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Pokemon Workout Run!

Train with your Pokemon!

Hey there guys! pokemon-i-choose-you here (AKA Vee) and last month I had thought of a way to incorporate working out and getting active with playing video games! So here’s a post on how you can mix getting active and playing your favorite Pokemon game!

I call it the Workout Run! You would play your game normally, but there are rules you have to abide by when you play:

  • Nickname your Pokemon after a certain exercise you want to do (ex. Push Up, Sit Up, Squats, etc)
  • When you catch a Pokemon, whatever level it is, that’s how much of that exercise you have to do! My example will be ‘Push-Up’ the Rowlet:
  • When you level up your Pokemon, you increase the amount of push ups you have to do (So 5 push ups when caught + 6 push up’s when leveling up = 11 push ups) Keep leveling up for a more strenuous work-out!

Play your game as long as you want, but be mindful that you shouldn’t level up too much in one day, so your body doesn’t get overwhelmed! Basically, you should pace yourself playing your game each day (: especially if you’re not used to exercise! 

And if you’re doing serious bodybuilding, consider taking a before and after picture! To take a look at your progress!

And just keep playing till you beat the game! I used Sun/Moon Pokemon as an example, but it’s not limited to that game! I’m actually starting my Workout Run with Omega Ruby!

If you guys want, please reblog this to share this idea! I think it’s a super fun way for you to literally train with your Pokemon and you “level up” with them! And it will hopefully be an influence to either get active or work harder when you’re in the gym!

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