I had a Pokemon adventure this morning! I caught a Raticate right on my doorstep, chased an Eevee and then lost it because I got caught in a heavy thunderstorm and couldn’t throw the damn ball. xD but then this Tentacruel swam to the bus stop I went to for shelter so it was all right!

Now I’ve been home for 10 minutes and it’s no longer raining. Typical. xD

ETA: SORRY GUYS wrong blog I was posting fromt he app and I don’t have the hang of this yet. xD Ignore this pffffff,


New skit? New Skit! The biggest flaw to this world stopping game.

I just spent forever fighting a fucking level 6 gym until I finally neutralized it and then before I’m even healing all my dead ass Pokemon this lvl. 23 team mystic piece of shit takes the FUCKING GYM even tho he took no part in the take down??? Beady eye little fucker waiting to steal my fucking cheese?
And of course he brought his friends like some locust infestation. The gym was level 3 again in no time and I WAS PLAYED THE FOOL


Pokemon Go saved my pastor's life

No joke.

My pastor was riding to church on a Wednesday on his motorcycle to do some work. It’s WAY out in the country and there aren’t many people around it.
On the way, he was stung by a bee in the back of the head. He’s deathly allergic to them.
He felt himself getting faint, pulled into the parking lot, and tried to get into the church, but it was locked.
Well, it turns out the church is a pokestop, and a van full of Pokemon Goers pulled up. He stumbled towards them for help like a zombie (because he was going into shock and passing out).
At first they freaked out and took off, but one girl convinced them to turn around and see if he was ok.
He told them he got stung by a bee, and asked them to call 911 before dropping to the ground and blacking out. The girl had an allergy herself, and used her EpiPen on him.
The ambulance people said that if they hadn’t helped him when they did, he would have most definitely been dead.
Now my pastor happily greets and talks to all the Pokemon Goers that pull into the church.