Can’t stop thinking about Hoenn, so here’s some new trinkets! I’ll add more soon, so many types to make.

There are probably better pokemon to use for fire and water then duel types, but hey, we all love Heonn. It’s Hoenn’s time!

Pendants by Trinket Geek:

Grass - Fire - Water

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ancient Mew pendant

- holographic Pokemon card, Ice Resin

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I’ve not made any pokeball trinkets in a while, so here are a few that have been requested a lot, the starters for the Unova region! :D

I kinda feel bad for Oshawott in the anime, all the bad stuff happens to him. He always made me laugh though. :)

Pendants available at Trinket Geek:

Unova Starter Pokeball Pendants

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Here are two more pokemon type pendants, leaving only three more!

Today are Ground type and Rock type, arguably the two strongest physical types, matched only by fighting type pokemon! They may not be as colorful as other pokemon, but you cannot deny how great these types are!

Pendants by Trinket Geek:

Ground Type - Rock Type

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Here are the pokeballs for bug and poison type pokemon. I hope you guys like them! :D

Doing all these type pendants got me thinking about all the possible Eeveelutions. I really hope they add more in gen VII (I still wish they had made another one for X&Y, maybe dragon since that would have made a good pair with fairy).

Pendants available at TrinketGeek:

Type Key Stone Pendants

Type Pokeball Pendants

Type Symbol Pendants

Pokeballs for Poke-Ghosties~ 👻

Here’s some new pokeball designs for some of the ghost pokemon that have been requested. Let me know if there are any more ghost types you want to see in the lead up to Halloween! :D

Pendants available Trinket Geek:

Pokemon Themed Pokeballs