Finally, it was time for the last, so far, part of the Project 500+. As a reminder: it’s all about drawing them all. I am also aware that not all will like it - it is impossible XD. In the project I want to show not the same drawings, but my talent to be fierce, stubborn and conscientious. I quietly hope that I will encourage other people who have left their projects to finish them
Preceding the question why there are no cards in the drawings - simple, I do not have them all yet, so especially 8 part I present without it. Of course, all the pose I tried to invent myself, but some of it just modeled on the official art (see Necrozma, Tapu Fini)


Don’t think I ever uploaded this here. Inking of my pokemon Y team the first time I played through: Ryan the Talonflame, Norix the Nidoking, Robin the haxorus, Ilya the Vivillon, Malwyn the Lapras and a nameless Tyrantrum because how can you come up with a name that’s more badass than “Tyrantrum” already is.


Mega Steelix drawing on whiteboard

Pokemon Diancie give away!

So i have 3 extra game stop codes for diancie. Got them for free. Don’t feel like selling them is right. So;

1. Like, this post.
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3. I would say follow my blog but idgaf.

The method will be random, give away ends in 36 hours. I will give one away in 12,24 and 36 hour marks., time now 11 am PST nov5. Please no more than 1 reblog.