Probably one of you.

So here it is.

It took me awhile to figure out the Kyogre one because of that dang ‘ol whale-tail, but I found a few shark kigurumi’s that had the tail attached on the back, so I did that.

Now enjoy two enormous nerds dressed up as super ancient Pokemon.

Maxie in the Groudon Kigurumi is originally from this.

Pikachu and Toothless by TsaoShin

Back at it again with the jammy jam party this time with Toothless and Pikachu!

Check out the Time Lapse Video of this drawing on my YouTube: youtu.be/BH8ZulKXJa4

This drawing was drawn during an episode of Backseat Drawing!  Join our livestreams 8PM EST on Monday and Wednesday at www.twitch.tv/tsaoshin

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Ink by @comyet

Geez Lucy, you’re freezing! Be more careful!

Gift for missyplatina! ^_^ I had some freetime and I realised I never done a finished art for Missy, my favorit fanficwriter! We talked about my choice of Pokemons for NaLu(Charmelion  and Pachirisu), and now I decided to make a small thing to say thanks for all the happiness she gave me with her writing. If you havent checked yet; you should take a look at Virtual Flames!  Also thank you for enduring my rambles on Skype! :3 

* anyone can ask for my skype anytime ~~* 
Plus I wanna make other gifts for another friends of mine because they’re so precious to me and I love how I can be a part of their lives. 


*⋆✩Hello World!*⋆✩

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I recently finished making this Charmander kigurumi and now I am looking to sell it. It is hand made from fleece with a flannel lined hood. This particular kigurumi is made to ideally fit those who are around 5′ 0″ to 5′ 8″ would work for those who are shorter but will be a baggier fit. I am charging around $80 for this particular kigurumi. If you are interested in this kigurumi or even ordering a commission for a different design you can feel free to message me and/or head over to my new etsy shop for more details. :3