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Lips of an Angel-Part 3

Summary: Dean struggles with keeping his life with Lisa in check after you call him



Characters: Reader, Dean, Lisa

Pairings: Prev. Dean x Reader, Reader x Nate (OFC), Dean x Lisa

Word Count: 1000

Warnings:  Language, Dean’s POV, Angst

A/N: Thank you guys so much for reading.

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That phone, that mother fucking phone. This is the fifth night in a row that I can’t stop staring at it. What if she calls again? What do I say? What if Lisa gets to it first? What then? And it just keeps running through my damn head over and fucking over again.

I can’t even decide if I want it to ring or not. Because if she does call, I don’t know what I will do, if I can take it, hearing her.

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Against the Brick Wall

Squeal to: Match made in Brooklyn 

“Where are you going?” Magnus asked as he leaned against Raphael’s bedroom door.

“What do you mean?” Raphael looked at Magnus through the reflection of his mirror and adjusted the cuff of his leather jacket.

Magnus picked at his polished nails and regarded Raphael with a smirk “you never wear leather jackets to poker night”

“I’m not going, Meliorn and Luke won’t mind” Magnus hummed and doubled checked his hair.

“Seeing Simon again?” Magnus hummed quite pleased with himself.

Raphael sighed and turned to his friend “first of all, you need to stop barging into my apartment and yes I am”

“First of all, I came to give you a ride” Magnus said and plopped down on Raphael’s flourish “and you never called me last night, not responded to my text messages”

“It went well and I really like him, which is surprising considering that”
“That he’s not a born in a suit, briefcase wielding corporate America clone?”

“No exactly the words I’d use but yes he’s not that” Raphael sighed happily, thinking back to his date with Simon “he’s fun and cute, Mags he has the cutest smile” Raphael gushed.

Magnus smiled and fixed the collar of Raphael’s jacket “is that what I sounded like talking about Alexander?”

“Oh dear god no, you’re twice as bad” Raphael laughed and Magnus gasped dramatically “so about that ride?”
“What’s wrong?” Maureen asked as she took in the nervous state Simon was in.

“Nothing, it’s nothing” Simon said and paced the floors of the back-stage area “I’m fine, I’m good”

“Simon, I swear to god” Maureen scolded and placed her hands on Simon’s shoulders to stop walking “we’ve done this a million times, we got this”

“It’s not the show, Maureen” Simon sighed and shook her hands off.

“It’s the boy then?” She asked, a slight bitterness twisted with her words.

“Yeah, he’s coming tonight” Simon responded and ran his fingers through his hair.

“So is this one is special” she smiled at her friend, though Maureen liked Simon, his happiness mattered more.

“Yeah, I think so, he’s so handsome and smart and so I don’t even know what to say, you’ll have to meet him”

Maureen squealed and threw her arms around Simon’s neck “I’m so happy for you and of course I’m dying to meet um?”

“Raphael” Magnus called and snapped his fingers in front of Raphael’s face.

“Mhm?” Raphael responded and slowly lifted his head from his phone to look at Magnus.

“We have a problem”

“No we don’t” Raphael shook his head as if it would somehow clear the traffic in front of them, he was already late for Simon’s show.

Magnus looked helpless as his eyes wondered around for any opening he could find.

“Mags, it’s okay I’ll take the subway” Raphael smiled softly at his best friend.
“I’m s-”

“Don’t you dare say sorry” Raphael turned in his seat to look at Magnus “you skipped Friday night poker to be here with me, you introduced you me to a guy I really like, you’re my best friend, I owe you”

“Make Simon your boyfriend and my payment then” Magnus smiled fondly and unlocked the car “go”
“He’s not out there” Simon pulled the small gap of the curtain close.
Maureen held Simon’s hands in hers before he could start tugging at his hair, again “I’m sure he’s on his way”

“What if he changed his mind?”

“No what if, he’ll be here, now let’s go” Maureen said and passed Simon his guitar.

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Broken Pt 2

        Part 2 of Broken….If I knew how I would like it to part 1 :) Slowly learning Tumbler. warning domestic violence

          You sighed as you held a cold compress on your left side. The good thing, if there really was one was the Brock never left marks that were easily visible. Brock had left for work already issuing orders on what he wanted prepared for dinner for not only himself but his poker buddies. He also left a warning that the house was to be spotless and that there be plenty of his favorite beer. Sighing again you removed the compress looking at the dark bruise that splayed across the left side of your ribs. You were pretty sure nothing was broken as it didn’t really hurt to breath and you had be icing it on and off since last night in hopes that it would feel better by today, no such luck.

          Glancing at the time on your watch you hurried to finish getting ready for work, throwing on your blouse and wincing when the band of your dress pants brushed against the bruising. You threw on a minimal amount of makeup as you had learned over the years Brock preferred it and rushed to get your shoes, and grab your purse before you were out the door.

           Once outside you unlocked your car and smiled fondly, it was old but it ran and it was one of the last things that you had that was just yours. You laughed a little to yourself if it wasn’t Brock would have already had it taken off to the junk heap by now he complained about it daily. Then again if Brock had it his way lately you wouldn’t have a car at all.

           You made it to work on time making sure that you obeyed every traffic law, the last thing you needed was one of Brock’s buddies or Brock himself pulling you over that would go over well, and made your way inside bracing yourself for the mundane day ahead of you answering phones and helping people with their retirement plans. The only bright spot in your work day was Wanda, she had been working with the company since she had moved to town a little over a year ago and you had become fast work friends. She also didn’t know you before Brock so she never questioned your numerous excuses to grab coffee or a drink after work, chalking it up to the fact that you were obviously a homebody. Unlike your oldest friend Natasha.

          Speaking of the devil herself, you felt the desk drawer vibrate and opened it a crack to see Natasha’s name light up on the screen. Hitting the busy button on your phone system, you took your head seat off and walked quickly to the bathroom clicking the phone on as you went. When you whispered hello, “Lunch” was all she said.

         “I can’t Nat” You told her frowning, its not that you didn’t want to go, but Brock didn’t care for her and you were already nursing bruised ribs.

      “Didn’t ask, Pick you up in five” She told you hanging up before you could say anything else. You frowned looking at your watch it was already five to 12 and Natasha knew your schedule well, she always had since grade school. It was a joke to your Family, Steve had a Bucky and Y/N had a Natasha to keep you both in line. Not that you got into as many fights as your dear brother had, but you were both utterly tiny as children. Luckily Steve hit a growth spurt in the army, unlike you who still remained petite. You brother told you once, it was ok for you to be that small, him on the other hand it was a down right embarrassment. You also vividly remember sucker punching him as you were 18 at the time and he was making fun of you.

       You made your way to your desk, and logged the phone system completely out. Glancing at your supervisor you smiled and told him you were taking your scheduled lunch. You grabbed your purse from your bottom desk drawer, waving at Wanda as you left. As you got outside, you couldn’t miss Natasha in her black corvette, she smiled as she was leaning up against the driver’s side door. “Thought I was going to have to come in and drag you out” She told you and you just shook your head, “I would have” She told you honestly.

       “I know” you agreed as you got in the passenger side the same time she got in the driver’s side.

    “The sandwich place we like, ok” she ask and you nodded, waiting you knew there was a reason that she called you for lunch. Normally she had a very busy schedule and wasn’t a spur of the moment type of person. After five minutes of silence you couldn’t take it anymore.

    “Spit it out” You told her and she looked at you giving you a sly smile.

    “What” She ask

    “You know what, it is unusual for you to call spur of the moment for lunch, that means something is on your mind”

     “You know me so well” She laughed, “Clint ask me to move in with him” She blurted.

    “And you said” You ask turning toward her and only grimaced slightly as it pulled at your ribs.

    “That I would think about it” She told you frowning, as she watched your face. You gave her a look, “What” She ask you, “ I do need to think about it, I don’t want to live over a garage, I don’t care how nice he has fixed it up”

    “Then have him move in with you, in your apartment” You told her in a matter of fact voice.

   “ I hate that shit hole, my landlord is an ass. Plus I’m always over at Clint's” She shrugged, and you just raised your eyebrow.

   “I’m always at Clint’s place” she muttered as if surprised at her deceleration and you just nodded your head as she pulled into a parking place, “Why didn’t I think of this before” she seemed astounded and you almost laughed out loud.

    “You were to busy freaking out,” You offered her with a shrug of your shoulders, “plus look on the bright side, if you officially move in with Clint you can quit giving money to your asshole of a landlord”

   “Seriously Pierce is a dick” Natasha told you as you both got out and made your way inside. You almost groaned out loud when you saw Rollins and Andrews sitting in one of the corner booths. There goes failing to mention to Brock what did for lunch. You smiled at a waitress who lead you and Natasha to your normal booth feeling eyes on you the whole time.

    “What in the hell is up with Rollins” Natasha whispered as you both sat down. It was a small town and pretty much everyone knew everyone. You shrugged your shoulders, but you didn’t relax until they finished with their lunch and paid.

    You were glad that Natasha, seemed preoccupied by her discovery that she practically already lived with Clint it made her miss the signs of discomfort you showed throughout lunch that she normally would have picked up on. Once you ate, she drove you back to work exclaiming that she was going to share her answer with Clint, and made you promise to meet her next week for lunch. After you nodded she gave you a hug and you bit you lip to keep from letting out a hiss and she was gone again. The work day seemed to fly by after that, and when it was quitting time, Wanda walked up to you. “So I know that it is Brocks annual friday night poker game at your house, you want to go to the movies with me tonight? Sam has some late night session and there is a chick flick I am dying to see” she ask you smiling.

    “Its not that I don’t want to Wanda, but I have a couple projects started at mom’s old house that I want to get finished up this weekend” You told her smiling. She didn’t have to know that you hadn’t really set foot in that house since you moved in with Brock.

    “Oh, well maybe next Friday” She ask hopefully.

    “Sure” You smiled at her as you both ,went toward your respective cars. Once you settled inside you made your way to the grocery store to get the things needed for Brock’s poker night. Luckily for you the store didn’t seem to crowded and you were In and out in under thirty minutes, which should give you plenty of time to get the house ready and dinner cooked before he got home.

    You were just pulling onto your street, and when your driveway came into view you felt your breathing pick up Brock’s patrol car was already sitting in the driveway. What was he doing home so early, your mind raced and then you thought back to lunch damn it Rollins you thought as you parked and started getting groceries out of the back of your car. You slowly made your way inside and to the kitchen to sit the groceries down and before you could blink you were pinned up against the counter. “Care to tell me where you went for lunch sweetheart” Brock’s voice whispered menacingly in your ear.

    “With Nat” You whispered, your left side was throbbing the way he had you shoved up against the counter.

    “I’ve told you a thousand times sweetheart, she is a bad influence on you” his left hand ghosted down your side between you and the counter and you had to bite your lip to keep from screaming as he dug his thumb between two of your ribs, “If Rollins or anyone of my guys tell me they caught you out with her again, and I haven’t approved it you will not like what happens understand” You nodded your head jerkily as you felt like the breath was stolen from you. As suddenly as he was there he had backed off of you, “Now Sweetheart, I expect you to get the house in order and have the den ready for the game tonight” He kissed your cheek as he left the room throwing over his shoulder that he would be in the living room watching the game.

    Once he left the kitchen you took a deep breath, you knew tears were running down your face. Taking a paper towel you wet it and patted your face a minute before you picked up the groceries that had fell to the floor when Brock had pinned you putting away the beer to get cold, and then getting your ingredients to make the pizza crust, once you had that all mixed and the bowl covered with a dish towel for it to rise, you washed and chopped the toppings placing them in tupperware and back in the fridge so that they would be ready to put on once the dough was done. You washed your hands quickly, and moving as fast as your aching side allowed you went to get the vacuum in order to clean the down stairs, up to Brock’s standards. You had vacuumed the den, and moved to put the vacuum back in its respective place and grabbed the broom and went to sweep the kitchen, and dining room you knew no one would be in there much but you didn’t want to give Brock anymore reasons this evening to be upset.

    Once that was done, you moved as quietly as you could to the living room where he was propped up in the recliner. You started to sweep the living room making as little noise as possible, you did not want to interrupt him, when you felt his eyes on you. You looked up at him and you shivered as he was smiling. “Aren’t you just adorable when you do what I ask you to do” he crooned at you, and if you didn’t know the things you knew about him now you would have thought it was sweet really. “Sweetheart, why don’t you bring me a beer” he ask smile still on his lips. You knew he expected you to do so, and you just nodded your head placing the broom against the wall so that it would stay there and went back to the kitchen to get him his beer. You popped the top and threw it it in the trash and made it back to him in record time.

     “Here” You said softly reaching it toward him. He took it from you and was still smiling.

    “Why don’t you sit with me for a little bit” He suggested, and you bit your lip.

     “Brock, I still have to finish sweeping the living room, then I have to get the pizza in the oven” you stated softly and cringed when his eyes narrowed a little bit, “I just want to make sure that everything is done so you don’t have anything to worry about when the guys start showing up” you said quickly. He waved his hand at you as if dismissing you and you let out a sigh of relief. You made quick work of the living room not wanting to stay In his sight more than you needed to and quickly put away your supplies and went back to finish up the pizza. Once it was in the oven you set the timer and then made your way back to the den to set up the poker table and the chairs as well as get the cards and chips out and place them in the middle of the table. Once that was done you checked on the pizza again, got out a couple bowls to fill with Chips and Pretzels and sit them around the den. When the timer went off you removed the pizza to cool and made your way back into the living room where Brock was still where you had left him. “Everything is ready” You told him softly.

    “Good, why don’t you go upstairs put on something a little more comfortable” Brock told you, “Give the guys a reason to be jealous if you know what I mean” he winked at you. Nodding at him you turned and grimaced you had hoped that he would let you retreat to your room tonight while they were hear but it seemed like luck wasn’t on your side tonight.

    You made it upstairs and grabbed out of your closet one of the dresses you knew Brock loved, and that you absolutely hated for no other reason than he loved it. You took it in the bathroom with you, and had decided that a shower might help to relieve your nerves when you heard your cell phone playing the national anthem. You fished it out of your purse quickly hoping that Brock didn’t hear it, Steve normally didn’t call you two days in a row. “Hey Stevie” You answered softly locking yourself in the bathroom.

   “Hey Cricket” He said just as softly and you felt your stomach drop, he normally didn’t pull out old nicknames.

   “Stevie is everything alright with Peggy, and the baby” You ask quickly.

    “Yeah” you could hear him sigh.

    “Then what” You ask your stomach still in your throat.

   “It’s Bucky he was overseas, in the field tending to the injured” Steve paused, “Hell Cricket there was a grenade, Buck was hit”

    “Is he, Is he” You couldn’t finish you knew tears were falling, Bucky was just as much family as Steve was he had been there since you could remember, you used to joke that Bucky was more protective than Steve was.

     “He is alive, they have moved him to a military hospital in Germany, as soon as they can they are going to move him stateside, but he has lost his left arm” Steve croaked out and you knew he was in tears and you had rarely seen your big brother cry.

   You heard yourself sob, and you heard Steve in the background “Cricket it’s ok, he is going to be ok”

    “Stevie, are you going to him” you ask suddenly, “I know Peggy” you started.

    “Peggy had already cleared it, we are both taking leave we are going to go and make sure he is ok” Steve told you and you sighed.

     “Steve Tell him” You started and you heard Brock opening the bedroom door, “Tell him to get better soon, and that I love him” You whispered the last part in hopes that Brock didn’t hear it. “I gotta go” Yo u told him quickly as you heard Brock’s footsteps getting closer to the bathroom door and without another thought hit end on your cell phone.

Arbitergirl's Avengers Headcanons - #1

Tony has installed very loud speakers on the outside of his suit.

Now, in battle, whenever the other Avengers are around and someone knocks a guy out, a little song plays

Steve doesn’t get it, but Natasha wants to throttle him. Clint’s excessive eye rolls can be heard from across the street.
Meanwhile, the song has struck a chord with Thor
Even though Natasha has managed to sneak into the highly secured workshop of Tony’s home to disable the speakers, the thunder god’s booming voice can be heard miles away, singing:

“MMMM, WHAT DOES THEE SAY? ….but truly, what does she say?”

Natasha can’t do anything against Thor

Tony cackles somewhere in the background, his objective accomplished.

But things take an unexpected turn, and the cycle continues.

“P-P-P-P-POKE HER FACE- why are they poking her face, and why does she not retaliate with force at the excessive poking?”

*natasha facepalms out of existence*

“It’s Friday, Friday, what a glorious Friday, friends!”

*clint grows wings and flies away*

“What a peculiar question. Indeed, what does the fox say? Surely it isn’t ‘ring ding ding ding da ding’?”

Steve joins in on this one, and Tony isn’t sure if he’s having fun anymore

  • Snow: We’ve got Dr. Jeckyl and Dr. Frankenstein. What does that sound like?
  • Regina: The worst pediatric practice?
  • Emma: Like one of our writers is watching too much Penny Dreadful?
  • Henry: Like a bad sitcom about roommates?
  • Rumpelstiltskin: Like my Friday night poker buddies?
  • Ruby: Like the worst pharmacy.
  • Granny: Like village mobs.
  • Snow: I was going to say a high school science department.

So in fanfics the color of the grain/fungus on Tarsus IV was blue

Can you imagine Jim just hating the color

He doesn’t look in mirrors anymore because his eyes are the same shade
He doesn’t look at the sky because even tho it’s a light blue it’s still blue

But Spock and Bones
They’re blue

And for once the color blue doesn’t make him hungry

Blue becomes the taste of bourbon on Friday night poker games
It becomes the smell of Vulcan spice tea and polished wood as he and Spock play chess

Blue is the color of comfort when he needs it the most.

It’s the feeling of a hypo being jabbed in his neck. It’s the soft caress of alien fingers on his face

It becomes home when blue clad arms wrap around him after a long day.

It becomes something he can love. Whether it has dark hair and pointy ears. Or makes the sounds of a disgruntled southern doctor.

It’s the cool even voice of logic or a heartfelt emotional response.

Blue is the color that saves his life more times that he can count.

corvidalexion  asked:

Slytherin house headcanons. And all this comes from curiosity, darling. Not any post.

  • The password has never been “Mudblood” or any kind of slur at all. There are muggleborns in Slytherin and I highly doubt the head of house would set that password. 
  • I’m not sure if I read this on pottermore or in other headcanon but the fontain in the common room is enchanted so it tastes like whatever you want it to. 
  • There are girls in the Slytherin quidditch team. 
  • Friday is poker night in the common room.
  • There are fairy nights everywhere. I mean if I had to spend my free time underwater, I would want it to be pretty. 
  • It’s the most luxurious common room by far.
  • There is an Slytherin Alumni trust fund for the Slytherin kids that can’t afford books, robes etc. 
  • Of course not everyone gets along. But if there’s a problem between a house mate and someone else you can bet your sorry ass Slytherins defend each other. As my mother says “wash your dirty clothes at home, put the clean sheets out the window”. You know, all about giving a united front and all. 
  • I’m pretty sure there’s a mentoring system that pairs 1st and 4th years, 2nd and 5th and 3rd and 6th yeas. So every little kid has someone older to go to with their problems and get help in difficult subjects and stuff. 7th years do it for 4th, 5th and 6th graders since they don’t need that much attention. 
Melinda May doesn't sleep, she waits
  • Melinda May is who Natasha Romanov has posters of in her safe houses
  • Melinda May once stopped The Hulk by quirking her eyebrow at him
  • Melinda May is the reason HYDRA has so many tentacles, they saw her in the future, and needed more than two arms for her to rip off 
  • Melinda May’s hair doesn’t blow in the wind, reality warps around it
  • Melinda May doesn’t talk about Bahrain because even Bahrain is terrified to remember
  • Melinda May only ever sleeps with tens, and hasn’t been rejected ever
  • Melinda May’s father is James Bond, the day she was born he dropped to his knees and thanked the universe because there was finally a person more competent and badass on the planet than he was
  • When Melinda May does push ups, the earth moves ever so slightly off it’s axis
  • Melinda May met Steve Rogers once and told him he was a good agent, that’s the day Steve Rogers fell in love for the second time
  • Bullets are afraid of Melinda May
  • Melinda May plays poker with Death every friday night, and she always wins
Lady Gaga Broadcasted Performances MASTERPOST

I decided to compile a list with links to almost all of Gaga’s broadcasted/ recorded live performances. Here it is! Enjoy

Fame Era 2008

2008 - Just Dance - New Now Next Awards (USA)

2008 - Beautiful Dirty Rich/ Poker Face/ Just Dance - Miss Sixty Fall Fashion Show (USA)

2008 - Just Dance - 57th Miss Universe Beauty Pageant (Vietnam)

2008 - Just Dance - So You Think You Can Dance (USA)

2008 - Just Dance/ Love Game - Yahoo! Critical Eye (USA)

2008 - Just Dance - Much On Demand (Canada)

2008 - Just Dance - The Dome 47 (Germany)

2008 - Just Dance - Sommarkrysset (Sweden)

2008 - Just Dance - NRJ Music Tour (France)

2008 - Just Dance - Sunrise (Australia)

2008 - Just Dance - Rove (Australia)

2008 - Just Dance - Jimmy Kimmel Live (USA)

2008 - Just Dance - The Ellen DeGeneres Show (USA)

2008 - Just Dance/ Poker Face - The Cherrytree Sessions (USA)

Fame Era 2009

2009 - Just Dance - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (USA)

2009 - Just Dance - GMTV (England)

2009 - Just Dance/ Love Game/ Poker Face/ Beautiful, Dirty, Rich - MTV Spanking New Sessions (England)

2009 - Just Dance - The Sunday Night Project (England)

2009 - Poker Face - Freshly Squeezed (England)

2009 - Poker Face/ Just Dance/ Love Game/ Paparazzi/ Beautiful Dirty Rich - The Album Chart Show (England)

2009 - Just DancePoker Face - The Dome 49 (Germany)

2009 - Just Dance - Fama, ¡a bailar! (Spain)

2009 - Just Dance/ Poker Face - T4 Sunday (England)

2009 - Just Dance - The View (USA)

2009 - Poker Face (Acoustic)/ Fooled Me Again, Honest Eyes - KIIS FM (USA)

2009 - Poker Face (Acoustic) - KDWB Skyroom (USA)

2009 - Poker Face (Acoustic) - B96 (USA)

2009 - Poker Face - Star Académie (Canada)

2009 - Poker Face - American Idol (USA)

2009 - Poker Face (Rock Arrangement) - Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (England)

2009 - Poker Face - Paul O'Grady Show (England)

2009 - Poker Face (Acoustic)/ Viva La Vida (Acoustic Coldplay Cover) - Radio 1 Live Lounge (England)

2009 - Paparazzi (Acoustic)/ Poker Face (Acoustic) - Capital FM (England)

2009 - Poker Face (Acoustic) - Mooi Weer De Leeuw! (The Netherlands)

2009 - Just Dance/ Poker Face - Primavera Pop (Spain)

2009 - Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) (Acoustic)/ Paparazzi (Acoustic) - Fun Radio (France)

2009 - Poker Face - The Ellen DeGeneres Show (USA)

2009 - Love Game - Rove (Australia)

2009 - Just Dance/ Love Game - Dancing With The Stars (USA)

2009 - Paparazzi (Acoustic) - Nova Radio (Australia)

2009 - Paparazzi (Acoustic)/ Just Dance/ Love Game/ Poker Face/ Paparazzi/ The Fame/ Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) - Live At The Chapel (Australia)

2009 - Love Game/ Poker Face (Medley) - Much Music Video Awards (Canada)

2009 - Paparazzi/ Love Game/ Boys. Boys, Boys/ Money Honey/ Just Dance/ Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)/ Poker Face (Acoustic + Album Version) - Glastonbury Festival (England)

2009 - Paparazzi/ Love Game/ Poker Face - Isle Of MTV (Malta)

2009 - Poker Face - T In The Park (Scotland)

2009 - Paparazzi/ Brown Eyes/ Poker Face (Acoustic + Album Version) - Oxegen Festival (Ireland)

2009 - Just DancePoker Face - Orange Rockcorps (England)

2009 - Paparazzi - GMTV (England)

2009 - Poker Face - TV Tokyo (Japan)

2009 - Paparazzi/ Love Game/ Beautiful, Dirty, Rich/ Just Dance/ Poker Face - V-Festival (England)

2009 - Love Game - The Ellen DeGeneres Show (USA)

2009 - Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) (Acoustic) - NRJ France (France)

2009 - Eh, Eh, (Nothing Else I Can Say) (Acoustic)/ Maple Leaf Rag (Scott Joplin Piano Cover)/ Poker Face (Acoustic) - Taratata (France)

2009 - Paparazzi - The MTV Video Music Awards (USA)

The Fame Monster Era 2009

2009 - Bad Romance/ Speechless - American Music Awards (USA)

2009 - Bad Romance/ Speechless - The Ellen DeGeneres Show (USA)

2009 - Bad Romance - The X-Factor UK (England)

2009 - Speechless - The Royal Variety Show (England)

2009 - Speechless - VEVO Launch Event (USA)

The Fame Monster Era 2010

2010 - Monster/ Bad Romance/ Speechless - The Oprah Winfrey Show (USA)

2010 - Poker Face/ Speechless/ Your SongThe 52nd Annual Grammy Award Ceremony (USA) 

2010 - Telephone/ Dance In The Dark - BRIT Awards (England)

2010 - Brown Eyes/ Telephone - Friday Night With Jonathan Ross (England)

2010 - Speechless/ Alejandro/ Bad Romance - GagaKoh (Japan)

2010 - Bad Romance (Acoustic)/ Alejandro - American Idol (USA)

2010 - Someone To Watch Over Me/ Bad Romance/ You & I/ Alejandro/ Teeth - The Today Show (USA)

Born This Way Era 2011

2011 - Born This Way - The 53nd Annual Grammy Award Ceremony (USA)

2011 - Born This Way/ You & I - The Oprah Winfrey Show (USA)

2011 - Born This Way/ Judas - The Graham Norton Show (England)

2011 - Full Concert - BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend (England)

2011 - Born This Way/ Judas - Saturday Night Live (USA)

2011 - The Edge Of Glory - American Idol (USA)

2011 - Bad Romance/ The Edge Of Glory/ Judas/ Born This Way/ Hair - Good Morning America (USA)

2011 - Scheiße (Snippet)/ Born This Way (Acoustic)/ The Edge Of Glory - Germany’s Next Topmodel (Germany)

2011 - Born This Way (Acoustic)/ The Edge Of Glory (Acoustic) - Europride Roma (Italy)

2011 - The Edge Of Glory/ Judas - The X-Factor France (France)

2011 - Full Show - The Paul O'Grady Show: Lady Gaga Special (England)

2011 -  Born This Way/ The Edge Of Glory - Much Music Video Awards (Canada)

2011 - Born This Way/ The Edge Of Glory/ Hair - Taratata (France)

2011 - Born This Way/ The Edge Of GloryJudas - Japan Music Lovers (Japan)

2011 - The Edge Of Glory (Acoustic)You & I - A Current Affair (Australia)

2011 - The Edge Of Glory (Acoustic) / Hair (Acoustic) - The Howard Stern Show (USA)

2011 - The Edge Of Glory/ You & I (Acoustic) - AMP Radio (USA)

2011 - The Edge Of Glory/ You & I - So You Think You Can Dance (USA)

2011 - The Edge Of Glory - Jimmy Kimmel Live (USA)

2011 - You & I (Acoustic) - The View (USA)

2011 - Joe Calderone Monologue/ You & I - The MTV Video Music Awards (USA)

2011 - Full Concert - iHeart Radio Music Festival (USA)

2011 - You & I - Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (England)

2011 - Marry The Night - The MTV European Music Awards (Northern Ireland)

2011 - Marry The Night (Acoustic) - The Bambi Awards (Germany)

2011 - Marry The Night - The X-Factor UK (England)

2011 - Born This Way/ Marry The Night/ The Edge Of Glory (Acoustic + Album Version) - BBC Children In Need Concert (England)

2011 - Marry The Night (Acoustic) - Alan Carr: Chatty Man (England)

2011 - The Lady Is A Tramp/ Born This Way/ You & I (Acoustic) / The Edge Of Glory (Acoustic) / White Christmas/ Orange Colored Sky/ Hair (Acoustic)/ Bad Romance/ Marry The Night (Acoustic + Album Version) - A Very Gaga Thanksgiving (USA)

2011 - Marry The Night/ You & I - The 54th Annual Grammy Nomination Concert (USA)

2011 - Marry The Night - The Ellen DeGeneres Show (USA)

2011 - Marry The Night/ Born This Way - Music Station (Japan)

2011 -  Heavy Metal Lover/ Marry The Night/ Born This Way - New Year’s Rockin’ Eve (USA)

ARTPOP Era 2013

2013 - Applause - The MTV Video Music Awards (USA)

2013 - Full Concert - iTunes Festival 2013 (England)

2013 - Somewhere Over The Rainbow/ Applause - Good Morning America (USA)

2013 - Venus/ Do What U Want - The X-Factor UK (England)

2013 - Venus/ Do What U Want - The Graham Norton Show (England)

2013 - Dope - YouTube Music Awards (USA)

2013 - Full Concert - ArtRAVE: ARTPOP Launch Party (USA)

2013 - Applause (Broadway Version)Gypsy/ Do What U Want - Saturday Night Live (USA)

2013 - Do What U Want - American Music Awards (USA)

2013 - Full Special - Lady Gaga & The Muppets: Holiday Special (USA)

2013 - Applause/ Venus - SMAPxSMAP (Japan)

2013 - Do What You Want (Acoustic) - Alan Carr (England)

2013 - Applause (Acoustic)/ Gypsy (Acoustic) - Sukkiri! (Japan)

2013 - Do What U Want - The Voice (USA)

ARTPOP Era 2014

2014 - Poker Face - Belvedere Vodka Private Event (England)

2014 - ARTPOP - The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (USA)

2014 - Full Concert - Live At Roseland Ballroom (USA)

2014 - Dope/ G.U.Y - The David Letterman Show (USA)

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Molly, Mycroft, Anthea and Molly's bodyguard (and fake fiancé) play poker every Friday night. They place bets, (like how long will it take everyone else to figure out Tom's gay and is actually Molly's body guard.) Most of the time Molly wins-and it's usually half of everyone's pay checks she gets. By the time Mary figured out that Tom was gay (but didn't figure out he was a bodyguard) Molly was a millionaire-close to billionaire from all the poker nights.

Nice headcanon! I’ve continued from here to involve Sherlock. Slight tweaks on the amounts of her winnings. Go Molly!

Pocket Aces

“Hello dear brother,” Mycroft sauntered slowly into Molly’s flat. “What a surprise to see you here. So good of you to answer the door. And, in nothing but a tea towel no less.”

Sherlock rolled his eyes and spat out a witty insult. He’d never be able to live it down. He closed the door behind his older brother keeping the floral tea towel securely over his nethers.

"Molly!” Sherlock grudgingly called out.

“I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything?” Mycroft arched an eyebrow as his lips curled into a smile.

Sherlock pursed his lips and inhaled deeply through his nose. He couldn’t remember a time he’d ever lost this badly at a game that was all but made for him to win. He could read players like a book. It was child’s play. A dull afternoon at his favorite bolt hole with his favorite pathologist had needed a little livening up. He’d dazzle Molly with his skills at reading players and bluffing. But, he had taught his pupil too well.

“Mycroft,” Molly stepped out from the bathroom in the hallway. “You’re early! Tea?”

“Please,” he bent down and lightly pecked both Molly’s cheeks earning a soft growl from his brother. “Did you bake?”

“But, of course!” Molly winked. “Your favorites.”

Mycroft happily bounded towards the cookie jars on the counter where he knew he’d find some tasty things to nibble on.

“You were expecting him?” Sherlock scowled.

“Uh-huh,” Molly nodded as she put the kettle on the stove.

“Let me guess,” Mycroft popped a bite-sized cookie into his mouth. “You had a friendly wager over a game of cards.”

He glanced at the coffee table which was strewn with cards. He let out a hearty chuckle as Sherlock flushed with embarrassment. The redness bloomed down his bare chest to his navel.

“What do they call it?” He exaggeratedly tapped his chin. “Ah, yes. ‘Strip poker’.”

Molly giggled as Sherlock rolled his eyes again at his brother’s thinly veiled attempts to bait him.

“She lied.” The consulting detective tried to cross his arms but realized he wouldn’t be able to hold his towel properly if he did. “She has played the game before.”

“I didn’t lie!” Molly feigned hurt. “You simply said, ‘It’s not terribly complicated. I think you’ll be able to catch on’.”

“And, you suggested the stakes?” Mycroft’s eyes twinkled at Molly with mischief.

Molly smirked and shrugged her shoulders, “I may have made a suggestion or two.”

“For the last time,” Sherlock ground his teeth. “May I, at least, have my coat so that I can go home with a little dignity?”

“You bet the Belstaff?” Mycroft was shocked.

“He really shouldn’t have gone ‘all-in’,” Molly tutted as she retrieved the teapot.

“And pray tell, what were the hands?”

“He went in heavy with pocket aces and pushed all-in on the turn.” Before Sherlock could answer, Molly jumped in surprising him even more than he’d already been.“I had a full house. Eights full of Queens.”

“Your favorite hand, my dear.” Mycroft clapped. “Well done!”

Sherlock’s jaw-dropped, but he couldn’t have predicted the shock that was to come.

“Before I forget- which I often do,” Mycroft pulled out an envelope from his inside jacket pocket. “The swiss account details. Everything is in order.”

“Thank you!” Molly beamed and placed a kiss on Mycroft’s cheek.

“What is going on?” Sherlock demanded. “In one afternoon, I have been hustled and stripped. Am I to believe you two are laundering money to international untraceable accounts as well?!”

“Don’t be silly, Sherlock.” Mycroft sipped his tea. “It’s only a few million pounds.”

Sherlock growled and launched himself at his brother. He grabbed his collar and shook him.

“What have you gotten Molly mixed up in!?”

“Sherlock!” Molly grabbed his arm. “Stop that!”

Mycroft peeled Sherlock’s hand off him and dusted off his collar.

“Her winnings,” he smiled proudly. “They’re her winnings from our weekly poker games though we are on a break for now. She cleared everyone out. I took the liberty of opening an investment account for her.”

“Who else?” Sherlock asked intrigued.

“Anthea, Tom, a few of my other staff. One or two of my employers on occasion. She’s really the best poker player I’ve ever encountered. MI6 could benefit from a person with skills such as hers.”

Sherlock couldn’t believe his ears. He turned and eyed Molly, his sweet, yet spitfired pathologist who was biting her thumb to keep from giggling. He had underestimated her once again. She had bested him and he’d no idea how far the deception ran until now. She’d strung him along and divested every single piece of clothing on his back while making him think it was sheer beginner’s luck.

And, it was the sexiest thing anyone had ever done in his presence. Hands down.

“And that,” Mycroft saw the looks being shared by the only other people in the room. “Is my cue to leave post haste. See you soon, Molly. Sherlock.”

The door clicking shut went unnoticed by both Molly and Sherlock. And, the tea towel lay discarded on the floor where he had dropped it just before he scooped her up and took her to the bedroom to illustrate just how impressed he really was.

Man I miss poker Fridays

I haven’t played in FOREVER!  It feels like months. It’s only been a few weeks.  BUT IT FEELS LIKE MONTHS! I need to go to the casino here and get my poker on. Then throw away my clothes because they will smell like smoke and despair.