Quick messy doodle of Slowbro’s Mega Evolution. I don’t know why, but this design feels just so much first / second generation for me. So perfect.
( Everyone did remember it’s species is the Hermit Crab Pokémon, right ? )

Mega Cloyster next, please

True Story

When I was in 1st grade in, like, 2001 we had a substitute teacher. By the end of the day she grabbed something out of her purse. 2 little rocks.
“These are magic rocks” she explained.
“Think really really hard as you hold them and your wish will come true!”
Wow I thought.
So many things I could wish for. Which to pick?
The rocks started on either side of the floor where the kids sat “criss-cross-applesauce”. I panicked. What to wish for?! Being famous? No, I figured I didn’t need to wish for that since it was going to happen anyway. …so what?!
The rock got closer. And closer.
I picked it up. Rubbed it all around and it hit me.
“I wish for 2 real life pikachus!”

The next morning the class was abuzz. “It really worked!” The kids yelled. “I got my wish!” Others shouted.
But I didn’t get mine…
Until now.
Basically with this story as reference.
I’m 100% to thank for the release of Pokemon GO! Next year.
You’re welcome.