pokemon.. apparently


After coming across @allthingsmisty‘s old headcanon about Misty and Cilan, I felt compelled to imagine what that friendship might be like. And how Cilan might help along a certain romance…

(After a lot of digital color work, I decided to go back to markers this time, with the computer for tweaks. Interesting results, but not the fastest process.)

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Luxray folklore please?

For a while, people believed all Luxray were male and all Pyroar were female. Male Pyroar supposedly only occurred after a Pyroar produced seven cubs with Luxray, making them both rare to find and lucky to own. They were still considered a separate species than Pyroar, though.

i was out for EIGHT HOURS playing pokemon go with my good friend who lets me use his hotspot, bless his heart

here’s some stories from today:

  • found a cp 1600 typhlosion. it ran away. yes i cried.
  • found a lapras in the water, we went to catch it. his was cp 1300. mine was ………33
  • at the pier where we caught the lapras, we met a dude who was also catching the lapras. he showed us his pokemon and we made friends. he then left, and came back excitedly to show us the shiny magikarp he caught!
  • found a random charizard just chillin out behind the library. it wasnt the best one but like. charizard, dude!
  • met an old lady named linda who was also playing pokemon go. she is apparently super in to it, level 33, trying to complete her dex. we walked and talked while we played, and she pointed out a dragonite. i was sad cuz my friend had left at this point so i couldnt catch it. but she was kind enough to let me use her hotspot to capture it!!!!
  • and if that isnt fuckin cool enough, the dragonite wouldnt let itself be captured y my ultra balls or great balls, i ran out of all of them, as well as my razz berries. i was hopelessly throwing pokeballs at it and yes. i caught it!!! (good karma is coming for linda!! i hugged her)
  • went to the park to take over some gyms with friend. dude who was fighting our valor gym overheard me planning out how i was gonna fight it, and he said from like. twenty feet away “just let me put my pokemon in so i can get the coins, then you can kick me out!” on his way out, he winked to us and said “dont be too rough on him~,” in reference to his machoke!

some unrelated but still nice stories from my adventure too:

  • met a cute cat with no tail who kept meowing at me!
  • petted three dogs
  • ran in to an old friend while we were recharging our devices in starbucks
  • saw a cute gay couple
  • managed to walk all the way up our intense death hill without deciding to ride the bus

so yeah!! pokemon go brings people together, gets this depressed poor person outside, and makes me happy

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were you in Unova during the Team Plasma crisis?

“No, I moved long before that took place. Although I used to vacation around Unova during their revival.”

“Mohn seemed to like the idea of a Pokémon conservation building. He was a professor and the building would give us a laboratory in order for Mohn to conduct experiments that would better the lives of Pokémon everywhere. We started planning Aether Foundation together.
… Although Team Plasma was rather… Extreme, to put it lightly. I wonder what happened with them.”