You huffed as Kai placed his cards on the table. “Straight” he smirked at you as he quirked an eyebrow. You pursed your lips as you put your cards down, only having three of a kind. You quickly removed your top before throwing it on the ground. You had already removed basic things like your jewelry, but now you’d none left. “I always win” he smirked as he began to deal the cards. “You were stuck in the prison world for years, how are you so good at this? you huffed folding your arms. “I guess I’m just a quick learner” he shrugged winking at you.

//This is the first legit fan animation, dudes and dudettes! It was about time to put what I learn at the Uni into test and start animating League characters!

 I can tell there are a few mistakes, such as the fact that even though Karthus’ main body was coppied and pasted to the next layers, it was still not 100% in the same place, thus he’s moving about a bit. Talk about skelington itensifies don’t you think? xD haha!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it because I’m happy with it even with its flaws.

Bonus upset Caitlyn because she was supposed to do the hat trick:


For agonizingsociety who requested more Reid imagines (I though this was a fun one)

It was just you, Reid and Morgan, all the others had folded. “Okay show your cards” Jj nodded. Morgan turned his over and showed he had a 3 of hearts and a 7 of clubs, a pair of 3′s when you looked at the river. Next Reid held up his cards, showing he had two Queen’s, another one was on the river meaning he had three of a kind. Morgan huffed as he sat back. “You won….again” Morgan said shaking his head as he threw he cards into the center of the table. “Not necessarily” you smirked, flipping over your cards. “Three of a kind with aces” you smiled happily. All eyes turned to you. “What?” you asked, looking at them all. “No one ever beats Reid” Garcia explained. “Well Y/N just did” Morgan smirked playfully. “How do you feel about that Reid?” he teased playfully

Guys, I don’t think Steve is being moved by this conversation. Usually when he thinks someone is mad at him (like Da’Vonne) he acts like a hurt puppy and really tries to talk to them and explain himself.

This conversation that Jace is having with him is very one-sided and Steve is very quiet and is keeping a very straight face. If Steve was genuinely invested in this/hurt by Jace’s words, he would’ve said something to try to fix his “relationship” with Jace.


En el póker televisado no hay trampas, me lo han dicho a mi.

anonymous asked:

I feel like Larry is quicker to anger than Laurent is. He always seems to be the first to snap off, while Laurent always remain relatively calm. Am I tripping, or...?

I think your assessment is correct.   

sassygreytea from Here

“Do you not remember pulling a fire poker on me? Not my fault your memory is shit,” she huffed, crossing her arms and slouching back in the chair. “But when you’re working with me, it’ll be easier to stop you.”

  “Now, now, You couldn’t possibly act like I could have defeated you with a simple little piece of iron like the poker, hmm~? And stop pouting, it’s quite unladylike to make such a face.”