pokemon: battle royale

I understand that majority of tumblr likes Hunger Games, and so do I, but Hungers Games doesn’t have shit on Battle Royale. BR was the original, and despite not having fancy computers to generate disasters and ferocious beasts, it’s far more terrifying. This isn’t picking two people from different regions to fight strangers. This is a whole classroom fighting each other. Student against student, friends, people who shared laughs and dreams and intimate moments with each other. They have to kill the people they love and trust the most. Trust becomes a weapon, a tactic used to get close to others. Even more than that, their hatred and jealousy for others blinds them, unlike the Hunger Games, where there’s no ulterior motive, they’re just killing to survive.

And you know what? Japan doesn’t give a shit if everyone dies during the Battle Royale. They’re not looking for a lone victor. Sure, it could happen, but either one person remains or no one. Those collars around everyone’s necks are made to explode should things not go the way they should be. Oh, you’re the last two contestants and you’re gonna kill yourselves together? Pfft, go right on ahead. Fucks given: 0. And yeah, you’ve got knives, bow and arrows, and other basic weaponry in Hunger Games, but in BR, you’re given weapons at the start. You can’t practice first, and you can get anything from a pot lid to a rifle.

The deaths are far more gruesome in BR, from decapitation to dick stabbing. Oh, you got your head smashed in with a rock? That’s cute.

(Though the tracker jacker deaths were pretty rad.)

And worst of all, the Battle Royale Act was put in place to basically teach kids a lesson. Kids walked out of schools, so naturally the answer was to make them kill each other. There’s no prize. You don’t get to live in a luxurious city with fancy foods and expensive clothing. You don’t get to be some representative or celebrity. You fight, you kill, get your blood covered face in the paper, and that’s it. And who knows? You might get yanked into the next battle without warning.