this is ruto!! he is my cat, but do not be  fooled by his kitty smile, he usually does not like to be touched, and he spends most of his time alone! he really likes food, though.

sorry for doing him late i had to wait to get back on the comp since mobile hates submissions >:V but he is SO pretty look at his HANDSOME SMILE AAA

he’s def. a normal/fire type imo


What kind of Pokemon are my babies??? I have so many I’m sorry

omg theyre gorgeous dont apologise

yelling cat is steel type

guinea pig being snuggled is water type

black and ginger guinea pig is DEFINITLEY ground/dark

radical bird with mohawk is totally electric type

curly dog friend is grass type

brown dog friend is fire type

This is Wingnut, he’s 10 and he adopted us. He eats only friskes food and treats. He requires pets and if you don’t he’ll sit on what ever you’re doing until you pet him and scratch under his collar.

oh look what a pretty man aaAA hes holding ur hand

for that name alone hes gotta be steel/flying tbh


This actually isn’t my cat, but I met this friendly guy while on a walk! He was such a sweetie and kept rubbing on me. Notice the weird spot in his left eye, that’s a scar he got from a long time ago. His name is Little Man :3c

oh wow what a lucky find, he’s totally gorgeous wow!!!!

definitely bug and ice type,, that pretty fur and those GORGEOUS EYES AHH

I almost forgot Karma! This is Karma, she likes sleeping and pets. If you stop petting her she’ll bat you with her fuzzy paws until you pet her again.


water/dragon definitley omg look at her i love her so much

also this is my birb, he named digby. he flew away by now, i raised him until he was able to be free!! (his mom dropped him in our back yard ah and she was gone for three hours so he woulda died ;c )

ahh pretty friend!! rock/flying type, hes so cute, i love u digby

This is my dog Selah, I had her for seven years until she passed away last year. She was my best friend, and I think it would be insulting to her life if I didn’t find out what kind of Pokemon she would have been. (Also she looks so scruffly because she had just woken up from a nap)

ah bless her, what a gorgeous lil pup. im so sorry to hear she’s moved on!!

don’t worry selah i get scruffy bedhead too!! hehe

her scruffy fluff makes me think of fluffy wings so i think she’d be a very pretty flying type hehe ;v;!!

This is Ozzy. He is dumb and will fight anything bigger than him or smaller than him. Except people. He’s gray, so Rock or Steel type? He must fight everything, so Fighting is also fine.


i think ozzy would be fighting and possibly steel yes,, lil fighty man


I have two cats! The gray and white one is a girl named muffin, she’s very snobby. The orange tabby is a boy named goldy and all he does is sleep.


ohhhhh muffin is ghost, shes so sneaky and pretty

goldy is DEFINITLEY normal type but he’s ROCKING IT,,, he would def. know yawn and he’d be the best pkmn hands down just look at him

okay so idk how to send multiple photos in one submission so im submitting my other dog in another one

ANYWAYS the princess sitting on both bed and dog is named cocoa and she’s a rescue pup who’s like 9 years old and scared of everything but LOVES tummy rubs and cuddling she’s such a cuddle slut when i came home from college she would not get off of me omg

oh cocoa i love you so much i am also a cuddle slut

she’s definitley dragon type,, big fluffy friendly dragon