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Hello! This is a new comfort/calming/cute/kawaii blog that I have just started up! I decided to create this blog to help me cope with my depression and anxiety. It plays very calm music that may be turned off at any moment, and it is a safe and happy place to enjoy looking at soothing and adorable gifs, photos, and other nice things. Please feel free to browse through the pages, and note that it is still under construction! Also note that there will never be anything violent, triggering, or otherwise offensive or dangerous on this blog. This is a relaxing and peaceful place for you to enjoy. ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

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Hello!^^ This little Absol is for you! I hope you like it… *////* It doesn’t seem to be another way to send pictures on Tumblr, so don’t feel obliged to post it. ^^ Thank you again for your help, it means a lot!! =D


I hope it’s ok that I’m posting it but GOOD GRAVY LOOK AT THIS CUTIE oh my gosh thank you so much! He is so adorable and fluffy and I’m glad I could help you! Oh my god I love this so much, look at his little collar with the bell and ahhhhh sooo cute :3 Thank you so much again! :D