“Spark…you’re a very IDIOT.”

LMAO I’m sorry guys, i love a stupid things </3

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“Once, there’ll come a time, when you will lose someone very important to you. Therefore, you should be thankful for every single minute you can be with that special someone. Otherwise you will maybe regret it someday.”

Appreciate every single moment with your beloved ones. It could be the last time…

Returning” - A Pokémon-Doujinshi by MiyaToriaka
♥ 16 pages, 1 Cover
♥ Done with colored pencils
♥ Songs: Glasperlenspiel - “Niemals Vergessen”; Adel Tawil - “Dunkelheit”; Ke$ha - “Last Goodbye”

Dedicated to all the people, who have lost a very special person, accidently, suddenly, without being prepared for their loss


But it’s only a nightmare…

OK OK I DID THIS SHIT SINCE YESTERDAY, YES I SAW THE NEW TRAILER IT’S ONLY MY VISION THANK YOU, seriously, I began to draw this yesterday and now I finish, and like there’re the new trailer for the next episode, i’m feel a bit fucked but I changed some thing at the last minute xD

So it’s only a nightmare made by Satoshi, i think you can understand why xD


Team Rocket Doujinshi

I was going to make a HUGE post, and then I said, Eff it, I’ll make a website.  So here it is: a page devoted to Team Rocket doujinshi.

The majority are Rocketshippy, yes.  Some just have cute stories.  I’m willing to post other pairs, if you’ve got the goods.  So break out your FuriKoji (Pierce x James) or whatnots. X3  Even if it’s not romantic, send it my way.  Any and all Team Rocket.  Does anyone have MusaYama (Jessie x Cassidy)? :D

There’s a contact page so people can e-mail me directly.  I’ve set up a special file box on MediaFire where, if you’d like to send one my way I don’t have, you can give me a link and upload the file directly.  Then I’ll put it up.  Let’s make this a huge page!

Please enjoy!  お楽しみに!

An alternate ending to Ash’s battle with Korrina (which at this point hasn’t even aired yet lol), I thought this would be cool development for Ash and wanted to draw the idea rather than just write about it. I did it with pencils (mostly) so it’s much rougher than usual, but should still look rather clean after scanning. Hope you enjoy! :]


That series of doujinshi produced back in the day around Ash and Misty represent some of the best fan art I’ve ever seen, for any property. Someone was good enough to translate the text of “Yumeiro Kibun” and “Chocolate Panic” a while ago; I’ve put the text onto the pages. And if anyone knows of translations for “Orange Mail” and “Ready Go!” I’d be happy to do the same for those.


“This earth… It’s where Pokemon lives!!” (x)

Here we go, it’s time to start this project, here is only the “teaser”. Like I said here, I want to a doujinshi/fan comic for pokemon. I always wanted to do a fanfiction but… Yeah I have so many fanfic’s ideas, but about this project, the story is interesting. It’s after the “Genocide AU” (you know, Lys possessed Satoshi whatever) and nobody want to know what will be after? Let’s try it! (I will give you more information later !)

Thank you to give me a chance :D