Wanted to style practice a bit, so i doodled some Gen 2 mons ~

Drew some Slugmas. This is one of my favorite exercises: to do some quick character redraws pulling a design in different directions (focusing on shapes & weight).

It’s nice to start with designs that feel very not-you, which is why I often reach for pokémon—it’s a huge grab bag of designs that feel like things I’d never draw. Some pokémon are made up of such mushy, noncommital shapes!!!

I colored & shaded these after the fact, but here’s the simpler result of the exercise over on twitter.


#133.57 -  Slugma possess bodies of molten magma, and must keep moving else their magma cools, turns brittle, and breaks.  Slugma often gather near volcanoes, where the intense heat allows them to rest. As they age, they have a large supply of magma, and will purposefully let the skin on their back cool to begin forming a protective shell. The shell is built up layer by later, but can be heated back into lava if the Slugma or Marcargo chooses to shed it.

Named: Slugma - Slagvae - Marcargo

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