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im really (noT) feeling it

Yeah…..”Feeling it”…I’m not really Shulk so no need for me to be saying that. I’ll just stick to my taunts and avoid using Shulk’s for the sake of your so called “memes”.


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sometimes the right people who see it and reblog it make all the difference. no biggie, who knows what tmblr is even

haha yeah cause one time I posted a super sloppy doodle and a popular blog reblogged it and I’m pretty sure that’s why it’s close to getting 1000 notes

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welcome back!!!

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Yes I mossed u

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hey there glad to have you back!!!! C:

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hEY YOU This is rawr btw hope u know oh BUT U HAVE SMASH FOR THE WIIU?? LEMM ADD))

;A;/ thanks everyone omg! good to see you all doing well!

also just a general PSA i guess: my NNID is Lukeprism so go ahead and add me for sm4sh and mk8 or whatever! i’ll add you right back!

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!! ok

1.) you’re probably the least liked of the bunch, but i want you to know that you’ve always been my fave and that thing you did where you literally saved the world from catastrophic destruction via angry dragon god??? fuckin rad

2.) i may not know what its like to live in my brother’s shadow but, and don’t tell him i told you this, you’re the more likable one. so brave, going out to find him!! facing your fears!! and we have the same fave color?? heck yeah man