Woohooo! 2K! 2,2K now since I’m slow with this kind of stuff

So here we go! I hope I don’t forget anybody haha, favourites are in bold

But first some special people I met online through this blog;  @missyplatina I am really glad I met you and you’ve just become a really good friend even though we live on different sides of the ocean   , @amparhos you were my first follower and a fellow Dutchie ^^ Can’t wait to meet you one day! , @ienudi I always enjoy our extremely long skype calls and I keep my promise of playing the public piano in your city one day ghehe, @toasterlock it’s still sad we never had the chance to meet, but who knows how the future will turn out ^^ and @natsuonii-chan we haven’t known each other for a long time but I just know you’re awesome and I can’t wait till we’ll meet at AnimeCon!


@97pikapi , @31-radical , @a-hex-maniac , @abbyarcanine , @adventuresagency , @amourshipping , @andinrow , @autobottesla , @banetteboots , @beedrill-queen , @blaze-chime , @bugstallion , @bulbagarden , @butt-berry , @carblink , @castaform , @chipsprites , @clemontic , @coldnessawaits , @commanderpigg , @conductor-cilan , @cutespheals , @darkomaraven , @darkroseespeon , @dawnydaz3 , @dazzling-dragonair , @de-dennes , @demshinypokeballs , @deoxyrebornicleic , @djsockpuppet , @dracoflarex . @drakered , @dreamcatcheronthewindow , @eatmypokemonshorts , @elbuiz , @elite-four , @ellimpala , @espeonsweetie , @everybodylovespokemon , @ferroseed , @fictional-seviper , @flaaffys , @floons @fraxuring , @fruit-of-the-breloom , @fullmetal-ampharos , @furioustrainer , @furrett 


@gamingempire , @gardevoirisbruh , @gentleman-charmander , @gourgeist , @grabbergirl , @greninja-village , @h0ppip , @hannahvancouver , @hikatoshi26 , , @ho-oh , @hoennprincessmay , @hydreigon , @hydr31g0ns , @icatherine98 , @incorrectpokemonquotes , @inprogresspokemon , @iris-sempi , @it-started-to-rain , @itsbirdyart , @itstimetodrew , @jesuisangel , @jolte0n , @just-a-souvenir-shop , @kaloschampionserena , @kasuria , @klefable , @krabbby , @kyogrie , @kyurem , @kyukon9tales , @larvitarr , @latiox , @laverrecity , @leecario , @leontheripper , @liivolt , @lolli4587 , @lordtrollbias , @lovely-rockets 


@m4gik99 , @medicham , @mega-flygon-forever , @mega-luxrite , @metapodvsmagikarp , @meteor-falls , @mew-poo , @mezasepkmnmaster , @misdreavuss , @misty-williams , @mon-petit-cinccino , @mudkipite , @multiscales , @multipeaceout14 , @musicalcombusken , @mylittlepokeymans , @mypokemonranch , @neitis , @nevergiveuptilltheend , @nina-bean , @no26-kaichu , @noivern , @noodlerama , @nothingbutpokemon , @ocota-cota , @ommanyte , @orasgiveaways , @otaku-lorena , @pacificpikachu , @pelipper , @pikajue , @pipulp , @pkmn-z . @pkmn-trainer-hamzah , @pkmnleafgreen , @pokefrazer , @pokeminimal , @pokemon-diamond-version , @pokemon-as-cats , @pokemon-tumblr-version , @pokemon-personalities , @pokemon-photography , @pokepositivityproject , @primal-blaziken , @princess-snorlax@princessofhoenn , @psychic-typee , @pumpkaboox , @purimpopoie , @quilaava , @randomnomnomnom , @redhonedge , @rewatchingpokemon , @rohanite , @royalteddiursa


@sableye-of-the-tiger . @s-a-w-s-buck , @sage-striaton , @samurotts , @sandgem-town , @sassy-leafeon , @scientificpokedex , @sciizors , @secret-psalms-saturn , @sekretagentmans , @serene-snowflakes , @shelgon , @shinycaterpie , @shinyglacias , @simply-nicole-here , @sinnohqueen , @skarmaiden , @smash-chu , @sootopolis , @springtime-melodies , @suave-groudon​ , @suift-duroo , @sunrisespectrum , @surfing-pikachu , @svetaharuka , @sveltedonut . @takeastepandimonmyway , @team-galactics , @thatsatoseregirl , @the-gabi-type , @the-hills-have-sableyes , @the-velveteen-buneary , @theiampinaylove , @theintertwiningpkmn , @therandominmyhead , @thesafarizone , @time-traveler-ace , @titanthefanficwritingavalugg , @toasty-coconut , @trainer-kiki , @twitterp4ted​ , @typhlovsion , @undercityrezident ,  , @vallhala​ , @vermilion-city-gym , @warlordess , @west-sea-gastrodon , @you-only-liberate-once , @zereoxys 

And of course my sweet boyfriend @argusmercenary and my real life friends ♥ @zerefs-fairy , @thequietbeliever , @lauraesmeex and @thecombatbender 

Thank all of you so much, I love this fandom! ♥


altariiia’s 800 followers/second follow forever!

Whew… We made it to 800!! I literally can’t believe how far we’ve come, and how close we are to 1k!

Special thanks:

There are some people who helped me through hard times, those who I could talk about things… Just rad mutuals!

At first I should thank my precious mizek-art whos always here for me and through my middle school days we started getting even closer than before. I said many times that I’m really grateful to know you and simply i just love you Mizu. ;; Also I should thank my mom ionicstyle thank u mom for awesome conversations although we know each other for few months. also thank u for blessing me with yaranaika today

But! I should also thank castaform for being a really rad internet friend! uwu I’m really grateful for your help and that I’m your friend! Although I suck at talking to people…. I’m so sorry Kai…. ;w;’’ And thanks for hydropisfraxuring… aand many other people including my buddies - xblackin and cristal-lullaby!
Ahh there are too many people to thank for… But my headache says that I have move on… I forgot what I had to say. orz

Follow forever:

Some rad blogs that they will be in my “following” list forever!

mizek-art | castaform | hydropis | ionicstyle | xblackin | cristal-lullaby |
volt-switcher | amparhos | fuurrets | mega-flygon-forever | mega-spooky-pinsir 
swabluu | cheruby | pipulp | pokemon-contest | torterrahugger | angry-slowpoke | mega-gardevoir | primaldarkcalamity | kazumies | goomdra | goodrasniffles | rotom-heat | youknowdatpersonyo | simipour | princess-snorlax | prinxeofthesea | purrrrloin | volbeatz | pokemon-diamond-version | triforceofpancakes | lilliganite | moody-dragonite | poliwhirlin | thundabolt | tyltaliis | mayormakochan | hungry-snorlax | flaaffu | mudkipite | anotherpokemontrainer | the-surfing-pikachu | poke-giveaways | syivieon | zombiemiki | fenriseevee | adamant-charizard | sylveonss | sylveon-princess | truepokefan | bubbly-pkmn-box | megapidgeots | a-l-e-p-h | queen-mega-absol | shiny–charm | chilledcoolcat | overthecastformwall | pokemon-dash | fraxuring | thesinnohunderground | chimcharz | roselea13 | sinnohqueen | the-velveteen-buneary | ommanyte | volt-switcher | cuddly-tyranitar | iris-sempi | projectshinypokemon | pichews | faleep | unfesant | sassy-zoroark | gossalgop | general-teddie | pokemon-personalities | team-aqua-propaganda | koriinku | fancychansey | thepokepage | shinypokemonlab | h0ppip | floons | typhlosionsama | tyruntzz | quilaava | deoxus | draycen | elite-lucario | ask-all-the-rivals | delta-stream | torch-dick | pokemonpalooza | pokepositivityproject | eevee-ray | eeievui | latiasite | latiox | azurill | premier-ball | ukelele-pichu | klefable | thebattlefrontier | shinykeldeo | shinycaterpie | west-sea-gastrodon | fennekin | samurotts | i-am-from-johto | weallliveinapokemonworldd | another-pokemon-kid | larvitars | hyrule-in-a-pokeball | raichus | pkmnleafgreen | aorodactyl | pkmntrainer-serena | leader-volkner | it-started-to-rain | tales-of-eeveelution | pokemon-global-academy

maybe i forgot someone(and sorry for that! ;;) but my eyes hurt for crying so hard today but heheheh..
I want to thank every of you for making my dash alive and flooding it with good posts!! uwu

Hello! I have recently reached 130 followers. So now I have a follow forever. Thank you for following! Also thank you for making my blog look perfect♥ 

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It took me a while, but I finally managed to hit 1000 followers!

Even through various hiatuses, busy periods, ups and downs for both myself and my blog, you’ve all managed to tolerate me to some degree well enough to continue following me…

…And for that I am truly grateful! I could never have imagined that so many people would have found my odd ravings and hysterics – punctuated by the occasionally trashy shipping fic – to be enough to garner such a group!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I hope you all continue to enjoy my blog, and the veritable mash of absurd content that I will endeavour to continue provide!

But this isn’t just an ordinary Follow Forever! Oh no! The landmark milestone of 1000 followers deserves something a bit more extraordinary!

As you might’ve seen from the crude paint edit from above, I’m doing a fic raffle of sorts! This small event is only open to those following my blog as a chance to openly thank you for being here for me for all this time; regardless of whether you’ve been here from the start, or if you’re a more recent arrival!

Here’s how this is going to work:

I’m going to write three fics: One drabble length (500-1000 words), One medium one-shot (2000-5000 words), One long one-shot (5000-10,000 words). If you’re interested in a chance to win a fic, please send an ask to my blog and tell me what fic I’ve written is your favourite! You can find my list of fanfiction here! Feel free to expand on why you liked it!

I’ll give a week for everyone to send in their asks! After that, I’ll do draw urls  at random for each fic I’ll write, drawing for the drabble first, the medium one-shot second, and the long one-shot lastly! Once the winners are chosen, I’ll announce them, and ask that the winners send in a preferred pairing (shipping or non-shipping is fine, I would prefer to keep it to three characters maximum) and then you can feel free to send in your prompt for me to write! Be aware that I would prefer to write within the pokemon fandom (I’m most familiar with the anime). I would also prefer if prompts were of the non-smut variety, and I won’t touch anything pokephilia related, incestuous, and nothing that portrays abusive or otherwise exceptionally negative relationships. Any other conditions are at my discretion, but aside from the above, I’m ready to write just about anything!

Thank you all again, to my dedicated followers! You’ve all helped me to feel accepted in a small, but much beloved fandom here in our little corner of the internet, and I hope to be able to continue to prosper here!

And of course, without further adieu, this being a follow forever, here’s the list of blogs that I’m following as well!

They’re all great people, and I highly encourage you to follow them, as they’ve actively made my dashboard one that I’m happy to come home to every night!

Italics are for my friends and mutuals whose conversations I always welcome! Bold are blogs that are my favourites and you’d have to put an army between me and them to prevent me from liking and reblogging their posts! If you don’t have either of these, don’t worry, I’m awful picky about who I follow, so you definitely have the approval of my strange tastes, regardless!

Amazing Artists!

@neeseeart | @japaneesee | @fantasticmouse | @ommanyte | @espeonsweetie | @nihilistgirlfriend | @glaycia | @mezasepkmnmaster | @miyatoriaka | @glaceonyx | @katedrawsstuff | @shinyreshirams | @hollylu-pokeship-art | @mailmandragonite | @noodlerama | @rmg91 | @kawaiikamochan | @quilaava | @kasuria |

Fantastic Ficcers!

@hearts-of-dragons | @moonlightpainting | @theroadyouchoose@gostumpz | @noxious-fics | @toasty-coconut | @pkmncoordinators | @operatorrhythmi | @on-cloud-arcanine | @dracoflarex | @makomaragi | @nidoranduran | @lyraeon

Perfect People!

@sleepy-9000 | @purimpopoie| @honeyblondekalosqueen | @pkmnfankids | @contestshipping-week | @mooites | @fullgrizzly94 | @rosiemayskitty | @chimcharz | @psykitties <3 | @suift-durunk | @suift-duroo | @thespooky-est | @pokepositivityproject | @geekchicshipping | @theinnerworkingsofthemoon | @goodnamesareoverrated | @ada254 | @shockingsquirtle | @psycurious | @honerablerosemary | @trainer-t0uko | @soveryanon | @34choco | @pkmndreams | @dentos-wife | @vallhala | @slipshodsliver | @jennajayfeather | @allthingsmisty | @pokemon-connoisseur-lucario | @tsurulean-city| @rat2rrj | @pokeshipping | @poliwhirl42 (without whom I would have never started posting on this blog!)

Thank you all again for making my dash such a wonderful place, and thanks once more to all my followers for allowing me the privilege of trying to entertain you! I hope you all continue to enjoy my blog!

Happy 2k to all my followers! we did it!

I can’t believe we made it all the way to 2K I honestly don’t know why you guys stuck around so long ;w;. I’d like to make another Follow Forever to give a shoutout to the people that have been supporting me this year and some blogs I hope you guys might check out too! 

Before I start The main list I’d like to give some special mentions to the people that have really helped me through the year and I like to give them thanks! 

She’s been a really good friend to me and I absolutely love her graphics! I hope she reaches her 7K soon! She definitely deserves it!

Kai is such a sweet person, he’s been dealing with quite a lot and he’s been dealing with it amazingly, I see his gifs getting better everytime I see them and he’s very persistent in his shiny hunts! :> (Something I lack, hehe)

Sue’s been such an amazing friend and I’m so grateful to be her friend! she deals with things really well and I absolutely love her gifs and graphics! I admire all the work she does and hope she gets better even more over the next year!

I want to thank Yun so much for helping my blog grow! I appreciate what he did so much and it really helped get my blog going! Plus he’s super nice :>

Rileigh has been a great friend and the way she fangirls over things is really cute! I hope we can RP again!

Mike is such a sweet and caring guy! I admire his kindness so much and hope I can be as kind and compassionate as him someday! 

I really love Tony’s art! He’s really great and I’ve seen him improve so much in his lovely art this year!


I’m very happy I’ve been able to see Nick grow and teach him what I know! He keeps improving and I love seeing him improve! 

Klaudia is very funny and her love for mega floof bird is unmatched. She’s a great friend to have! 

Bold = favorites 

A - E
F - L

M - R
S - Z

Sorry if I missed you out! there was quite a lot to do :>. Thank you all so much for supporting me, I really mean it!!