Rowan and Frewin were taking a walk…

Frewin: What are those two pokemon doing??

Rowan: They’re either battling or training.

Frewin: Training?

Rowan: Yeah, Pokemon train in case they come across an aggressive pokemon or a pokemon trainer that has pokemon which are used for battle, protection, and all around friends.

Frewin: Have you ever had to battle?

Rowan: Yes, when I was a young Eevee. It would do to train you now that I think about it.

Frewin began to run, and Rowan couldn’t stop him.

Rowan: FREWIN! Where are you going?!


At that, Rowan smiled, and bolted after him.

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Shigeo Kageyama Pokemon Team

I’m tagging these “Mob Pokemon 100” for your ease of reference, and will be posting them as I get them typed out. More under the cut.

Shigeo: Doesn’t believe in using Pokeballs. Only has Pokeballs for Magikarp/Gyarados and Bulbasaur, and the others have never been formally “caught”, not really. Doesn’t train Pokemon to fight, but his sincerity pushes them to train with him at his club meetings. All are fond of Ritsu. In times of crisis, all of his Pokemon will answer to Reigen.

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blackjackgabbiani  asked:

Byron, how did you meet Riley? Has he ever tried to train you in using Aura?

“When i was new to the gym leader job i was she arching for the good spot to train my pokemons. So i..uuh…”accidentally” stepped on the iron island…But Riley was very nice so we became good friends.”

“as for the aura thing, he tried but it’s a thing i have never fully understand…”

A world of dreams and adventures await! Let’s go!

I remember playing Pokemon for the first time, and being so excited. My dad drove me to Toys ‘R’ Us for my birthday to buy the game, and as we travelled I gave him an in-depth lecture as to why Blue Version was the superior choice, and why Bulbasaur was severely underrated. When I finally got my hands on the cartridge and fired up my Gameboy, the air was electric. I couldn’t wait to begin my tiny digital journey.

Two months ago I quit my day job to become a full-time artist. Exciting isn’t the word for this experience. Terrifying is a better fit, really. But I’ve kept reminding myself that I have to start somewhere, and while staying on the easy path might have been safer, sometimes you’ve got to take a stroll through the long grass.

We’ll Get There

This one’s a sequel of sorts to my earlier Pokemon-inspired comic. It’s all fair and good to dedicate yourself to improving, but it’s not always easy to keep going. I think I’m at about the Mt Moon stage of developing my art career: I’ve made a start and had some little successes, but there’s a big dreary cave on the horizon that I just need to push through.

SO THEN, let’s get going. Because if something’s important enough, it’s worth fighting for.

If you like this comic and you want to support a struggling artist (who is quitting his day job tomorrow), you can buy a print of this comic or the first Pokemon one at my Etsy store. Buy both together and save £5!

Earlier this week, the Youtube Channel for the Japanese magazine, V-Jump, put up a video detailing IVs in Pokémon. In this video it gave a bit of clarification into the process. In the video, it showed three different Garchomp with different IV spreads and each of them used a Silver Bottle Cap at Hyper Training. This allowed for one stat to be increased, in this case the Attack was increased on all three Garchomp. This means that you’ll be able to use the Silver Bottle Cap in exchange to increase one stat only. It was also mentioned that there may be a Gold Bottle Cap, and questioned if it will be used to increase multiple stats to their maximum. It is still not known how the Bottle Caps can be obtained and if there’s a limit to the amount you can find. We’ll bring more on Hyper Training and Sun & Moon as it comes

Source: Serebii 


Black market Pokemon, hacking Dittos, and one man’s quest for the perfect landshark

I have bred an army of perfected super-Pokemon. I have completed my Pokedex. I am a grown adult man, and for a grown adult man, these are dubious achievements. I am not sure what drove me to do these things, but I am kind of proud of myself.

Pokemon is a Japanese RPG series, published by Nintendo, in which you enter a world filled with fantastic creatures called Pokemon. You are a Pokemon trainer, and your job is to kidnap these creatures out of their natural habitats and bend them to your will, forcing them to battle in glorified cockfights.

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No. You don’t understand. Ive had this Blastoise since FireRed was released in 2004. 

I have held on to the guy for 9 Years. 9 YEARS!!!  He’s been in every game I own and is *always* on my team. Having the same pokemon for almost an entire decade!! That means something, even if they are fucking pixels!!!   Blastoise has my back!

And now I’ve got his! im going to help him grow even further and become stronger. This one’s for you buddy!  *tear*