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My Mightyena, Pulse, is very smart and has trained the neighborhood kids to give her hamburgers whenever they walk home from school, pops outta of her pokeball to ransack the kitchen, and makes habit of escaping from the yard and terrorizing the local Skitty and Purloin. Any tips to refocus all that intelligence and energy that doesn't involve me battling?

Sounds like your pup needs something to do, but it does not necessarily require battling. Some trainers will teach their guys tricks to keep them occupied. A very popular viral video shows a Delcatty that was trained to retrieve tokens hidden throughout the house and put them in a treat-dispenser, providing both snack satisfaction and mental enrichment.

The proper amount of exercise is a must. Are you walking Pulse for at least an hour and a half a day? Mightyena are distance predators, so if your Pokémon does not burn off the energy they’re made to, they will focus it on other, less desirable activities.

Mightyena are also pack animals, so Pulse may be escaping to seek company. Is your Pokémon left alone for hours a day? A daycare may be able to address that. If funding is an issue, see if there’s a neighborhood co-op you can join (most Pokémon centers and shops will have information on local situations).

Regarding the kid/Skitty/Purloin situations, Pulse may need more socialization. The local Pokémon Center should be able to point you towards some good resources.

I know a lot of this is pretty vague, but I hope it can point you in the right direction. Please keep me posted!

How to instantly speed up your PokéPelago:

A glitch in Poké Pelago was discovered to complete ALL time-based activities when your 3DS clock rolls over from 31/01/2017 to 01/02/2017. (from last of January to first of February)
So this is how you do it:

  • Go to Poke Pelago and start activities: Plant berries, search for treasure, train pokemon and/or put down eggs or pokemon in the hot springs.
  • Save the game and go to the time settings on your 3DS. Set the date to 31/01/2017 and the time to 23:59.
  • Exit the settings and restart your game. Wait for the clock to pass 00:00 and then go to Poke Pelago.
  • All your activities are completed!

A video of the glitch performed can be found here.



This means you can put in 18 pokemon and level them up much faster than you would doing the Elite four! Complete 50-hour training sets in an instant - sweet! EV training can be done fast too, and entirely without spending your BP on the training bracelets.

You can also farm berries for clothing dyes and speed it up if you need/want the specific colors sooner than in two to three days!

And what’s best, you can repeat treasure hunt and hope for Golden Bottle Caps! (I haven’t gotten any in like a month so I’m not hopeful but that’s just my luck heh)

All other timed events in the game will halt fro a day, like Festival Plaza, berry trees etc. since you’re changing your 3DS clock, but it’s a small price you can choose to pay for speeding up your Poke Pelago.


I think about pokemon in non-battle situations a lot. Like pokemon who have been trained/raised to be helpers and assistants than to be battle partners.

Pokemon visiting hospitals to cheer patients up like dogs and cats do. Or ones that help kids learn to read, speak, swim, go through therapy?! Even pokemon who’s abilities help owners with specific disabilities?!

I love thinking of pokemon outside of battle situations.

A world of dreams and adventures await! Let’s go!

I remember playing Pokemon for the first time, and being so excited. My dad drove me to Toys ‘R’ Us for my birthday to buy the game, and as we travelled I gave him an in-depth lecture as to why Blue Version was the superior choice, and why Bulbasaur was severely underrated. When I finally got my hands on the cartridge and fired up my Gameboy, the air was electric. I couldn’t wait to begin my tiny digital journey.

Two months ago I quit my day job to become a full-time artist. Exciting isn’t the word for this experience. Terrifying is a better fit, really. But I’ve kept reminding myself that I have to start somewhere, and while staying on the easy path might have been safer, sometimes you’ve got to take a stroll through the long grass.

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I have a female eevee (Eggs) that i like to take to contests and such, but she has been getting a lot of unwanted attention from breeders that want her, should i consider evolving her to discourage them? Or are there better ways?

You have an attractive female Pokémon in a species with a male-dominant ratio. Evolving her will not make breeders stop talking to you. If anything, it may encourage them, since an evolved Pokémon is almost always more impressive than a pre-evolution. You can, perhaps, state you are not interested in breeding/trading offers, both under the “notes” section on your contest applications and on your business cards, but as frustrating as it is, this is just going to be a part of showing her.

Pokemon History

Can we talk about Wooper for a moment?

Originally posted by nidoqueen

I was the target audience when Pokemon Red and Blue were first released. I grew up with the original 150 Pokemon, with the debate about whether Mew counted or not as the 151st.

While we might imagine and draw ‘new’ Pokemon, in our minds the number of Pokemon were fixed. The 150/151 was all that there was, through there were conspiracies about missingno and the bird Ash saw in the anime, Ho-oh.

Then rumors of a new game circulated. Images started appearing of ‘new’ and ‘real’ Pokemon. Specifically, Wooper.

This arm-less, weird looking creature looked like a fake. It didn’t look like it could be quite real. Of all the Pokemon you could make, that were made, this was the first new one we saw?

When it turned out to be real, that we were getting a hundred new Pokemon to catch and train, and genders, and breeding, and happiness, and time, it was a game changer. Pure and simple. There were so many things added to that game, and the opportunity to see the old, familiar map after the Elite 4 battle was refreshing. That game was so good. I can’t explain just how many of the things I’d hoped for were given.

And this little Pokemon was water and ground type! Immunity to electricity for a water type was a big deal. You can imagine how much our little minds were blown when lanturn was revealed. .

This goofy, nearly featureless face was the herald of our Pokemon world expanding.

I’m reminded of all of this playing Pokemon go again, and seeing this blue blob pop up. All that hope an wonder.

  • Pokemon: All trainers must be at least 10 to train Pokemon. If a child under 10 "owns" a Pokemon, it is only permitted if it is registered as a "family pet". They, however, are permitted to accompany older trainers on their journeys, but they may not participate in battles, the league, or any other form of Pokemon Contest.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh: Who cares what age kids playing the game are. Everyone in this world is going to summon Satan one day or another, let's go ahead and start them off early.
Pokemon Headcanons

Send a symbol to ask my Muse(s) the related question.

❤ Who was your starter Pokemon?
▲Who gave you your first Pokemon?
♤ What was the first Pokemon you ever caught? Are they still with you?
♕What determines whether or not a Pokemon you catch stays on the team or goes to a box/sent to a professor?
♦ Have you ever let go of a Pokemon before? Why?
☀ Where did you grow up?
✌ What is your favorite Pokemon type?
♱ If you were a Pokemon, what type would you be?
⚜ How would you describe your Pokemon training / battle style?
★ Who is a Pokemon professor/gym leader/etc. that you really admire?
ღ What gear do you never leave home without?
∞ How do you feel about (insert Pokemon NPC/Canon character here)?
◕ Who is your go-to Pokemon team?
₪ Which if your Pokemon do you travel on (as in Fly or Surf pr riding it, etc.) the most?
ϟ Which of your Pokemon are the infamous ‘HM Slave’ ?
∩ What is your favorite and least-favorite town/city?
β What is your favorite and least-favorite areas in the wilderness (forest, cave, mountain, etc.)?
Σ Are there any Pokemon you can’t stand?
ɯ Are there any Pokemon you raise multiples of?
Ξ Are there any Pokemon that creep you out/frighten you?
✿ You want to be the best there ever was. The very best what?

  • Butters: Wtf is Sephora it sounds scary.
  • Kevin: isn’t that the guy with the long white hair from final fantasy?
  • Gary: no your thinking of sephiroth, a sephora is an angel belonging to the highest order of angels
  • Damien: No you’re thinking of a Seraph. A sephora is a second year college or high school student
  • Token: No, you’re thinking of sophomore. A sephora is when you use your phone to take a picture of yourself.
  • Tweek: no, you’re thinking of a selfie. a sephora is a calm breeze.
  • Craig: No, you’re thinking of a zephyr. A sephora is one of those Greek vases with the two handles and the pictures.
  • Clyde: You’re thinking of an amphora. Sephora is the web browser you have to use on iOS devices.
  • Kyle: You’re thinking of Safari. Sephora is an informal term for the seven-week period of counting the days between Pesach and Shavuot in the Jewish calendar.
  • Ike: You’re thinking of Sefiras. Sephora is a bright blue gemstone best known for combining with Ruby to create Garnet and lead the Crystal Gems, training Pokemon, and/or assisting Steel to fight against time’s intrusions into our realm.
  • Stan: No, you’re thinking of sapphire. Sephora is actually a part of a flower; it protects the flower in bud and supports the petals in bloom.
  • Cartman: No, you’re thinking of sepal. Sephora is the wife of Moses, who lead the stupid Jews out of Egypt fucking bitch.
  • Kenny: No, you’re thinking of Tzipporah. Sephora was an ancient Greek poet who inspired a lot of lady-lovin’.
  • Jimmy: No, you’re thinking of Sappho. Sephora is the youngest of the five Marx brothers.
  • Pete: No, you’re thinking of Zeppo. Sephora is the Heimdall’s sister.
  • Michael: No no no guys, you’re thinking of Sif. Sephora is a venereal disease that turns your brain to swiss cheese, going so far as to destroy external features like the nose. Famous gangster Al Capone suffered from sephora.
  • Bradley: No, you’re thinking of syphilis. Sephora is that radiant feeling you get when you have found perfect peace and happiness.
  • Wendy: No, you’re thinking of euphoria. Sephora’s a fucking makeup store you dipshits.
  • All boys: .....oh!!!!!!