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Hey there guys!!

I’m FINALLY back (by popular demand tbh) for another challenge!

Pokemon Sun/Moon has been out for over a month already, and we have grown to love it more and more each day! I can honestly say this is one of the best series in the franchise, in my honest opinion!

So why not celebrate Alola with an art challenge? Don’t worry, this one is just a week long! 7 days to show our love of the Alola region to all!

All drawings will be reblogged for all to see on my blog, as long as you put #AlolaChallenge in the tags!

I hope you guys participate, and if you want PLEASE REBLOG to spread the word! Can’t wait for the 15th of January when we begin our challenge

Have fun everyone! And Train On!

Inktober day 9~ カメックス。 Yay! Starter pokémon done, fun is only starting!! 前へ進む!✨🌊

Cosmic Power (Pokemon Inspired)

A cosmic spell to prepare yourself before divination or astral projection.

You Will Need:

💫 Any Combination of: Jasper, Galaxite, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Herkimer Diamond, Jet, Opal and/or Rainbow Obsidian
💫 Blue Candles
💫 Black Candles
💫 Purple Candles
💫 Sandlewood Incense
💫 Optional: Imagery of stars, the night sky and other space objects you associate with this situation (especially if you are like me and in a city with too much light pollution)

Other: Cast this at night time


💫 Cleanse yourself and your space as you desire. Set up your space by placing your candles about the room where they can be safely placed. Light them once ready.

💫 Place your incense and light it as well making sure its in an area near you

💫 Place your crystals about you so you can feel their energy

💫 Place your imagery (if needed) near your where you can see and feel its energies as well

💫 Begin to meditate, feel the energies of the stars and crystals about you. Let them empower your own energy and feel yourself absorb what they have to offer

💫 Meditate as long as needed. End spell with “Cosmic Power, I can feel you, and I am ready” then proceed to your divination or astral projection as you wish to do it