#218.5 -  Slugma possess bodies of molten magma, and must keep moving else their magma cools, turns brittle, and breaks.  Slugma often gather near volcanoes, where the intense heat allows them to rest. As they age, they have a large supply of magma, and will purposefully let the skin on their back cool to begin forming a protective shell. The shell is built up layer by later, but can be heated back into lava if the Slugma or Marcargo chooses to shed it.

Named: Slugma - Slagvae - Marcargo

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“If a lycanroc has yellow eyes because their father is a incineroar does that make them a hybrid? Or a pale ho-oh because their father was a mortal? Where do you draw the line between inherited traits and this ‘hybid’ classification you speak of?”

Are your labels truly something you can use to define an individual?”

I am a salazzle. I’ve never seen myself as anything more. I just have more lava in my blood than my sisters. If that’s because of a mixed parentage, I’ll let you be the judge of that.”

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chibigiratina  asked:

(Sometimes-slugma) Iri the slugma asks: "Wow! You're so fluffy! Do you know any cool fire-type moves?? Also nice to meet you!"

Dont worry, Reshi doesnt hurt other Pokemon. They could show you, but they warn you to stand back!

Fire Blast,

Fusion Flare,

And Blue Flare here!

just pokemon colosseum things
  • the game’s pokemon starting you off at level 25 and handing you an espeon and umbreon to start with
  • without the e-reader and ho-oh, there are only 51 pokemon that are available in the game and 16 are at the final level or post game
  • six of these pokemon (misdreavus, quagsire, flaafy, slugma, skiploom, noctowl) being easily misable if you don’t battle the trainers in pyrite square at the very beginning of the game (and these are some of the best pokemon in the game)
  • the only time your character has been a fully grown adult
  • cipher having balanced teams of pokemon instead of just zubats and poison types
  • the game’s names (skrub, beluh, secc, divel)
  • a whole bunch of people just deciding to live underground (the under)
  • the infinite pokeball exploit (the game used a double battle system, the trick was to use your first pokemon to catch, switch the ball’s bag placement during the second pokemon′s turn and continue. the pokeball number won’t go down.) and said exploit applying to the master ball
  • miror b and his four ludicolo team
  • the double wailord battle
  • all the game’s pokeballs being sold in one place
  • the penultimate boss’s battle theme (nascour) being complete utter silence
  • a catchable level 40 entei near the middle of the game during a major trainer battle
  • after defeating the second major cipher admin, venus, she brags to wes that he cannot reach the cipher pokemon lab, since she has the only key to the subway used to get there. she runs off shortly afterward. in the next room, you can pick up an item dropped on the floor, the subway key
  • some guy from cipher disguising themselves as you and fucking things up after you beat the game
  • the invitation from rui’s grandfather to get the masterball

Shiny Slugma in Gold & Silver! I’ve been having so much fun shiny hunting in these games this month. Slugma wasn’t initially on my radar for gen II hunting until I was going through the shinies online and saw how drop dead gorgeous that almost royal blue shiny Magcargo is! Modern Shiny Magcargo is purple, which I love and purple is one of my favorite colors, but the shade of purple it’s shiny has is similar to quite a few other shinies, such as Vaporeon and Heracross. I just think the Royal Blue of shiny Magcargo here is so vibrant and Gorgeous!! This is my third shiny hunt completed in virtual console Gen II and it made me realize that with Shiny Charizard and Shiny Typhlosion, all of my hunts on these games have been fire types! So, even though it’s my favorite type and a ton more of the hunts I want to do are fire types, I’m going to make sure and go for some variety next. Haha


AltDex Commissions!
You’ve seen the BugDex, but what about other retyped Pokemon? A Flying Slugma, a Dark/Ghost Carnivine, or a Ghost/Electric Wooper? Let’s stretch the creative genes!

First, some restrictions

  • No Retypes to Bug, unless you want to see a variation on an entry from the past in the BugDex
  •  Nothing erotic/furry or anything similar
  •  No Fire/Fighting types, in respect of @firefightdex
  •  Even though it probably won’t happen, there may be some prompts I don’t feel I can do or some that I’m uncomfortable working with. Please don’t take it personally if I turn these down; I want to make sure you get a quality result for your money!

The prompt that you can follow

Any specific instructions/suggestions:

  • Base Price is $7 A Pokemon with one type changed(like a Rock Charmander, Psychic/Ground Nidoking or Normal/Flying Zigzagoon)
  • Add $1 for an additional Type (Rock/Water Charmander, Psychic/Ice Nidoking, or Electric/Flying Zigzagoon)
  • Discount $1 if it’s a Pokemon that hasn’t evolve but does evolve(Pichu, Charmander, or Wurmple)
  • Discount $1 if it an alteration from the BugDex(Bug/Ground Bulbasaur, Ghost/Bug Koffing, Bug/Grass Cyndaquil)

Just fyi, there are three categories I put retypes into(noteable for how I retype Pokémon):

  1. Regional Variants-Pokemon that were once the original, but over time changed because of some scientific process of adaption(this is the least likely process Ill use)
  2. Inspiration Retypes-Taking the inspiration for a Pokemon(like the Kelpie for Keldeo or the Alphabet for Unown, and changing a Pokemon as of the inspiration were changed(this is how most of the BugDex is made)
  3. Pure Retype-Simply taking the design elements of a Pokemon that give it a type and changing those to another type

To request a commission message me privately. AltDex Commissions will be posted on my @rsccooperinc blog


“No, no of course not. I wasn’t breed for battling and I don’t need anyone to protect me as I never go anywhere near wild pokemon. The only thing I have to worry about is maybe, oh what were they called, Team Robot? Crashing one of my competitions to try and steal pokemon and that hasn’t happened in…Well I’ve only ever heard stories about that type of thing. Never experienced.”

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