Pokémon 1-3 (Bulbasaur-Venusaur)

I start my analysis today with the first three Pokémon in the entire Pokédex, Dual Grass-Poison types Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur

^The first three Pokémon in the dex. All credit goes to their respective owners, I own nothing.

Ah Bulbasaur


Image from Bulbapedia. All credit to Ken Sugimori and Nintendo

The very first Pokémon in the Pokédex, and definitely one of the cutest little buggers ever, I just love this little guy. I always thought Bulbasaur always looked so friendly and happy, like he was just so excited to be your friend. I remember watching the anime and seeing Ash’s awesome little Bulbasaur. He was always so mellow and helpful, and was probably one of my favorites of Ash’s Pokémon, although that love definitely wasn’t carried over to the games, at least at first, for me.

When I first got FireRed for the Gameboy, I remember that Bulbasaur was definitely the easiest to start with, since both Brock and Misty were weak to grass, and Lt. Surge didn’t have an advantage against the ‘saur line. Also, you only started really running into trouble when you got to Sabrina and her psychic minions. Although I did initially start out with a Bulbasaur, we soon parted ways, as I started over to pick my all-time favorite, Charmander (stereotypical, I know, but I loved the challenge…also I was NOT letting that prick of a rival have my favorite Pokémon). Here recently, I’ve taken to learning how to work with a Bulbasaur and actually enjoy how it’s been going to come up with strategies to make my little buddy kick butt in any form.

Then there’s Ivysaur, the slightly larger and tougher evolved form of Bulbasaur.

Image from Bulbapedia, all credit to where it is due, Ken Sugimori and Nintendo

Honestly I don’t remember a lot about Ivysaur, because it has always seemed to me that it was skimmed over in the anime and honestly if you choose one in the games, the focus is Bulbasaur, then the monstrosity known as Venusaur, not a lot of interest in the poor under-loved Ivysaur. He doesn’t have the adorable-ness of a Bulbasaur, and is nowhere near as powerful as Venusaur, but I still like him. He’s a good design, just slightly improved on, with Bulbie’s bulb beginning to open up and reveal the signature flower of Venusaur.

Image from Bulbapedia, Artwork is owned by Ken Sugimori and Nintendo. 

Venusaur….yeah he always kinda scared me as a kid. He looked so angry and powerful, it was crazy to see him staring you down. His design is…well magnificent, exactly what a true leader of the forest should be, beautiful, dangerous, with a freaking huge flower on his back…but not in a girly way, more like “I’m so macho I will kick your butt with this huge flower on my back.” I may not use a Venusaur a whole lot, but I have a massive amount of respect for this behemoth. Plus he has a fairly wide array of moves, Earthquake for those pesky fire types (Besides Charizard, Moltres, and Ho-Oh), Toxic and Synthesis/Leech Seed to just be a royal pain in the ass, and Growth to boost that Special attack to hit harder whenever he wants. A move list that includes Seed Bomb, Petal Dance, Sunny Day, and Solarbeam, makes this guy pretty interesting.

And before any competitive battlers come at me with pitchforks and screaming “those moves are wrong because _____ “ I mentioned in the first post, and on my description thing that I do NOT competitively battle and therefore all my move comments are purely in-game. That being said, I have a Bulbasaur I have been training and she’s pretty tough, in the right situation. PoisonPowder (which I plan to replace with Toxic soon), Synthesis, Leech Seed (both for massive healing), and Seed Bomb as an attack move. Not perfect, but fits the way I like to battle her. Immediately poison my opponent, then Leech Seed them, and while their health wittles away, Synthesis to keep my own health up or Seed Bomb to speed things along. But this typically isn’t me, when you start to get closer to more offensive oriented Pokémon, like Charizard, you’ll pick up that I prefer going in fast, slamming you, then getting out of Dodge. OHKO are my favorites, along with kinda mixed moves on my favorite Pokémon.

Well this is definitely not perfect and I will have to begin polishing up my posts, it’s not bad for a start. Next up, my favorite Kanto Pokémon EVER, Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard :) definitely excited.

First Post :D

Well, it’s my very first Tumblr post, ever, and I guess I should probably tell a tiny bit about myself and what I plan to blog about. 

I go by Dani, I am almost 20, and I love Pokémon. So that’s the shortest possible way to tell what I plan to blog about. I have kinda thought about this for a few days and decided “Well why the heck not?” I have always loved the whole concept of Pokémon, the raising, breeding, and seemingly endless training, and I always seem to have a lot of free time here lately (thank Arceus for online classes) so it seemed like a perfect fit. I have always loved reading Pokémaniacal’s posts on here, and I love watching the J-Wittz videos on YouTube. Why not share some of my kinda goofy insight on some of (read here: All) my favorite Pocket Monsters? And all my least favorite (I’m looking at you Bidoof and Trubbish… -_-). But I will admit I do not competitively battle and have no idea how to do anything associated with it (IV,EV, all that).

As a basic rule, if you plan to reply/comment/whatever please be respectful. If you read one of my entries and totally disagree with my comments, feel free to make a comment and state how you feel, but no “yur so stoopid. wat da fuk is rong wit u” replies, please, I am a complete grammar/spelling nut and that statement almost made me stroke out writing it. And no gen-bashing. If you despise the Unova region/generation, please don’t bash anyone who likes it, myself included. Or if someone only became a fan recently, no hate comments about how “ur not a real fan!" 

I plan to start at the beginning of the Pokédex and cover each line (Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venusaur for example) as a group. I will try to post 1-3 times a week, but I do have a life outside of the internet (family/school//friends/Pokémon). Also my knowledge is based solely off the games, Bulbapedia, and what I remember from the anime. If you remember an episode or whatever that may help my analysis of the Pokémon, please tell me. And I promise I won’t bite if you message me or comment or whatever. :D 

Disclaimer: I do not own any artwork/characters used. All credit goes to the genius’s at Nintendo

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