pokemon: conquest

Ophelia Dusk from Fire Emblem Fates! :) I’m drawing my 10 favorite Fire Emblem characters, so I decided to start with my girl from Conquest. 9 to go!

Think about this: If Lissa marries Robin and they give birth to Owain/Odin, and then he marries Corrinso they give birth to Ophelia, she ends up with blood from Grima, Anankos and the Exalted. The chosen heroine indeed :D Luminary Uppercut!



i’ve only done elise so far but i wanted to share her with you all before i move on to the other royals. i feel like since she’s the eldest she would be given siegfried and trained like a brave knight and future queen. but she’s still a sweet and compassionate woman who would rather nurture than kill (´∀`)