A Roads Journey: Update

Oh boy…Where to begin…

I’ve got nothing done to the next update. I mean I have a few panel’s lined but that’s about it…

I don’t know if I’ll get this update even done by the end of this month either because of life…

Long and short of it all, my step granddad’s in hospital, he will be for 1-3 months or so, and family wants me to visit him daily, 4-5pm every day, which is in the middle of my work schedule and it’s throwing my motivation and energy to get much of anything done anymore.

Heck step granddad told me to take Sunday’s off from visiting him cause the family friends takes me each day, an even he needs a break too, but the rest of the family wants me to go on Sunday so that’s another fight.

Plus I’m behind on my rent, which I would have thought my family wouldn’t have minded but nope, gotta pay that back somehow…I’m loosing working hours and energy but whatever…

So for now, A Roads Journey is on the back burner, I’ll still try and get it updated but I’m not sure when that’ll be.

I’m sorry guys.

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mAN OK i haven’t even decided on a proper name for this thing yet, and i initially only wanted to do it for comic practice before starting on more personal projects, but im actually feeling pretty excited to get started on this??? 0′’’:

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Nuzlocke challenge idea??

Don’t know if this has been done before but instead of the first Pokemon you encounter on a route how bout instead you pop in an action replay and it’s the first trainer Pokemon you encounter on a route that you catch
Now you’re a just villain going on your first Pokemon stealing journey


Hey guys!

Hope y’all are keeping up with my new Nuzlocke series!

Today we are taking on the first gym [: 15 likes will bring an episode on Wednesday!

I hope you guys have been enjoying this series so far! Cause I’m having loads of fun :D


FOOL’S GOLD [A Heartgold Nuzlocke Comic]

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//collapses   fINALLY i’m finished (ha not really, i still have pages and pages more to do lmao)

And so begins the Heartgold nuzlocke challenge comic: “Fool’s Gold”!!

I’m probably going to post this comic to a webcomic-hosting site or some site more appropriate for webcomics but yeah– I guess this is a personal challenge to see if I can hold up a comic/ update regularly— maybe on smackjeeves idk

Day 16 - Happy Valentine’s Day!


I have been reading your amazing comics for quite a long time. Now I finally worked up on my courage and say Hi to you. :D 

You are such a great story teller. I know Locke and Gary can never be together after what happened but I still wish to draw them together.

 P.S. You are going to spray some Holy Water to cleanse my mind, right? XD

A Roads Journey
“The myth surrounds the boy, the boy surrounds the myth.”

Hey guys!

Just dropping a link to remind y’all that A Roads Journey has it’s own official Tumblr page y’all can go follow and ask questions about the story, it’s world and the characters!

I’ll also be posting updates an what not to the blog too so y’all are kept in the know!

An Unexpected Adventure - Part 1 (Extreme Randomiser Nuzlocke)

Hello, hello!! I’m super excited to be trying something new and this may actually help me finish a nuzlocke for once! I don’t really have anything to put here yet, in the parts to follow, I’ll list the Pokemon I have, and those that have sadly died, here! But, for now, here are the rules I am playing by!

First Part - You’re here friend!

1) Only one Pokemon from each Route can be caught. If it’s killed or runs away, you have missed your chance and must wait for the next route. (Static encounters, such as legendaries, count as a separate encounter.)
2) If a Pokemon faints, it’s dead. It must be deposited or released.
3) All Pokemon must be nicknamed to form a stronger bond.
4) All Pokemon have been randomised completely! This means typings, abilities, movesets and evolutions have all been changed! As have item placements and TMs.
5) Rules start once you first obtain Pokeballs (ie. next part)

I sighed, flicking through channels and rocking my feet to and fro in front of me on the cool, wooden floor. It was not unlike most other days I spent in the house those days, the outside world “too dangerous” and “too unpredictable”, the news reports of strange variations of Pokemon scaring everyone into their houses. I wasn’t too sure what the big deal was, in all honesty; sure, apparently there were reports of Weedle breathing the intense fire capable of burning down a couple of houses, but there were also Dragonite simply wanting to nap in trees and leaf piles.

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YO! Here’s another music Monday guys!

And don’t forget you can always ask me questions about A Roads Journey!


Local man challenges gym during randomized nuzlocke stream, only to find himself face to face with a seemingly never-ending hell.

@krunkidile sorry if this brings up ptsd-style flashbacks but I was laughing so hard by the end of this

(This video starts slow but it’s one of the best/worst things I’ve ever seen during a nuzlocke challenge.) Check out his Twitch or his Youtube. He deserves it so much man