pokemon: crystal


A little warm up before starting commissions ^^

But this was also something I planned to draw for @eliana55226838 ..~ 😊😊😊

Ana has always looked up to Crystal, even as a 5 year old :3 She would dress up like her. Even curl her hair :3 ~

Crystal belongs to @eliana55226838

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🔮Crystal of the Week🔮 CARBORUMDUM

Carborumdum is a wonderful stone for physical healing. It’s especially useful for headaches and eye strains, but it is also said to aid with bone deformity, healing fractures, and strengthening teeth.

It is also excellent for protecting against electromagnetic stress.

This grounding stone has a happy & light mood despite it’s dark color.

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Winter crystal magic idea: drop a crystal that represents the sun such as citrine or amber in a glass of hot (not quite boiling) water. Wait a minute or so depending on how big your rock is, for the crystal to soak up the heat and then pluck it from the water using chopsticks or a spoon, and drop the crystal in a cloth to protect your hands. Carry the crystal for extra warmth, as if you were carrying a shard of the sun. Remove the cloth when the crystal is cool enough and reheat as needed.

Rutile in Quartz~

Quartz can often have many inclusions including various types of rutile. Rutile, itself, is a mineral consisting of titanium dioxide that usually grows in a needle-like form. Rutile can be found in several colors like gold and red. Each color bares a different meaning but each meaning is amplified by the quartz crystal in which it lives.

Golden Rutile~

When the old Scandinavian Norse happened upon the glimmering strands of golden rutile, to them the strands looked like Freya’s golden blonde hair, the goddess of love, fertility, beauty, and fine material possessions.

Golden rutile is an amazing amplifier coupled with the amplifying abilities already present in quartz and you have a powerful stone with a strong vibration. This combination usually brings along intense energy. Because it is a master amplifier, it has the ability to breathe life into what you think and feel making it the perfect stone for manifesting anything you want. All you have to do if feed it your intention.

With this in your possession, life might feel a little bit easier; this stone aids in strengthening one’s ability to cope.

It can be used in meditation to strengthen psychic abilities. It promotes concentration and mental clarity.

Perfect for relieving anxiety, fears, and phobias. It helps the wearer forgive themselves if they have been shameful of something.

With this stone, the aura is cleansed, it repels negative energy. It also helps to uplift moods and create a joyful vibration.

Use this stone to manifest, filter out negative energy, cleanse and energize, and remove barriers or blockages preventing you from spiritual growth.

Red Rutile~

Quartz with red rutile brings in added energy. The red needles bring an intensity to the rest of the stone making it a powerful healing tool.

It can be used to help ailments of respiratory and help cell regeneration. It helps the energy move through the body. A nice balancing stone, it alleviates sadness in the heart.

Black Rutile~

Also know as tourmalated quartz for black rutile is actually black tourmaline. The energies of both quartz and tourmaline are combined.

An extremely lucky stone, carry it with you when you need some luck.

Clear quartz amplifies tourmaline’s cleansing and grounding energy. Because tourmaline is a good stone for protection, this is also amplified.

Use this stone to aid in thinking with clarity, clear energy patterns and protect from energies that are unhealthy.