Pokemon Sun and Moon in a nutshell. o3o [mememememmeme]


I honestly had no idea where I was going with this as I animated it xD; I just knew I wanted to animate Nebby and Lillie /so bad/ … I love the super animu Lillie frames. xD 

These two were my favorite characters from Sun and Moon, but it’s actually really hard to pick among the very interesting cast we have :3 <3

Reblog in memory of those of who hatched MALE shiny salandits.

Gone too soon

anonymous asked:

While I'm on a roll with these questions... Opinion on those so-called "memes"?

I wonder what Alphonse thinks of this? He doesn’t follow my blog, so I should be safe.

Not that he can do much. I have Shadow Shield and the type advantage.

synthwaves  asked:

ghosty pokemons o..o

one of my favorite types!!!

Favorite: giratina

ahaha i actually love this over-designed centipede from hell 

Second Favorite: mimikyu

this one has grown on me a lot in moon since i put one on my team!!! that disguise ability is super handy

Cutest: pumpkaboo

pumpkin bat pumpkin bat pumpkin bat with a fluffy cat face

Least Favorite: trick question!!! the answer is none because all ghosts are good