((He’s ready for the Tumblr prom! :D

I designed this outfit myself. It was based off of Murcrow. If it is in any way similar to something else, I was completely unaware, and please don’t blame me, but I freaking love how this turned out

He cut his hair a bit, swept it back (or at least tried to) and ruffled it out to make it be like that. I actually kind of like it :P

And more fancy, fancy shading XD))

Poke Prom 2013

I shifted from on foot to the other. I was very uncomfortable in my tuxedo that felt like it was constricting the very poison out of my sac. I was a bit scared that while I was trying to talk to someone I would end up spitting out of a clump of poison into a someone’s unsuspecting face. I was everyone with their dates and I glanced over to my escort. I had the honor of escorting Banquo to this evening events. I had found Banquo a small bowtie that I had placed on the spot where the chain and the spiked ball. I had opted for a white tuxedo and had given Banquo a white bowtie.

Many songs played throughout the night but I did not feel like dancing. At one point I had asked Banquo but Banquo had refused before he even finished the sentence. I sighed and watched everyone. I had danced to a few songs by myself but I just watched everyone at one point. I must say I did a really great rendition of Disco Inferno on the stage and pulled out the proper disco moves.  

[Disco inferno]

Tumtum: Me have to look fancy for this?

(( Tumtum’s gonna go to the prom everyone is talking about.  He got himself a new black bow tie and the top hat is from Susan for his Hatch Day.

I guess if the community is gonna attend we should have a tag? How about Pokeprom2013? Does that work? I hope so. ))


Jayce blinked, surprised. “R-Really?” he grinned. “That’s great!”

The Lab was nearly empty. It seemed some humans also decided to have fun and quit torturing for a day or two. So M could easily go out and come back.

“I’m invited to the Pokeprom! By an Absol!” she smiled to Etcetera. “I hope you aren’t offended?”

“Not in the slightest,” the Mawile cooed. “Especially that Blank invited me! He is nice as a Healing Unit should be. And will you wear something?”

“Of course!” M exclaimed. “My collar, a hundred percent! And one more thing…”

Only then Etc. noticed the parcel the Absol was holding close.

“I had chosen this so I’d look beautiful!”

“You are beautiful, M. Especially inside. No matter what you wear.”

When M returned to Jayce, she was already wearing her dress.