Hi everyone! 😆 Today I wanted to show you the deck of poker cards that can often be seen in the D.Gray-Man anime… Tbh,I decided to create it because it was proposed  me by @lavishcabbage, so I thought it could be interesting since in the anime the cards that appear most are the ace of spades, the joker and Cell Roron while to the others is given less importance…So I decided to accept  the proposal and try to “invent” the other cards!😄 So… I took a look at all the episodes in which the cards were shown and I acted accordingly … Practically they differ from normal cards just because they don’t have the number in the upper right and bottom left corners. As for the red Joker … I had to pursue my invention … I had no idea of how it could be and I had experimented different versions with two colors (red and black) … But in the end I opted for a totally red version of the black variant. ** I spent almost a week doing the full deck😵 … it wasn’t difficult, but it was really enervating ahahaha… Hope you like it!♠♥♣♦

Wild West Wolf

This piece is a recreation of a photograph with the client’s character as the stand in, some details changed in an attempt to make it more accurate to the late 1800’s.  The $20 bills on the table should be period accurate, and to my knowledge so are the cards and poker chips.  Not that I was going for straight up historical accuracy, there’s plenty of leeway to for matching the original photo, and for making it a fun to look at piece.  Feels great to get my teeth into a more detailed piece after doing so many small commissions, and this one was truly a pleasure to make!

Prints available here -

11 hours in PS6 with an Intuos pro tablet