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Lady Gaga - Million Reasons

- If you thought “Poker Face” was too sexual, watch this video.
- If you thought “Bad Romance” was too overplayed, watch this video.
- If “Til It Happens To You” was too triggering,
- If “Cheek to Cheek” was too ragtime,
- If “ARTPOP” was too postmodern,

Watch. This. Video.

Lady Gaga has inspired millions of people to embrace love in every sense of the word. She’s been judged, ridiculed, rejected and ill-treated, both publicly and privately, and yet she rallies each time to speak up for those who would otherwise go unheard. She openly and unapologetically exposes her soul to all of us, and in doing so has created a safe place where there previously was none. You don’t have to like her style or music, but you’ve gotta be blind to not see how important and unprecedented this woman is.

If you still question what people see in this remarkable human being, watch this video.

(And if, by some miracle, you see this - thank you infinitely for sticking by us when you had a hundred million reasons to walk away.)


the girl who once hated herself, and the woman who is stronger because of that

The Signs As Lady Gaga Songs

Aries: Judas // Born This Way

Taurus: Do What U Want // ARTPOP

Gemini: Poker Face // The Fame Monster

Cancer: Born This Way // Born This Way

Leo: Beautiful, Dirty, Rich // The Fame Monster

Virgo: Just Dance // The Fame Monster

Libra: Alejandro // The Fame Monster

Scorpio: Sexxx Dreams // ARTPOP

Sagittarius: Telephone // The Fame Monster

Capricorn: Applause // ARTPOP

Aquarius: Bad Romance // The Fame Monster

Pisces: G.U.Y. // ARTPOP


All friends know each other well. The last three years they have met with each other about once in a month to play poker, and the good friendship that arose along the way can not be denied. Therefore it tolerates everything and also the waves which go high during playing.  “We are all very committed, and we scream and shout to each other, and playing in the degree of winning. We are bad losers, but also bad winners because we gloating like crazy when we win,” - they laugh.



Here you go, some Johnny Weir for your evening. :D