// From the Nuzlocke stream. 

The chat named the Rival Xivian and insisted to nickname his starter “joe”

Meanwhile our starter we’ve picked was a Male Starley named “ Not Becky” 
Unfortunately it was a short stream due to constant crashing of a Jirachi who wouldn’t leave us the fuck alone and a mother’s curse. 


Local man challenges gym during randomized nuzlocke stream, only to find himself face to face with a seemingly never-ending hell.

@krunkidile sorry if this brings up ptsd-style flashbacks but I was laughing so hard by the end of this

(This video starts slow but it’s one of the best/worst things I’ve ever seen during a nuzlocke challenge.) Check out his Twitch or his Youtube. He deserves it so much man


mAN OK i haven’t even decided on a proper name for this thing yet, and i initially only wanted to do it for comic practice before starting on more personal projects, but im actually feeling pretty excited to get started on this??? 0′’’:

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New vid!!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it :D

Pokémon Heart Gold NUZLOCKE #1 - Keel over for Keelo!
Welcome to the world of Pokémon, and my very first Nuzlocke Challenge! I am super excited to be starting this series. I've never done any lets plays, editing...

So I did a thing
Been wanting to do this for AGES.
It’s my first time recording anything like this, it’s my first time editing, but I think I did okay for a first attempt. 

Day 16 - Happy Valentine’s Day!


I have been reading your amazing comics for quite a long time. Now I finally worked up on my courage and say Hi to you. :D 

You are such a great story teller. I know Locke and Gary can never be together after what happened but I still wish to draw them together.

 P.S. You are going to spray some Holy Water to cleanse my mind, right? XD

A Roads Journey: Update

Doot, doot, doot.

I’m still working on the background colours for the next update, it’s taking awhile but I have like 4 panels left to do before I can add the special effects and sound effects as well as the speech/bubbles.

So yeah by the look’s of it this’ll be done at the latest tomorrow night [13th August].

Nuzlocke challenge idea??

Don’t know if this has been done before but instead of the first Pokemon you encounter on a route how bout instead you pop in an action replay and it’s the first trainer Pokemon you encounter on a route that you catch
Now you’re a just villain going on your first Pokemon stealing journey