Blogs I visit, reblog, and Like enough to make this list

Three blogs I found through the Pokemon tag, two through the suggested follows, one through Doctor Who (I think…) One through the Marcato tag (you don’t say?) and two because Alex.


soooo in celebration of hitting 12k, i’ve decided to do a follow forever! (even though i should have done one at 10k oops) i wanna thank you all for following my blog and posting amazing pokemon-related things for the world. i am still amazed that there are 12 000 of you because i never even thought i would get 100 followers when i first started this blog! the following blogs are some people who i see regularly on my dashboard, who post really cool stuff and my awesome mutuals who i love to pieces xxx ♡ favourites are in bold :)


all-of-the-pokemon all-that-is-pokemon alternative-pokemon-art badasspokemonblog bubblejetpokemon bulbagarden candydness chipsprites chrawrizards clefairycharm danglerfish de-dennes eevee-ray elitefourchampion elitefourfairytype elitepokemonmasterforlife espeons everybodylovespokemon flaaffys flaaffytaffy flaming-moltres foxy-fennekin fuckyeahfirepokemon fullmoonisland fypokemon


gates-to-infinity glaycia goldkobra gottacatchemall h-eli-optile hoenngirl ho-oh hungry-snorlax i-am-the-very-best imaginedragonairs infinite-pokemon insanelygaming isodelphox        it-started-to-rain  johtoregionftw jolte0n lifeofapokemontrainer mayyyyyyy meowsticsandstones meteor-falls misdreavuss mudkip4life myfandom-myworld mylittlepokeymans nothingbutpokemon 


pastelgameboy phione pikachewy pikachus-volttackle  p0kegifs pok3mon-paradise pokem0nfacts pokechampion poke-infected poketastic pokescans pokemon-acres pokemoned pokemonerds pokemon-global-academy pokemon-oras-news pokemonpalooza pokemon-parfait pokemonplanet pokemonsafari pokemon-trainers poli-swirl pseudolegendaries purplepokemon redhairedtrainer rivalhyuu sciizors scolipede shiny-sawsbuck shuppet silphcosprites simplypokemon solos1s soothebells specialpikachuedition spiritombed swabluu thebattlefrontier theoldchateau thepokepage thesafarizone the-sun-pokemon the-world-ends-with-tyrantrum threemudkips thunderbolt tot-o-dile treecko-used-trumpet trinketgeek tsurulean-city unleashmyliberation west-sea-gastrodon wildlatios yamask zcasx zwampert zweilous

thankyou for being amazing! i love you guys ♡