I decided to get in on this cross breeding thang. My best bet, seeing an Eevee/Slakoth hybrid. That’ll do it. I went with Sylveon because RIBBONS. I originally wanted to do ten but didn’t have the time. Runner ups were Slakoth, Gengar, Mienshao and Aurorus. Draw them for me. 


SO this has been me the past month. 

Again, I’m going to be selling at the Salt Lake Comic Con! It’s this week! I’m at table Green 25, come and say hi! 


Oh good god they’re done. 

all 8 commissions. i shall never be taking on that many at once again. 

There still may be some tweaks to the final one, but overall this is all completed. The final one in the set is a special Hairless Raticate called Harvey, on the commissioners request :) Whilst this does look just like a giant rat, originally i had planed to give it very spiky fur that leant itself more to the original design. 

*sobs* I am so glad these are done. hope you like them all as a set guys and gals, especially the people that commissioned them!


Anonymous said: is it just me or something about laura screams floatzel to me ? like can u imagine them chilling on the beach and headcanon laura can’t swin so she grabs on her floatzel for dear life and it’s actually very jealous of carmilla for some reason so it just gets out of the pokeball at the worst time exclusively to drench carmilla

Floatzel is also a huge food junkie like Laura and sometimes they’ll go float in that middle of a lake or river or a little off-shore so they can munch on cookies in peace. And yeah… totally not fond of Carmilla.