mAN OK i haven’t even decided on a proper name for this thing yet, and i initially only wanted to do it for comic practice before starting on more personal projects, but im actually feeling pretty excited to get started on this??? 0′’’:

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The Two Best Friends Nuzlocke livestream was one of the hypest things the Zaibatsu has ever done. From start to finish, it felt like Woolie recaptured the charm and entertainment he initially planned for the playthrough. And what an ending! The entire Elite Four run and rival battle were so nail biting and intense, and I am thrilled they pulled through with a victory. R.I.P. Ludacris, Shockmastr, and LL Cool J - you three played a big role in that final stretch. Kamina came through in a big way. 

Again, way to go Woolie and the rest of the Zaibatsu! Y'all did great. 

Slowly returning to something I thought I had dropped out of my system, I drew an updated shot of my Nuzlocke Starter, Lemon.

Will I go further? I’m not promising anything, because I can never keep promises. Just know it’s a story I’ve always wanted to tell.

Nuzlockes - About Popularity

Hi guys! So, before posting my next Fifty Shades of Grey analysis and other reviews I want to talk about something that has been on my mind based on stuff I’ve witnessed in the Nuzlocke Forums and on Tumblr. This will be a brief reflection on something I’ve noticed during the past two years being in the community and some of the attitude that concern popular artists. Please keep in mind that this is a PERSONAL observation and I assure you it’s slightly biased. Also, this observation is based on attacks directed to OTHER Nuzlocke artists and not myself. 

Anyway, I want to start by saying thank you to everyone who has supported Judgement in this year’s extravaganza. We bought home THREE silver medals for Best Main Character, Best Supporting Character, and Most imaginitive run. Also my dear friends Wanlingnic and Kynim bought home the gold as well as my boyfriend Protocol00. They deserve the prizes for their influential runs, and I can’t be more than happy for them. It’s been a wonderful year for Nuzlocking because of the variety that this year’s extravaganza offered. 

However, I cannot help but notice a lot of bitterness in the Nuzlocke community when popular artists are concerned. 

I feel the need to remind everyone, that popularity does not equal quality. Popularity is a statistic, a fact. Just because someone says ‘My nuzlocke run is popular’ does not mean the person is a snob or anything of the sort (unless the person has like 2 readers but that just makes them a liar). It just means that it has a lot of fans or readers, which happens. Usually no one ASKS to be popular, it is simply thrust upon them. This is usually because of the quality of their work, their charisma, or the fact that their work appeals to a certain niche or a current fad. Popularity is all about hardwork, timing or luck, all in all it’s something that depends on the readers and not on the author/artist. 

Now back to Nuzlocke comics, I think everyone is entitled to their opinion concerning a comic’s quality whether it’s story or art. However…do we really need to be assholes about it?

I suppose you will think it’s hypocritical for me to say since I criticize movies and books constantly. I mean, I’ve called Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey garbage, and I still don’t take that back because I have arguments that support that claim. However…these are books/movies that have MONEY put into them. People have to pay to see a movie or read a book, doing that stuff is EXPENSIVE. Therefore, I feel you are more than entitled to rip a book apart if you are not satisfied because you could’ve used the money on food or to pay your taxes. Being a storyteller in any creative medium is a JOB, and it should be treated as such. If you do a crappy job, you need to be called out on it because your work is either not entertaining or a bad influence (ex:Twilight) and you are wasting people’s money. 

Nuzlocke comics however are FREE. They are created as casual stories that resemble fanfiction. Harshly cirticizing them publicly, calling the readers sheep, or complaining that the artist is unfairly POPULARZ is meaningless. It won’t accomplish NOTHING. You are getting free content, you don’t like it? There are so much stuff to choose from, it’s not like you are tied to a chair and forced to read the thing. Complaining that a run is overrated and it didn’t deserve awards is an assholish thing to do since the artist/writer has no influence over that. Also, it’s your word against the 1000+ members of the community so not only it’s not constructive but it’s shooting yourself in the foot. 

Not only that but the artist of the run is a human being. Now I’m not saying that an artist should not get cirticism it’s just that the reason they do the comic is for fun. They have lives outside the comic, it’s NOT their profession or job. It’s just a fun thing they do in their free time that happens to get a lot of attention and readers. Nothing more, or nothing less. 

There are people who use the Nuzlocke community to get internet fame, which is probably the WORST thing you can do since most people do this as a hobby. They are NOT getting paid to do this, you are NOT spending money to read their content so…why be assholes about the comic not being to your liking?

Now do I consider some Nuzlocke runs overrated and bad? Oh most definitely. You are completely in your right to dislike something, specially if it has problematic themes. If the artist is being an asshole (abusing their popularity) or has stuff in the comic that can be considered problematic like homophobia, racism, etc. readers are in their right to point it out (since that stuff can emotionally hurt others). But solely hating a run because it’s extremely popular and publicly complaining about it doesn’t help ANYONE, especially the artist or yourself. Calling the 'popular clique’ circlejerking snobs just makes you look petty and jealous. It’s best to project your anger in a healthy way, and focus on your own work and life. 

Also, there are people who get angry that a popular artist doesn’t notice them and assume that because they don’t give you attention that they are snobbish. Again, popular artists have lives outside the internet. They spend time to whoever they please and they are not forced to befriend others because they are fans. Fans can be dicks, and artists have the right to call them out on it especially in this case when they are making free content for people to enjoy.

All in all, I hope next year’s extravaganzas reactions are less toxic than this year’s. I’ve seen this complaint way too often, and many of my friends who are legitimately upset about it. Let’s all get along and have fun, let the popular artist do their thing and you do yours. 

Have a nice day everyone!

Nuzlockes - a niche within a niche

Hey everyone!

While Nuzlocke comics and stories may be popular, I’ve noticed a recurring pattern involving the authors within the community. Some authors do it for fun and use nuzlockes as part of a mindless hobby and others dedicate their LIVES to it and take it utterly seriously to the point of asking…what is the point?

Being in a community with these individuals who act as pseudo intellectuals and try really hard to engage you with their flowery vocabulary and pretentious standards, is getting pretty tiring to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met amazing people in this community and it’s a blast talking to them. Some of my friends are one of the most popular Nuzlocke artists out there and not once did I think that their popularity was blinding them.

Then I met people who take their popularity so seriously that they make it out of their way to make guides about storytelling and tutorials about making Nuzlocke comics. There have even been GROUPS dedicated in judging Nuzlockes, which is…I’m sorry but pretentious and silly as hell. Their hoards of fans are usually more captivated by their art rather than story, and since some of these fans want to be popular too they take their favorite author’s word to heart - so far as calling them their ‘senpai’ or rolemodel.

You might be asking yourself, why am I writing this? Well I simply want to offer some perspective as someone who has been in the community for years.

Nuzlocke artists/authors are usually college students and hobbyists that are still trying to figure out life for themselves. Idolizing them and taking their words as the ultimate piece of wisdom, CAN be harmful to you creatively and as a person. Just because someone can draw pretty and has watchers in Deviantart, it does not mean they can give good advice 100% of the time. Think about it…

A Nuzlocke is a niche within a niche. Pokemon fanfiction is a niche on it’s own but Nuzlocke comics are an even SMALLER niche. They do not represent the pinnacle of storytelling and they don’t have to be. They are the most minuscule of hobbies - nothing more and nothing less. 

Sure the friendships and relationships that grow out of that are not meaningless at all. Like I said, some of my closest and dearest friends are from this community. But that has more to do with the similarity of interests rather than our stories. Heck, most of them we BARELY talk about our Nuzlockes at all. We usually talk about college and our personal lives. 

Therefore I suggest all of you who idolize a Nuzlocke artist (I am not an exception) to please look at this perspective. We are not superior in any shape or form and just because some of us have popular comics that does NOT make us authorities in anything. In real life we are the most normal and imperfect people around. Some people do Nuzlockes for ego boosts BECAUSE real life is hard on them or because their real life is dull. 

We are all still learning. Internet popularity may influence your life, and it may be important. But it’s not the measurement of someone’s knowledge or worth. Please remember that, and don’t be afraid to speak out when you see something factually incorrect.

Thank you for hearing me out :)


FOOL’S GOLD [A Heartgold Nuzlocke Comic]

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//collapses   fINALLY i’m finished (ha not really, i still have pages and pages more to do lmao)

And so begins the Heartgold nuzlocke challenge comic: “Fool’s Gold”!!

I’m probably going to post this comic to a webcomic-hosting site or some site more appropriate for webcomics but yeah– I guess this is a personal challenge to see if I can hold up a comic/ update regularly— maybe on smackjeeves idk

And so the book closes as Ja Rule, the former Pokemon League Champion, is over thrown by DMX and his brave team of Pokemon which only 3 survived by the end of the trial of tears known as “The Nuzlocke”:

“Kamina” The Blastoise
“Brock Lesnar” The Graveler
“Ghostface Killah” The Pigeot

Then those who fell along the way on the bloodied path of the Nuzlocke:

“Shockmaster” The Zapdos
“Ludacris” The Victreebel
“LL Cool J” The Hitmonchan
“Wyclef” The Spearow 
“Jigga” The Diglett
“Fandango” The Rattata 
“Poppa Pump” The Machoke
“The Ultimate Warrior” The Gastly
“Chingy” The Meowth 

Those left to rot in the drop box during the Nuzlocke:

“Ludacris” The Magikarp
“Lil’ Jon” The Beedrill
“Batista” The Caterpie
“Chris Benoit” The Voltorb
“Booker T” The Sandshrew
“Young Buck” The Doduo
“Bless" The Doduo
"P.Diddy” The Venonat
“WizKhalifa” The Lapras
“Wu-Tangela” The Tangela
“Ric Flair” The Vulpix
“Tupac” The Aerodactyl
“Goldust” The Hypno
“Supahotfya” The Flareon

Congratulations to Matt, Woolie, Liam-senpai, and Pat on a job well done on their nuzlocke run of Pokemon: Leaf Green.

Kasper & Friends: Quest for the Cause! StarletKnight Shift @ 3PM EST
#Q4TC | Benefiting @GameChangerOrg | Current Broadcaster: StarletKnight | Game: Pokemon Black 2


This is something super SUPER important to me and to thousands of others and to kids in need.

My shift on the charity event, “Kasper & Friends: Quest for the Cause,” starts today at 3PM EST with the lovely, @chisanaai​ as my donation reader!

The charity we’ll be supporting is Game Changer!

GameChanger is a nonprofit that uses the re-sales of donated materials to pay the hospital bills of kids and families currently battling with Cancer. It might not be as revolutionary as trying to find a cure, but it was about the roots of the event: supporting lives more directly and giving them a second chance, without having to worry about the bureaucracy that comes with it.

I’ll be trying to survive completely randomized nuzlockes of Pokemon Black 2 while the chat tries to make a story for our hero/heroine. (Similar to Susan’s Story from way back when.)

As it is a charity event I’ve prepared a list of incentives for you all to torture me with and to get something out of the whole event!

$2.00 - Song Requests! Let me know what you wanna hear!
$5.00 - Guaranteed Chance at naming a Pokemon.
$10.00 - Choosing what seed number I use after I use after the first one 2-169.
$10.00 - Ringtones! Have a ringtone made!
$15.00 - Reading two line excerpts from any safe for work content in a any voice you suggest.
$30.00 - Deciding if I have to restart/move onto a different seed.
$80.00 - Reading a short, silly, SFW fanfic of your choice, or one you may of writen, live! In any voice you suggest me to try!
(Or can be recorded later and sent to you personally/played on stream, Caster Fanfics welcome for the lulz)

Shift Goals:
Artists to pick from:
@beedrops - http://beedrops.tumblr.com/tagged/bees%20art (Limited Availability)
@bagtoon - http://kannibalisch.tumblr.com/
@oakydeer - http://oakydeer.tumblr.com/tagged/doodles
@princelupin - http://yankeeboy.co.vu/tagged/rinsdoodles

$50.00 - Sketch Giveaway
$100.00 - Sketch Giveaway
$150.00 - Sketch Giveaway
$200.00 - Sketch Giveaway
$300.00 - Sketch Giveaway
$400.00 - Full Color Giveaway
$500.00 - Eating 20 Burger Sliders in 20 minutes. (Hot Sauce on some of the sliders)

More than $500 will make me eat other things or cut down the time I have to eat the burgers.

This event will be going on all week so don’t worry if you can’t make my shift there are 68 other broadcasters lined up to kick some butt for charity. (I also have another shift on December 19th as well.)

Wanna learn more, pop on over to Q4TC.com!

FIRST PAGE (ARC I) STARTS HERE: http://kittengoo.deviantart.com/art/Judgement-a-HG-Nuzlocke-Prologue-pg-1-2-320564879

Hello everyone! It is time to start Judgement’s second Arc! The first Arc was dedicated in introducing the main characters, now we are diving into the plot among other things such as character development. This arc will be um…darker than the first one (not really my fault though, this IS a Nuzlocke after all). I hope you all enjoy this arc as much as the first! Let us begin!

(If you want to support my comic, I will greatly appreciate a reblog of this cover :D)