I’ve been using a Kangaskhan in the Battle Maison for a while now, but I was never able to make a gijinka until I saw a certain movie a few days ago! Needless to say, I was inspired!

And so, I introduce to you: Tria and Ven! Tria is a master ventriloquist who has performed in countless shows throughout the regions with her dummy, Ven who often causes trouble for their master!

The two are a hit, but not many people know much about Tria offstage. She wears a mysterious ring that holds a Kangaskhanite as its gem, which has perplexed her assistants and fans for a long time. She never had children of her own to use the Mega Stone with, so why does she have it? It remains a mystery…

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#1333.52 - Eevee are easily influenced by their environment, and can evolve into Jolteon in several scenarios; such as living in a place where thunderstorms are common, living near power plants, or even living among a community of electric type Pokemon. Eevee’s cells will begin to absorb the electricity around them, powering up the cells and causing them to begin generating their own low level of electricity. The static causes their fur stand sharply on end, and can be launched like needles if threatened. Pokemon trainers looking for a Jolteon can frequently expose their Eevee to a Thunder Stone.

Jolteon was the winner of the August Patreon Poll, and requested by many anons, @brandiekkitten, @omnomina, ikebukuroswagga, jump-a-gerund, srgsprinceesspeach, great-princess-blitzscream, hunterurock, @one-with-many-fandoms,  and @rikkapikasnikka.

Other completed Eeveelutions.

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