies but he still watched it with you.

“Hello! It’s Sehunnie on the line. Sehun sounds too formal. Anyways, I’m a little busy right now so leave a message after the beeping sound. If the message is absolutely important or maybe you are just really special to me, I’ll call back.”

“When is it going to stop, Sehun?” you ask and for the first time, you sounded mad. You never meant for the bitterness to hug your words but it did anyways. “It hurts so much. Make it stop.” you sigh as if you can release the heavy feeling you have been keeping inside you for days. 

“I saw your mother today. She never fails to glow. Her eyes weren’t as tired as it is anymore. Maybe she has accepted it already. When am I going to accept it baby? I’m scared Sehun for you two are alike. It scares me to approach her for I am going to see you in her.” you try your best to catch your breath as the words fall off your mouth. “I wonder how she did it. Because I really need to forget it.”


“Hello! It’s Sehunnie on the line. Sehun sounds too formal. Anyways, I’m a little busy right now so leave a message after the beeping sound. If the message is absolutely important or maybe you are just really special to me, I’ll call back.”

“I went to your grave today. Seeing your name written on the ground hurts me so much. The word angel is on top of your name. I felt sorry for an angelic person like you never deserved the pain you have felt before you passed away. I wonder if your mother went there today as well. I really hope she’s okay.”


They say it takes time to heal and you can say that being surrounded with people who never fails to support you made you accept that things really ended that way. The guilt remained, but you feel contented as ever. You graduated college and everything seems fine for you.

“Hello! It’s Sehunnie on the line. Sehun sounds too formal. Anyways, I’m a little busy right now so leave a message after the beeping sound. If the message is absolutely important or maybe you are just really special to me, I’ll call back.”

“Sehun…” you whine, rolling your eyes at Baekhyun who is making faces in front of you. “It’s been a while. Your mom talked to me yesterday during the graduation. She attended it even though you aren’t here anymore. She said that they’re cutting your line and I won’t be hearing your voice anymore. It made me sad but it’s really time. She asked me how I was and I said that I started to heal. It’s been like, 7 months? But hey I still miss you. Maybe I just have accepted that you really aren’t coming back anymore.”

Your fingers start dancing playfully on top of the book you have published today. “I published a book and it’s about you. The school loved it so much, especially your mom. I gave her a copy and she said thank you. I hope you are doing okay wherever you are. I hope you are dancing. Dancing your heart out for the angels. I hope you are singing too. I’m sure God loves your voice so much for I loved it. I still do though.” you feel that there is a possibility that you’ll end up crying but you tried your best not to.

“Baekhyun has been giving me company, and so does the rest of the boys. They’re doing great but missing you. We all promised a bunch of things, don’t we? But those promises will never break. Till the end.” 

You ended the call and placed your phone on top of the desk. You can’t help but smile for the feeling of letting go made you another person. A better one. Acceptance is all that is needed. 

Here’s my first writing aaaaa ;-; This is inspired by multiple fics I have read online! I hope you’ll enjoy~

As A Boyfriend; Jeon Jungkook

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this is late af but its here and i hope you enjoy 

First meeting;

• Shy af
• Cheesy but truthful complements and comments.
• Small awkward silences
• Bunny smiles
• He gives you his jacket and suffers in the cold because he cares more about your well -being than his.
• Getting your phone number and snapchat so that he can send you cute selcas to make you swoon but then wild and crazy one to makes you laugh.
• Shyly checks you out.

First date;

• Dressed like a God
• Shy smiles
• Hand holding or more like wrist holding
• Cheeky smiling
• Cute giggling
• Paying for the date
• Hearty honest laughter
• He just stares at you while you talk with a happy glimmer in his eyes
• Pokes your cheek and then hides from embarrassment
• Back hugs
• Gives you his hat to wear
• Cute things like blushing when you catch him staring
• Rehearses what he will say to you
• Kisses the back of your hand
• His funny side shows


• HELLA AF thighs defined by the skinny jeans
• Sexy eyes
• Flirting
• Sexy laughs
• Winking
• Confidence

First Kiss;

• Soft
• Gentle
• Caring
• Kind
• Elegant
• Tenderly holding your hand to draw you closer
• Possibly start off with a slight peck at first


• Passionate af
• Hot
• Sexy
• Hands in hair
• Waist grabbing
• Tongue tying
• Breath taking

First week;

• Ultimate shyness
• Texting 24/ 7
• Snapchatting cutely to each other
• Good night and good morning texts
• Cuddling
• More dates
• Constantly around each other
• Fluff
• Forehead kissing
• Cheek kissing
• Nose kissing
• Wrist holding since kookie is shy at first
• Playing around
• Gives you his jacket


• Innuendos
• Sexy
• Very manly walk
• Hella thighs on point
• Skinship
• Any excuse to touch you
• Showing off his muscles
• Rough housing with the boys to assert dominance
• Always buying you things
• Discovering new territories
• Innocent butt touching
• Running his hands down your arms

First Month;

• More comfortable around each other
• Meet his family
• Meet bangtan
• Weekly dates
• Competitions on who can eat the fastest without getting a belly ache
• Peeing in front of each other
• Burping competitions
• Pillow fights
• Back hugging cuddling when he stays over on a night
• Back hugging when cooking
• Leaving cute notes for you to wake up to when he goes to practice
• Making dinner for him at practice


• Neck kissing
• Thigh touching
• More smirking
• Intentional non innocent butt touching
• Accidental boob touching
• Sexy dancing
• Showering together
• Bathing together
• Feeding you
• Teasing you in front of the boys

First time;

• Tender
• Gentle
• Caring
• Always asking you if you’re ok
• Asking you if what he is doing is ok
• Letting you lead the way
• Showering you in complements all the time
• Loving your entire body
• Tender caressing
• Mind blowing
• Easing
• Wild
• Passionate
• Invigorating
• Enlightening
• Breath taking
• Hickeys, leaving his mark on you for the world to see.

First year;

• Sex everywhere, practice room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen
• Confident jungkook
• Thigh riding
• Sexy time
• Date night every week
• Paintballing
• Joining in on bts shows
• Wearing his clothes, making suga jealous
• Trying new things like bungee jumping or paragliding
• Theme parks are usually monthly

“Shh..” Harry stirred in his sleep when he heard voices from above him, his brows furrowing. 

“Look how cute t’ey are.” Niall cooed quietly, reaching down and pinching Harry’s cheek lightly before Liam was swatting his hand away. 

“Don’t touch him! You know how grumpy he gets when you disrupt his napping sessions.”

“Aw, look at Y/N, all snuggled up t’ his chest like t’at. Why can’t she cuddle me like t’at?” 

“Maybe cos Harry’d kill you.” Liam snickered, crossing his arms before glancing over at you. “Plus-” He cut himself off when you let out a soft grunt and buried your face further into the crook of Harry’s neck, his arm tightening around your waist. 

“Do you t’ink we should wake t’em up? Reservations are at 6 and it’s already 5:15.” Niall whispered, tiptoeing over to your side of the bed before leaning down and poking your cheek. “Y/N’s a deep sleeper, ya know. You could be bangin’ pots n’ pans right next to her and she’d never wake up.” 

“Will you quit poking them? It’s fine. There’s food in the fridge so they can cook something up. We’ll leave them a note so they don’t think we’ve abandoned them. And then we’ll bring dessert back for Y/N since she likes the tiramisu from the restaurant. Yeah, we’ll just leave them - They’re both tired.” 

“Probably cos t’ey were fuckin’ t’e livin’ lights outta each other last night.” The corner of Harry’s mouth twitched slightly when he heard that - What? Niall wasn’t lying. 

“You make it gross if you say it like that.” Liam whined quietly, taking the blanket and covering it over both you and Harry. 

“It’s true!” Niall exclaimed a little louder than intended, slapping a hand over his mouth when you shifted slightly. 

“I’m gonna take a picture for Twitter - This is just too adorable to not document.” Liam muttered, snapping a quick picture of you and Harry snuggled up to each other before showing Niall. “Shall I caption it #CoupleGoals?” 

“I personally t’ink you should tell everyone about how tired t’ey are from all the sex-”

“You two have ten seconds to get outta here before I scream.” You shot up from Harry’s neck, glaring at Liam and Niall as they gave you sheepish smiles.

“Sorry, Y/N!” 


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dating jaehwan

Originally posted by taeekwoon

  • first of all you’d be the cutest couple out there: jaehwan would make sure of that
  • jaehwan would be the most loving and loyal boyfriend ever, i can see him being a bit clingy and you might find him annoying every once in a while but hey that’s love
  • ok so lets start with some cute concepts of jaehwan being a cute bf
  • jaehwan giving you forehead kisses!!
  • just general kisses with jaehwan (don’t think about him gazing at you so lovingly that your heart bursts)
  • jaehwan spoiling romantic/serious moments by suddenly poking/squishing your cheeks and you’re just
  • “seriously”
  • jaehwan snuggling his cute little nose into his neck whenever he hugs you and you get ticklish because of his warm breath on your neck
  • jaehwan giving you lots of small plush toys etc just because they remind him of you and vice versa and you keeping them and hugging them lots
  • you and him being the pioneers of cute couple pictures
  • him never letting hold of your hand and wanting to keep you close
  • binge watching tv shows together (but you’d have to bribe jaehwan with kisses to get him to pay attention)
  • dates that vary from being fun, sweet and spontaneous to very romantic and serious
  • speaking of dates let’s go into detail on the kinds of ones jaehwan would take you on
  • jaehwan would be the type to suggest going to a restaurant but sitting away from eachother on different tables and trying to make eye contact from where you both are and getting eachother to laugh (this sounds a bit strange but. just imagine it)
  • karaoke together but where neither of you would take it that seriously and you’d both end up as giggling messes as you watch jaehwan trying to sing cheer up in the most serious voice ever)
  • disneyland dates!! where at first you’re a bit ?? but after seeing how cute and in love jaehwan is with the place you fall in love with it just as much as him
  • jaehwan buying you matching mouse ears (or whatever your favourite character is) and not letting you take them off for the entire time you’re there (and also constantly insisting on taking pictures with them on)
  • jaehwan wanting to be with you a lot of time because he loves being around you and because when he’s feeling even a tiny bit low you always manage to brighten up his world
  • jaehwan letting you know 25/8 how much you mean to him

  • jaehwan loving you unconditionally because you’re perfect to him

so, this is my first post on this new account!! i could have written so much more for our ken but i refrained myself a bit ~ i hope you all like it a lot ♡ p.s feel free to request something over on my blog!

Wait and See

Summary: 5-year-old you and 6-year-old Taehyung stay up and try to wait to see Santa.  

Genre: Fluff 

Member: Taehyung  

Not Requested 

-Admin Zar 

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You felt pokes in your left cheeks as you stared up at the television, trying to watch your favorite Christmas movie. The pokes came in a group of two, waited a few seconds, and you felt them again. You slowly turned your head to meet the small boy who has been irking your nerves since the day he was born.

You were met with the eyes of 6 year old Taehyung, whom was a year older than you. Your mother’s had been best friends since college, the two of you basically grew up together. Yes I said he’s been irking your nerves since he was born, but he was annoying enough to annoy you in the womb as well.  

“What? I’m trying to watch a movie!” Your high-pitched voice spoke with exasperation.

He gave you his boxy smile and pointed towards the door, “Lets go outside and play in the snow!”

“It’s too cold,” You rolled your eyes, “Plus we’re in the middle of a snow storm, genius.”

“That’s what makes it fun!” He expanded the ‘u’ in fun.  

“Can’t you think of something better to do?” You sighed.  

“How about the both of you,” Your mother’s voice spoke out of nowhere, “Go into the kitchen and decorate the cookies we’ll leave out for Santa tonight?”

The both of you perked up and rushed into the kitchen to find a dozen cookies and various decorations for cookies on the counter. You climbed up on the stool, with help of Taehyung, and grabbed two plastic knifes and red and green frosting for your cookies. Tae opened the sprinkles,a jar of fine sanding sugar, sugar pearls and sugar snowflakes.  

“I bet my cookies will look better than yours!” Taehyung spoke and cocked his eyebrow a little bit. For a 6 year old, he sure had a little bit of cockiness inside him.

“Oh yeah?” You started, “How about we each decorate 6 cookies and stay up late to wait for Santa, then we ask him who’s cookies are better!”  


And you both shook on it. Tae turned away from you because he said something like “I don’t want you to copy my cookies because you know Santa will like mines better than yours” or whatever. You have your snowman shaped cookies, smiles and clothing made out of sanding sugar. You felt Tae’s breath of your shoulder and you looked up to find him looking at your cookies.

“Hey, no cheating!” You yelled.

“I wasn’t cheating, you’re cheating!”

“I wasn’t the one looking at someone else’s cookies!” You yelled again.

“Mom!” You both screamed in unison.

The two women came running into the kitchen, thinking something bad happened. Once you two explained what happened, the began to chuckle a little bit. They separated your cookies on two different plates and told you two to go in the living room and watch TV an d wait for Santa. The both of you walked into the living room and stared at the television until you spoke up.  

“My cookies are gonna beat your cookies so bad.” You taunted with a vicious but friendly smile of your face.

“Nuh uh! I’ve seen your cookies, a blind mouse could do better.” He said with his rectangular smile.

The two of you stayed up trying to wait for Santa. You shared yawns and sleepy looks but were still determined to catch Santa and ask him the biggest philosophical question; who’s cookies were the best. But once the clock struck 10:45, the two of you were knocked out of the living room couch snoring loudly.

You mother’s walked in and smiled and put a big blanket over the two of you.

“They’re so cute!” Your mother said while clutching her heart.

“Once day they’ll get married and look back on this day and laugh.” Taehyung mother spoke softly, trying not to wake the both of you.

“We’ll just have to wait and see…”

A Little Thing Called a Love Story

So hey, here’s another requested imagine! Once again, this took much longer than it should have. I finished this about a week ago but haven’t had a moment to edit it and post it in a timely manner!

Warning: The events in this story are unrealistic. Some things are said that we all know Mark would not say. This was solely the request of a fellow Markiplite, so please do not hate on the dialogue or story in general. Thank you.


Your POV

“I’m heading to the Grumps, (y/n), I’ll see you later!” Mark grins as he leans down to kiss you over the side of the couch. You’ve just woken up from a nap, your head still situated on the soft, red leather of the armrest.

You enhance the Spiderman-like kiss by placing your hands on Mark’s cheeks, feeling his stubble poke against your palms. You giggle into his lips.

“What? What’d I do?” Mark gasps, retaliating from the kiss.

“Your scruff tickled me, that’s all.” You smile warmly at the man hovering above you.

“I know, I know… I need to sha-”

“Mm-mm! I like your stubble. Makes you more… manly,” you retort quietly before grabbing his arm and pulling him to stand in front of you. “Now hug me, damn it.”

Mark chuckles heartily as he leans down and envelops you in his muscular arms. You breathe in his familiar scent and lazily wrap your arms around his waist, forcing yourself into an awkward half-sitting, half-lying down position.

“I love you, (y/n),” Mark whispers huskily in your ear. His breath trickles down your neck and forces goosebumps to protrude from your skin.

“I love you more, Mark,” you reply, your voice still soft from sleep.

“Not possible.”

Mark releases you gently and you settle back into your laying position. Mark runs his fingers through his hair before leaning down once more to leave a passionate kiss on your lips. You desperately want him to stay, but the Game Grumps have been asking for him to help them with a video for a while. You completely understand. You love when Mark goes places and gets involved with the production of fantastic sketch comedies, skits and games. He always brings home a new element to his plethora of voices, personas and actions while he does occasional mindless tasks. Mark never ceases to surprise you with what he’s going to do next, and you love every bit of it.

The familiar formation of Mark’s soft lips soon parts as his face retreats from your own.

“Don’t miss me too much,” Mark says gently, once again combing his fingers through his hair. He chuckles heartily.

“You know I already am,” you reply with a grin. You yawn and stretch your arms and legs as Mark glances at his watch, a hint of pink swelling on his cheeks.

“Stop being cute, I’m going to be late,” Mark jests with a grin. You giggle. He sighs happily with a handsome smirk and plants a gentle kiss on your forehead before walking towards the door of his apartment.

“I’m missing you too. I’ll be back in a few hours, okay? You can still come, you know.”

“No… I’m alright. I’d take to long to get ready now anyways.” You gesture to your clothing; pajamas, as usual. “You go and have fun, I’ll have dinner waiting for you when you get home.”

He grins at your words. You love cooking for Mark, especially since he seems to enjoy everything you make.

“Can’t wait, baby. See you later!” Mark blows a cheesy kiss to you just before he steps out of the apartment door. You hear the door click and immediately ponder what to do in the time he’s gone.

You know you wouldn’t be able to handle going to see the Grumps. You had known Danny since you were in college, and with college comes… flings.

Yes, you had dated the fabulously flamboyant Danny ‘Sexbang’ and occasionally involved yourself with him.


You haven’t dared to tell Mark, you simply didn’t want to make things awkward between him and Dan. It’s not a basis of lying to your boyfriend more than it is the fact that the topic has never come up, and you’d like to keep it that way. You’ll tell Mark eventually, you know it. But for now, you want to keep Mark’s friendships undisturbed by a few irrelevant events in college.

Besides, what’s in the past doesn’t and shouldn’t affect you or your relationship with Mark.

However, you cannot help but think of the time you met Mark. It was on the Game Grumps set for a Ninja Sex Party song in which you were to be featured in alongside Mark (by the suggestion of your best friend Suzy Berhow, who also happens to be on the Grump crew). You’ll never forget the first time you saw the devilishly handsome man walk through the doorway of the Grump living room; his red and black checkered flannel fit perfectly to his torso and his soft yet manly facial features beckoned you to introduce yourself. His handshake was just as gentle as his brown eyes, his baritone voice droned into your ears as he stated his name.

“My name’s Mark,” he said as a smile spread across his face, his cheekbones shifting his glasses up slightly.

“(Y/n), nice to meet you.” You smiled back.

From the moment you released from your handshake, Mark wouldn’t leave your side (in the most comfortable way possible). By the end of the filming session, you were head over heels for that man. You knew Danny was jealous by the way he would stare, but that didn’t matter to you. It would have never lasted between you and him… you had two completely different personalities that certainly did not create an attraction further than what used to be sexual. Even so, you were and still are over Danny. You certainly didn’t want to commit to the acts of meaningless intimacy anymore, you knew you were better than that.

And you still are.

To this day, you couldn’t have asked for a better boyfriend. Mark is beyond the greatest man in the world, which makes you the luckiest girl in the world. He’s your best friend, your boyfriend and your soulmate all in one- and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, as you lay on the couch staring at the blank ceiling, you ponder your ability to come up with something to distract yourself with while Mark is gone.

Your eyes roam the living room until they come across the playstation laying on its side next to the TV. A few games are sprawled next to it, but you already know what you’re going to choose.


You’d be lying if you said you aren’t obsessed with the game. You and Mark have never laughed harder than when you play this game and multiple playful competitions have come about with it. After all, it is one of your favorite times- when you and Mark just play games and laugh and have an extensive amount of fun.

You find yourself grinning at the memories of past gameplays with Mark. From Five Nights at Freddy’s to I Am Bread, you and Mark have laughed, cried, encountered jumpscares and worked through mind-enthralling concepts too many times to count. Each time he went to play something new for his fans and subscribers, he was eager to experience it with you after filming.

You are in love with everything that Mark is made of, from his loud indoor voice to his childish personality.

You glance at the door of the apartment, half expecting Mark to be standing there. You shove the thoughts of missing him to the back of your mind and focus on starting up GTA.


Mark’s POV

I know I’m blushing by the time I close the door to my apartment behind me. (Y/n) has no idea what she does to me. I am completely and utterly in love with her- she drives my emotions crazy everytime I see her.

It’s beyond my own belief that I’m already missing her after taking three steps down the hallway of my apartment building. And now, I’m off to the place that I met this wonderfully charismatic woman that I can proudly call my girlfriend. I grin widely as I make my way into the elevator.

The entire crew involved in the Game Grumps YouTube channel are my very best friends. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be so overjoyed when thinking about the girl laying on my couch back in my apartment. After all, we met each other at a filming of a video we both took part in a long while ago. Two years ago I would never have dreamed of meeting someone like (y/n), and I more than likely wouldn’t have planned on following her around like a puppy that day until I gathered the courage to ask her to go out for coffee with me.

From then on, I knew she was the girl for me.

As my mind races through memories of the past two years with (y/n), I make my way into my car and turn the engine on. I sit back against the comfortable upholstery of the seat and listen to the hum of the engine for a moment as I peer up at the brick apartment building beside the car. This is my home, and home is where (y/n) is.

I smile absentmindedly and adjust my glasses before setting the car into gear. I drive off towards the Grumps’ house with happy thoughts bouncing in my conscience.


After four hours of filming and having a grand time, I sat with Danny and Arin to have a discussion about the rest of the video process.

We don’t get very far into that matter before we all start shooting the breeze about our lives, telling stories and making jokes about each other and previous videos.

“So, how’s (y/n)?” Arin asks after some laughter had calmed.

“She’s great. I couldn’t be happier and I have you guys to thank for it!” I reply.

“You don’t have to thank us, Mark. It’s your own personality that caught her- hook, line and sinker,” Arin retorts.

“Yeah!” Danny, who’s slightly more tense than usual, agrees. “Plus, she sure is a catch in bed, am I right, Mark?”

Arin smacks Danny’s arm.

My eyes widen and my brain instantly goes numb. It’s as if the entire world doesn’t make any sense at this exact moment, and my brain can’t handle the dysfunction. “Did you… have you… what?”

“Wait, you didn’t know?!” Danny exclaims, jumping from his seat. “Oh my god- Mark, I’m so sorry… I thought she told you!”

“You… you and (y/n)? When?” I manage to choke out. No tears threaten to fall, but I take note of my fists clenching at my sides.

“It was a long time ago- we went to the same college. I swear, Mark, I would never have told you if I knew-”

“Just…” I say quietly. Danny tries to approach me but I hold my hand out to halt him. “I think need to go.”

I push myself up from the couch cushion and calmly make my way out of the living room. My hands are still balled at my sides. I hear voices calling from behind me, but my mind muffles them with my own thoughts.

My girlfriend… and my best friend? When were they going to tell me?

I notice Suzy on the way out. She waves and smiles at me but I continue walk right past her. I see her frown out of the corner of my eye just as I walk out the front door.

The previously calming sound of the engine starting up again is forgotten as soon as my foot rests on the gas pedal. I unclench my fists, wrap them around the steering wheel and begin the drive back to my apartment.


Your POV

It’s nearly 6:00pm when you see Mark’s car roll into the parking lot from the kitchen window. You’ve prepared one of his favorite dishes and just finished placing everything on the dining room table.

You hear the engine to his car shutting off, followed by the echoing sound of a door slamming shut. You watch as his figure, outlined by darkness, walks into the building.

A minute or two passes before you hear footsteps trodding down the hallway outside the door, a jingle of keys, a turning of the knob. Mark appears in the doorway and you can’t resist running to him. You wrap your arms around his neck and envelop yourself in his warmth and scent. You feel his hands rest gently on your back.

“Hey,” you say softly. “I made your favorite.”

“Really?” Mark’s voice vibrates against your chest.

“Of course! Anything for my special boy,” you say in a mother-like tone. You step back and ruffle his soft hair. His mouth twitches into a smile.

Mark takes a step forward to close the door, then breezes past you without a word. You grow worried about his visit to the Grumps’- Mark doesn’t usually act this way.

“How’d it go?” you ask in a cheery voice, following him into the kitchen.

“It was fun. We got a lot of work done,” he replies quietly. He makes his way to the table and sits down in his usual seat, setting his keys next to him.

You take the seat next to him and place your hand on Mark’s arm. He slides it away from you to pick up his utensils, leaving your palm to flatten on the tabletop.

You decide that he might just want some space, so you leave him be and begin eating the dish. The clinking of silverware on the plates fills the deafening silence that makes you shuffle in your seat. You sense uneasiness from Mark- something you’ve never felt from him before. You keep trying to look at his face, his eyes, something to even remotely allow you to know what he’s feeling, but he retains his focus on his plate. He hasn’t made eye contact with you since he left for the Game Grumps’.

The meal is quickly finished when Mark stands, taking his plate to his kitchen. You jump up and carry your own in as well, attempting to catch a glimpse of his expression before he leaves the room. He looks away as he brushes past you.

“Mark… please tell me what’s wrong. Did they say anything to you over there? Do you need me to beat someone up for you?” you ask with a chuckle in an attempt to lighten the mood.

Mark halts in the doorframe and turns around. He finally reveals his face- a contortion of sadness, confusion and anger plagues the face of the usual bubbly, happy man you know.

“When were you going to tell me about Dan?” he whispers.

His tone stings you worse than any yell that may have been directed towards you. Your body quivers and your eyes quickly fill with tears. You blink them back.

“Mark, I-”

“(Y/n), please…  were you ever going to tell me?”

“Yes! Oh my god, Mark, yes! I would never keep such a thing from you-”

“Then why haven’t you told me yet?” Mark’s eyes become solemn and his expression turns grave. He steadies himself against the wall.

“I didn’t want to hurt your relationship with him, Mark. He’s your best friend… and I never found a way to bring it up,” you say softly.

The five feet between you and your boyfriend suddenly feel like a million miles, and all you wish is for him to hug you again, for his lips to graciously fall onto yours and allow you both to forget everything that troubles you.

“Is there anyone else you’ve been sleeping around with that I should know about?” Mark says sternly, raising his voice slightly.

Your heart pangs. Your entire body feels as though you’re walking through fire, melting into a mixture of rage, sadness and regret that shoots from your toes to your fingertips. You open your mouth to speak, but no sound fills the tense air.

“(Y/n)…” Mark’s voice cracks.

Without a second thought, you storm out of the kitchen, whisking his keys up from the table on your way to the apartment door. You open it and, leaving Mark looming in the kitchen entrance, slam it behind you.

The elevator sets into motion close just as you hear the door to the apartment open once again. A sensation of loss drifts through you as the number above the doors counts down and your thoughts run wild in a convoluted mess.

Why would Mark say that? Should I have told him sooner? How did he find out?

Where do I go now?


You’re not sure how you ended up at Suzy’s. After driving for what seemed like hours, you somehow found your way here.

You sit in your best friends driveway with the car off, rain drumming on the windshield, for a long while before she appears in the front doorway. You notice her squint for a moment before sprinting to the drivers side door. She swings it open and the sounds of the storm more prominently find their way into your ears. Between taking off your seat belt and staggering into the house, you are unable to form a coherent answer to Suzy’s repetitive question;

“What happened?”

She takes you inside and sets you on the couch before rushing to grab a towel. She returns with a large, brown bath towel and drapes it across your shoulders.

“I’m going to make some coffee, okay?” she says lightly, patting your shoulder.

You nod your head and she disappears again.

You begin thinking about what you’re going to tell Suzy. She knows about you and Danny, but she doesn’t know you hadn’t told Mark.

You lean your back into the couch and stare at the colorless ceiling. You wish you could go back in time, to erase anything you had with Dan and clear your mind of the worry you had about Mark finding out and hindering his relationship with the Game Grumps crew. You wish you could start over with a slate as blank as the ceiling.

Suzy returns quickly with two mugs of coffee, handing one to you before sitting down beside you. You envelop your hands around the warm ceramic as you down a sip, then another.

“You remember… about Danny and I, right?” you squeak out.

“Oh no… (y/n).” Suzy peered at you with an understanding expression.

“He must’ve found out while he was filming with you guys. He came home and he was so…” you drift off, visualizing Mark’s distant mannerisms. “…so different. He wouldn’t look at me, he would barely respond to anything I asked him, and he would pull away if I tried to touch him as if he found me repulsive.”

“(Y/n), he just got upset and didn’t know how to deal with this. Mark would never ever do anything like this unless he was upset, especially not to you.”

“That’s not all, Suzy.” You glance at her as she halts her coffee cup in mid-sip. Her eyes beckon you to continue. “He asked me why I hadn’t told him, and I said that I didn’t want to hurt his relationship with you guys. He asked me if there was anyone else-”

You sniff, tears now freely rolling off your cheeks as you recall the exact words that came out of Mark’s mouth. You remember his tone of voice, his clenched fists, his stern expression that left you on edge and disconnected from your own soul mate.

“…if there was anyone else I’d been sleeping around with,” you manage to finish, choking out the last few words..

“And then?” Suzy asks gently.

“And then… I just left. I couldn’t bear to see his face anymore. I didn’t know what to do, so I got in the car and left,” you sob. You manage to set the coffee on the couch’s side table before curling into a ball and allowing your emotions to take over your body. Your sobs shake you as Suzy gently rubs circles on your back. “I love him, Suzy! What the hell do I do now?”

“It’ll be okay, (y/n). We’ll figure this out together, okay?” Suzy goes quiet for a moment. “I know Mark didn’t mean it. He was just… angry. We can work through this.”

“And what if we don’t?” you ask through the fabric of the towel. You couldn’t even begin to imagine what your life would be like without Mark- the man who you’d spent the past two years with. Two years of wonderfully goofy, idiotic, meaningful memories that you didn’t know what to do with now, or what would become of them.

“Let’s not think about that. Mark would never hurt you, I know it. Let’s just watch some reruns of Friends, okay?” Suzy smiles. “We’ll stay up all night if we have to, just as long as you forget all of the negative things you’re thinking right now by tomorrow morning.”

You didn’t know what kind of mindset Suzy had that made her believe you could forget about the events that took place tonight, but you willingly surrendered to her television/coffee remedies.

It wasn’t long into the second season of Friends that you had actually gone five minutes without clustered thoughts of Mark in your head as your tears turned into hiccups. And in those five minutes of peace, you drifted off to sleep.


Mark’s POV

“(Y/n)…” I say quietly, as if it would retract everything that I’d just said.

She storms past me, grabs my keys and rushes out the door. When I hear the door slam shut, my stomach falls to the floor. Tears well up in my eyes as I immediately move to chase after her. When I step outside the door, it’s too late. She’s already moving down the elevator.

I rush back into the apartment and watch out the window as she speeds away in my car, rain pouring down from above.

What the hell have I done? I don’t want to lose her… she’s my everything.

I shouldn’t have said that to her. I had absolutely no idea what was coming out of my mouth! I would never ever see her as someone who sleeps around with people. I was angry, and I realize now that my anger can bring out the absolute worst in me.

I need to find her. I need to apologize. I didn’t mean anything that I said, (y/n)…

I should have listened to what Danny had to say. I should and shouldn’t have done a lot of things, and (y/n) needs to know it.

I take off running out of my apartment, into the elevator, down to the lobby and out into the rain-soaked streets. I decide to go to Danny’s first, then go on the search for (y/n).

Luckily, Danny lives a block down the road.

I didn’t break my sprint as I approached his home, suddenly unable to differentiate between the rain and my tears as I thought about losing (y/n).

I make it to his front door, soaking wet and out of breath. I knock twice. There’s movement inside soon before the door swings open.

“Mark?!” Danny exclaims. “W-what are you doing here?”

Between pants, I attempt to state the reason for my presence, “(Y/n)… she left… I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to-”

“Mark, come inside. You’re soaking wet- we can talk about this when you’re calm, okay?” Danny states as he leads me into his home.

He runs to retrieve a towel and tosses it to me. I hug it around my shoulders as I stand in his living room, dripping wet and panting.

“Do you want anything? Coffee? Food?” Danny asks, frantically looking me over.

“I’m fine,” I mumble .


“Danny, I’m extremely sorry for walking out today. It just came as such a surprise to me that I had no idea how to deal with what I was feeling, so I chose to leave. I understand that what is in the past doesn’t necessarily matter now, and I just want to apologize for how rude I was,” I manage to say in an organized manner.

“Mark, there’s no need to apologize. I would have reacted the same way, and I know I was out of line to say what I did anyways.” Danny gestures to the couch and we both sit down. “(Y/n) means nothing more to me than a friend now, and I know for a fact that she is head over heels in love with you.”

“She probably isn’t anymore, though,” I reply, fixing my gaze on the carpet.

“What?” Dan asks as if he genuinely didn’t hear my correctly.

“I… I practically called her something that you should never ever call a woman,” I say with a shaky breath. “She stormed out, Danny, and I feel awful about it. I don’t want to lose her, ever- I just want to take back everything I said. I never meant any of it. I don’t even know where she is, but all I want is to hold her again and know that she’s still a part of my life. She’s the best thing that’s happened to me…”

A tear sails down my cheek. I desperately hope Danny mistakes it for water from my hair.

“We can fix this, Mark. I’ve seen the way you two look at each other and I know there’s nothing that can come between you and her. I’ll call Suzy,” Danny concludes before sliding out his phone from his pocket, pressing a few buttons and lifting it to his ear.

“Hey, Suzy,” he says calmly. “Mark’s here. He said some things that he completely didn’t mean to (y/n), which he feels awful about, and now we have no idea where she is. She’ll probably show up at your house, so please just let us know if she’s there and in one piece.”

There’s a pause.

“Thank you so much, Suzy. We’ll see you tomorrow.” He hangs up the phone.

“So… are we going to look for her?” I ask, my mind suddenly racing with various explanations and apologies I should give (y/n).

“We sure as hell are,” Danny replies, standing up. He shuffles to another room and returns with his keys in one hand and a flashlight in the other. “Let’s go.”


Danny and I drove around for about an hour when he got a text from Suzy that said (y/n) is at her house and that she’s fine.

“Can you drive me there? Please, Danny? I can’t bear the thought of her going to sleep crying…” I ask, eagerly glancing out the window.

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea, Mark. I don’t want you to get into more trouble than you’re already in. When (y/n) has your ear, she won’t let you go until she’s made her point,” Dan says, turning the car back towards his house. “Besides, can you imagine what she’ll say to you? You don’t need any fighting tonight.”

My heart tugged at the absence of (y/n)’s presence in my arms, the smell of her perfume on my shirt after she hugs me, the way she’d whisper good morning, having slept in with me after a night of gaming.

“I guess you’re right,” I say quietly. “I just… miss her, you know?”

“Oh c'mon, Mark, that’s puppy love. You’ve gotta man up now!” Danny replies with a chuckle.

“You have no idea,” I laugh slightly.

I couldn’t fall out of love with (y/n) even if I tried.

“You’re staying at my house tonight and we’ll figure out a way to get you two back together tomorrow.”

“Okay…” I say, closing my eyes and resting my head against the car window. (Y/n)’s face appears behind my eyelids and I smile, soon drifting off to sleep.


I wake up with a start to the sound of thunder booming outside the window. I find myself on the couch in Danny’s living room beneath a plaid flannel blanket. The TV murmurs softly in the background.

“It’s still raining,” a groggy Danny says as he appears in front of me. “Here’s some coffee.”

I take the mug from his outstretched hand and graciously sip the hot liquid.

“What time is it?”

“About 9:30 in the morning.” Dan takes a seat next to me. “Suzy says that (y/n) is still sleeping.”

I remember falling asleep wishing all of this was a dream. I remember the words that I regret ever saying. I remember watching her hair sway across her back as she left my apartment. I remember running into the rainy streets, the water splashing against my ankles, the salty tears mixing with the fresh water.

“…when do you think I’ll be able to see her?” I squeak out, my voice cracking.

“Soon, Mark. Soon.” Dan pats my back. I sit up slowly.

“What am I going to do?”

“Just be you.” Danny smiles.

We sit in silence for a few moments, listening to the droplets tapping against the glass of the window. I usually love the rain; I love spending time indoors with (y/n), busting out a new video game or just holding her hand while we watch a scary movie.

Danny’s phone sounds and interrupts my daydreams.

“Let’s go,” he says. We set down our coffee, hurry out the door, into his car and drive off towards Suzy’s.

My heart is pounding, my palms are sweaty and my stomach is in knots. I have no idea what I’m going to say to her.

Will she even listen to me?

I hope so. I really, really hope so.

Danny taps my shoulder and tosses my a strange looking bottle.

“Breath spray- you’re gonna need it. There’s nothing more cliché than a man going to apologize to his girlfriend on a stormy Saturday.” Danny chuckles.

“I’d be lucky if she even looks at me,”  I reply, but accept the breath spray. The distaste on my tongue makes me more uncomfortable than anyone else, so I spray the minty mist onto my taste buds.

“Don’t you even begin to think that way, Mark.”

I stay silent. Suzy’s house is in sight. When Danny pulls in the driveway, we idle on the gravel for a long while before the front door swings open.

(Y/n) appears on the top step, followed closely by Suzy. Her eyes are puffy, her cheeks a rosy red and her hair a beautiful mess. I can’t stand it anymore. I unbuckle forcefully and swing open the door before sprinting to (y/n). Just as she notices me, I grab her in my arms and swing her around.

“Mark?!” she mumbles against my shoulder.

“I don’t ever want to let you go, (y/n). I’m so, so, so sorry. I never meant anything that I said, and I never have and never will think of you as that kind of person. I was angry, and I had no right to be. I don’t want to lose you… because you are the love of my life.” Her arms wrap around my waist. I squeeze her tightly. “I’m mortified at myself for not being able control my anger, as I’m not typically an angry person and I don’t know how to handle such things properly. I can’t stand the thought of not having as wonderful of a girl as you in my life, and I was selfish for thinking that I was the only one who could have you. I overreacted, and I’m truly, truly sorry for it. Please, don’t go. I don’t know what I’d do without you-”

(Y/n) moves up onto her tiptoes and grabs my cheeks. Her eyes, the most gorgeous color I’ve ever seen, stare into mine with a welcoming glisten. “Mark, you are one crazy son of a gun. But I love you, and I always will. I may have overreacted a tad too much as well and I know that I would’ve been angry if I were in your shoes. I don’t think I could live without your goofiness, regardless of the things you may say or do, so I’m not going anywhere as long as you aren’t.”

“Oh, just kiss!” Suzy and Danny shout in sync.

I stare into (y/n)’s eyes for a long while before she glances at her feet for a moment. I tilt her chin up gently and place my lips on hers, sparks flying just as much as the first time our lips met. The rain continues to pour around us, some droplets slipping along my cheeks. We don’t break the passionate kiss and, instead, embrace each other with a force that feels as though we’re saying ’I don’t ever want to let you go’.

Thunder booms in the distance, but we remain where we are. My mind focuses on nothing but (y/n) and the feeling of having her so close to me, knowing that we both want each other by our side’s.

I don’t ever want to lose you… ever.

As my inner monologue delves into my emotions, it releases its joy by forcing me into my next action- I securely wrap my arms around (y/n)’s waist and begin to spin her around once more. Our lips separate for a brief moment as she begins laughing.

“M-Mark! Don’t drop me!” she giggles.

“I’m not ever going to drop you, m'lady,” I reply suavely before placing her back into the gravel.

“I love you, Mark, but you owe me a peaceful homemade dinner date.” (Y/n) smiles up at me, her cheekbones meeting her eyes.

“I love you more, my dear. How about you meet me at my place around six- there’ll be a mighty feast awaiting a lovely princess,” I say, already plotting the meal.

“How ‘bout you just invite a certain princess over for some video games, then begin the majestic feast?” (Y/n) traces her hands across my chest. 

Our previously hectic situation has turned into normalcy much faster than I could have ever hoped for, and this is exactly why I don’t think I could survive without (y/n). She keeps me sane, balanced, and, most of all, happy.

She is my happiness.

“Anything for my princess,” I conclude before leaning down to kiss her once more. Her hands lock into my hair as my own link on the small of her back.

Thunder crescendos again, proving almost as loud as my love for this wonderful girl. I can hear Suzy and Danny murmuring in the background, more than likely growing uncomfortable with our love story.

But that’s just what it is- our love story. This moment is exactly how the rest of our lives began- holding her in my arms, in a blissful lip lock, in the middle of a rainstorm.

Nothing else mattered to me in that moment besides (y/n), and I was completely and utterly satisfied.

I couldn’t have asked for a better companion.

kim taehyung as your boyfriend

ahh thank you all for the support for this little series! i appreciate so much! but without further ado, here’s mr. kim taehyung’s version!

Yoongi / Hoseok / Jimin

Seventeen / Got7 


- when you wake up, its almost always because taehyung is poking your cheek, giving you kisses everywhere, or tickling you lightly. like seriously, almost always 

- he gives you his famous rectangle smile every morning when you look at him with an annoyed glare then he tackles you in a bear hug thats super duper warm and comfy

- you two always get ready together because honestly you cant get enough of each other. taehyung will comb your hair while you brush your teeth and then you’ll sit on the counter and do his casual makeup while he has his hands wrapped around you and resting on your back (sometimes he tries your makeup but he can never get the eyeliner matching so he just pouts)

- breakfast is always at the cafe next to your house and you two share some type of unhealthy, sugary pastry and maybe a coffee and talk about what you had to do today and then what you two will do after work together and its basically  tradition now

- you guys are big on candy like you’ll go to the drug store and grab a jumbo bag of assorted candies to share and that’s basically your friday night date

- you two sit on the floor across from one another with the bag of candy in between you and you close your eyes and grab a piece from it and try it wihile giggling and you always let the other try the certain candy that you picked out, whether its a sucker or chocolate bar or hard candy

-“yo tae, i got a pizza flavored dum-dum pop!“ 

- "ooh let me try it!”

- tbh taehyung is the master in weird dates. sometimes he’ll wake you up in the middle of the night and you both will go to a grocery store and buy a birthday cake even though its neither of your birthdays and take it home and eat it across from each other at the dinner table and usually it ends in a food fight that neither of you want to clean up or you’ll go to a zoo but instead of observing the animals you observe the people and ask what country they’re from (but honestly you still check out the lions and elephants and sometimes the birds) 

- tae almost always buys matching couple things that you two never use, like couple oven mitts and seat covers for a car that you dont own

- but you two do have these matching animal onesies that you literally wear every weekend while cuddling up and watching a plethora of fluffy movies (you two also eat the extra candies)

- even though people never take him serious, he can be very calm and a great listener when needed. he is always the first person you go to because he doesn’t care if you rant or shout your frustrations or share gossip and you trust him 10000% because he’s so loyal and, well, trustworthy and you honestly are so grateful to have someone like him

- tae loves PDA because he just cant get enough of you. when you leave the airport together he is always snuggling with you (the small baby is tired from the plane ride) or while walking around town he never fails to be holding your hand tightly in his. but your personal fave is when you two are waiting for the bus or something and he hugs you close and gives you really sweet forehead kisses and he looks at you with love and adoration and it just makes you melt

- speaking of kisses, taehyung’s kisses are very random (though amazing). like he’ll just give you a surprise kiss on the arm or something and you’re just like “wtf tae” and he just smiles that adorable rectangle smile and gives you another warm and sweet-tasting kiss on the lips this time and you cherish all of them 

- there was this one time that you were in the hospital because you had to get your appendix out or something and precious taehyung was so worried that he cried in the waiting room and jimin had to try and calm him down because honestly tae loves you so much that he doesnt know how he’ll survive without you (when you were released from the hospital totally okay he still wouldnt let you do a thing like he cooked you every meal and cleaned the house and although it was very sweet and considerate of him, you were totally okay) 

- honestly taehyung’s first priority is you like when you guys are in a crowd he always is looking after you to make sure you’re okay and he even secretly sneaks you the best pieces of cake while he takes the stale piece and omg he’s just so in love

- when you guys said i love you for the first time it was because he kept tickling you and you were laughing so hard you had tears in your eyes and everything was bright and happy and suddenly you just yelled out “taehyung i love you, but stop tickling me before i kill you!” and he suddenly stopped and you just went wide-eyed and he was all like “you love me?” and you nodded with a blush forming on your cheeks and he just smiled really delicately and kissed you with such softness that you thought his lips had to be made of clouds

- your and taehyung’s relationship is extremely playful and random, but also filled with so much love that you guys dont know what to do with all of it

BTS Reactions To Their S/O Being Jealous


“Are you enjoying your meal sir?” Your waitress pointedly asked Seokjin, completely ignoring you sitting on the other side of the table.

 Jin spared you a glance and let out a forced laugh to try to relieve some of the tension that had built up between you and the waitress. It had started from the second she had been assigned your table. She would not for the life of her take her eyes off Jin, and was overly friendly and every so often leaned a little too close, her chest nearly knocking into his head each time. You had been patient but your patience had only lasted for so long until you had finally gotten fed up. Jin clearly knew that you were upset and every so often smiled to himself, making matters worse. He was enjoying this. Once you had finished eating, you couldn’t help but be a little pouty as Jin drove you home. A few minutes into the drive you felt him poke your cheek and so you naturally turned towards him to find him smiling amusedly, “you’re cute when you’re jealous Jagi.” You simply rolled your eyes. Once you guys were parked outside your house, Jin grabbed onto your wrist before you could storm out. You turned towards him, knowing it was irrational, but nonetheless ready to lash out but were quickly stopped by the gentle caress on your cheek made by his hand. “Jagiya, please know that you have no reason to be jealous. I love you and only you. You’re the only one in my eyes and heart.”

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“Goddammit Y/N, where are you going?” Yoongi called out after you as you stormed out of the boys dorm. It didn’t take long before he caught up to you, halting you by grabbing onto you by the wrist. 

“She’s just a friend, how many times do I have to tell you that?”

“Yeah, of course she is because “friends” just sit on each others laps like that right?” You laughed sarcastically. 

He remained silent for a few seconds before answering, “I didn’t know she was going to do that.” 

“You didn’t seem to rush yourself in asking her to get off. Yoongi she has feelings for you for fucks sake don’t you see that?” You said, beginning to grow tired. It was always like this when she was around him. She would always flat out come on too him and he’d just make up for it by saying they were just friends. 

He sighed, “I know she does. I haven’t said anything because she’s like a sister to me. I don’t want to hurt her, you know? I haven’t been fair to you, I see that now and I’m so sorry, I’ll talk to her today. Just please know Y/N that I don’t feel anything when she does any of that. She doesn’t make me feel what you do. Fuck she doesn’t even begin to compare to how much you mean to me.”

He had barely finished before your lips were on his. Yoongi was momentarily taken aback from the suddenness of the kiss before relaxing into it and instead pulling your bodies closer.

You both pulled apart out of breath, “I’m so-” 

“Don’t apologize,” he cut you off with another passionate kiss.

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“Who are you?” The female dancer beside Hobi asked as you walked into the studio during the middle of their dance practice bearing snacks. 

“My girlfriend,” Hoseok proudly replied, wrapping his arm around your waist before giving you a kiss on the cheek. 

The dancer’s eyes narrowed, her lips drawing into a sly smile. She had liked Hoseok from the second she laid eyes on him and couldn’t help but want to rile you up a bit.

“You’re not leaving are you? Why don’t you stay so you can see the choreo?” She asked you innocently. 

You nodded excitedly, but those feelings of excitement were immediately replaced by feelings of jealousy as you saw just how intimate the dance was. Hoseok had warned you beforehand that the dance was meant to be sensual but you had never imagined for it to go as far as the dancer straddling Hoseok’s waist, ending the dance with a kiss to his jaw. 

Although you remained calm in front of her, your facade fell the second you and Hobi were alone. Hobi knew you well enough to know that the cause of your silence was due to your jealousy and he couldn’t stand it for more than a few minutes before he broke. 

“Jagi, don’t be mad.” You remained silent. Desperate to get your attention, Hoseok grabbed you by the waist and pinned you against the hallway’s wall. 

Your eyes widened, “Hoseok, what are you doing?”

It was just at that second that the female dancer walked out of the studio looking haughty and proud of herself.

Before you even realized what was happening, Hoseok’s lips were on your as he gently lifted your thighs to wrap around his waist. 

You heard the dancer cough awkwardly. Hoseok looked towards her sheepishly, “ahh I’m sorry. It’s just so hard to restrain myself around my girlfriend. She’s too damn sexy for her own good.”

The dancer looked a little shocked before she scurried out of your sights. Once she had left, Hoseok turned towards you and winked, “don’t be jealous Jagiya. She’s got nothing on you.” 

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“I know you’re jealous, but Y/N, please. Talk to me.” Namjoon begged, as he gently turned your cheek so you’d be facing him.

Your eyes were shining with unshed tears and Namjoon felt his heart break. He couldn’t believe he was to blame for the cause of your pain. 

“Can you really blame me for being upset? S-she kissed you Namjoon.” 

“She was drunk, Jagiya. She didn’t know what she was doing,” he tried to explain.

“You know. That I can understand. It still hurts but, what hurts the most is the fact that you were going to hide it from me,” your voice quivered.

“I didn’t want to upset you over something that meant nothing,” he reasoned.

“I would’ve found out eventually…I mean I did, didn’t I?”

He sighed, “I fucked up and I’m so sorry, Y/N. I just couldn’t bear the thought of you not believing me…God I’m such an idiot. I love you Y/N, please tell me you know that. I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you. I didn’t even know it was possible to love someone this much until I met you. I should’ve told you, I should’ve been the first one to tell you. “


“Y/N, you have every right to break up wi-”

“Stop right there,” you cut him off, “yes, I’m upset. But how could you ever think I’d want to break up with you?”

“You don’t?” Namjoon looked shocked.

“Of course not! I love you so damn much, you dumb ass,” you smiled before leaning in to give him a kiss. 

“Jagiya I-”

“Just please tell me next time something like this happens Joonie. There’s no one I trust more in this world than you so please don’t break that trust.”

“I won’t. I promise.”

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