Have a little lesson in german Pokemon names as an extra:

Geodude - Kleinstein (literally “small stone”)
Combustken - Jungglut (literally “young blaze”)
Mudkip - Hydropi
Cottonee - Waumboll (a wordplay on “Baumwolle”, which is german for cotton)
Vaniilite - Gelatini
Haunter - Alpoiio
Staryu - Sterndu (literally “Star you”)

This submission is so perfect it really made me tear up. Just because your name hasn’t been mentioned on this blog yet does not mean that you’re not loved by this fandom. You are. Every time you like/reblog a Pokemon related post, every time you follow a popular Pokemon blog, you are loved and appreciated and trust me these famous blogs would not have gotten this far without your presence So thank you all for following, and for loving Pokemon. If I could, I’d tag every single Pokemon related blog’s url on this post but since I can’t do that, I’ll just dedicate this post to all of you, every single one of you. 

This one is for the fandom! 

Inspired by oppositivityproject.

Hello everyone in the Pokémon fandom! It’s time to spread some love and appreciation amongst the faithful members that make this fandom an enjoyable community to be in. This fandom is so huge which so many different opinions on so many different topics but despite of that, I’m sure that everyone in this fandom felt thankful for something at some point of time. Be it the fanart or the fanfics or the gifs or the edits or the scans or the walkthroughs, we all have something to be thankful for because of the hard work put in by this fandom and there is nothing better than sending an appreciation message acknowledging the dedication of these members.

The rules can be found here, and the template is here. You can submit your message here, or send in an ask and I’ll be more than glad to put it on the template.

Don’t hold back, let’s spread some love!