Hi there guys! pokemon-i-choose-you here with yet another Pokemon Art Challenge! :D So get your tablets, pens/ pencils and paper out cause this one is going to be fun!!

August 6th will mark the 1 month release date of Pokemon GO in North America and it has taken not only the Americans but THE ENTIRE WORLD by storm! We have surpassed Candy Crush by a landslide! And this app is a BLAST to play and I’m so happy this is a thing. xD So in celebration I’ve created just a simple 5 day Pokemon GO Art challenge that I hope all of you will take a part of, whether you’re a novice artist or a veteran in my art challenges!

Of course in every art challenge I’ll reblog each drawing everyone posts so long as they use the tag #goartchallenge !

Even if you are not an artist, but love Pokemon GO, make sure you reblog this post for everyone to see! :D The Art Challenge begins on Saturday August 6th! Hope to see all of your drawings!!