poker legend

//This is the first legit fan animation, dudes and dudettes! It was about time to put what I learn at the Uni into test and start animating League characters!

 I can tell there are a few mistakes, such as the fact that even though Karthus’ main body was coppied and pasted to the next layers, it was still not 100% in the same place, thus he’s moving about a bit. Talk about skelington itensifies don’t you think? xD haha!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it because I’m happy with it even with its flaws.

Bonus upset Caitlyn because she was supposed to do the hat trick:

What I want to see on Legends of Tomorrow (1)

Snart taking Jax on a heist. He discoveres that the kid is a natural talent (after they roofied Stein, who caught them stealing the jumpship).

Snart and Martin playing chess together and talking about their dads.

Kendra making everybody coffee.
Martin: This is wonderful, Mrs. Saunders.
Kendra: You know, a few months ago…
Snart and Sara, closing their eyes: … I was a barista.

The Legends playing poker (after Mick finds Sara and Snart in bed, playing cards, he invites the whole team to join).

Snart teaching Sara how to use his Cold Gun. Kendra and Mick are the ones who find them in the training room and the price for keeping their mouths closed is very high.

Ray baking cookies for the team, while Mick eats everything he can get his hands on. Eventualy, he is banished from the kitchen. When Sara and Snart find out, they decide to help Ray and add something *special* in the mix.

Rip Hunter playing for his team his favourite classic song. Everybody is shocked when Mick invites Kendra to dance. And. He. Is. A Damn. Good. Dancer. Jax wants to ask Sara, but Snart is faster. “Your not her type, kid.”

The Legends throwing Rip a surprise birthday party. They ask Gideon for help and when the Time Dad thinks that the night is over, Jonah Hex is waiting for him, on the captain’s chair.

Mick teaching Jax how tu use his flamethrower, while Ray watches them like a sad puppy. When Mick can’t take the look on Ray’s face any longer, he asks for more cookies (with a lot of sugar). They spend hours talking about their time in the prison and Mick tells Ray about the years he was Chronos (only Sara and Snart know everything that happend to him).

Jax and Kendra planning a movie night.

A mission goes wrong (wow, that’s unexpected) and they have to fly their way out. Kendra takes Sara (a lot of jokes about birds are coming), Firestorm takes Mick and The Atom takes Snart. Ray starts talking about his suit and how he designed it to carry up to 5 people. This is too much for Snart. When they are back on the Waverider, he steals the suit, uses his Cold Gun on it and hides it in the freezer. Only Gideon knows what happened.

A meeting between Snart and Oliver. Snart punches Oliver for everything he did to the Lance sisters.

regzillas  asked:

Okayojayokay legends + strip poker nights


  • First of all, let’s be clear on the rules here: none of that weird ass complicated “you run out of chips, you strip” poker, just plain and simple “worst hand = stripping” poker. Okay? Okay.
  • For the record they’re already a few rounds and a drink or two in when Sara suggests they make it more interesting by playing strip poker. There’s a moment of incredibly tense silence as 8-way peer pressure kicks in and one by one everyone agreed to stay.
  • Jax’s caveat: “Alright, but if I have to see him [emphatic thumb at Stein] get naked you’re all paying for my therapy. I know too much about him as it is.”
    • (“The feeling is entirely mutual, I assure you,” Stein grumbles, pulling his blazer a little tighter.)
  • Honestly Sara is mostly doing this to fuck with Len, who she’s noticed seems to be extremely averse to showing any skin, ever. He stares her down to make entirely clear that she’s dumb and not affecting him, while simultaneously planning to cheat so he doesn’t have to strip.
  • “Does jewelry count?” Kendra asks, a little nervously. There’s some debate, but they agree yes, jewelry does count. Kendra feels better but is still blushing like crazy.
  • At this point Rip is mostly staying because this where the booze is, but he’s fully prepared to leave the second he sees too much skin. He can already feel the headache coming. He takes another drink.
  • Ray loses his shirt almost ridiculously fast, and whips it off with nothing more than a “oh, well, guess it’s me”. And then The Abs are there, and Kendra is trying very hard to remember that his eyes are up there and Sara’s trying to decide if Ray’s the kind of guy who lets people lick his abs or not. 
    • Len sighs heavily through his nose. “You had to go for the shirt, didn’t you, Raymond?”
  • With Stein’s first losing hand he sighs, takes off a shoe, places it on the table. (”I should have thought of that,” Ray says, chagrined.)
  • Mick has a losing hand. He shrugs, takes his jacket off, tosses it across the room. Mick doesn’t care if he ends up stark naked; that’s everyone else’s problem.
  • Kendra suckers everyone by going through her jewelry - rings, earrings, necklaces. They’re never going to get an actual piece of clothing off of her and she gets increasingly cocky about it as everyone else loses things.
  • The first time Sara has to strip she makes a big deal of acting like she’s going to take her shirt off, then reveals she was actually just unfastening her felt. Approximately nobody cares.
  • Jax offers up his socks on his first two losing hands, then gets a third and sighs. “Nobody judge me just because I don’t have a 12 pack,” he says. Sara compliments his tummy.
  • Eventually Len slips up at his card counting, possibly because it’s chilly in here and Ray’s nipples are doing things. Scowling, Len gives up his goggles with unnecessary force, aiming them at Sara’s head. Cackling like a witch, she catches them and drapes them over the back of her chair. Sara inexplicably seems to have consumed twice as much alcohol as everyone else and is having a wonderful night.
  • The game wears on. Everyone’s shoes are gone. Sara actually did take off her shirt the second time, and the team is getting an excellent view of a very blue sports bra. Mick’s also gone shirtless, and Rip has lost his coat. Jax is in his underwear. Help him.
  • Len loses another hand, swears quietly. He removes his jacket to reveal a long-sleeved shirt. He feels naked.
  • Jax, sitting in his boxers, looks like he’s going to cry, and decides he wants out. Sara boos him loudly.
  • Kendra is finally out of jewelry and loses a jacket; she’s getting nervous now.
  • “Fuck me, I forgot about this,” Sara says, and takes the ponytail out of her hair. There’s a brief uproar over whether or not that counts as stripping; anyone who disagrees is immediately accused of being a huge pervert. Grudgingly, they let it count. 
  • Rip decides that no amount of booze is worth taking his pants off with these asshats and folds.
  • Stein willingly gave up his glasses before his shirt, but that was his breaking point.
  • Mick is in his underwear, happily aware of how uncomfortable everyone around him is.
  • Ray loses his pants as well. Len folds on principle and leaves the room.
  • Kendra loses another hand with nothing to strip but her shirt or pants; she folds and flees.
  • It’s late. Everyone else has crawled off to bed, and the nice alcohol buzz is waning. We’ve got Ray, Mick, and Sara all sitting in their underwear (and a bra, in one case), in a stripxican standoff. Sara loses a hand, blows some hair out of her eyes. “Well, well,” she says.
  • Ray, ever a gentleman, folds, and looks at Mick, expecting him to follow suit. Mick shrugs and looks at Sara, waiting.
  • She smiles, sweetly. “Guess I’ll just have to take off - this!” she declares, swinging her bare leg onto the table to reveal the tiny dagger strapped to her ankle. 
  • Mick groans, throws his cards down, and walks out, not even bothering to collect his clothes from the floor. Sara smirks and gathers up her clothes and Snart’s goggles, which she’s decided are her now. “Goodnight, Ray,” she says on her way out, still a little tipsy and flush with victory. “Goodnight, Ray’s abs.”