Sailor Clefable and Tuxedo Gengar custom art plush ♥

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♥ Commission, not for sale♥

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Clefable, Gengar and Pokemon belong to Nintendo.

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask belong to Naoko Takeuchi

Plush are by me.


@emeyllgeepro as per request #2

I was just going to do a little sketch of this for that Pokemon Go Variant thing but I had an idea and I had to see it out to completion. This would be an example of an event-based variant, and not a regional variant. Thanks for the idea!

I think I may have a couple more Pokemon requests in me before Saturday if any of you are interested. Send me an ask and if I get to it, I’ll be sure to tag you!

My Pokemon Shippings (starting with Pokespe)

Kanto: Special and OldRival. At the start, I wasn’t sure upon riding the GuriBuru ship. I even had thoughts about Chosen (and I wasn’t even considering their age gap!) at one point, then I searched for fanarts of Green x Blue and, poof.

Johto: Both MangaQuest and SpecialJewel. No, seriously. (But I never ship PreciousMetal! Sorry guys, just… no.) But I tend to lean towards SpecialJewel more; MangaQuest is more like fanfiction and shoujo manga influence. (please don’t kill me MangaQuest fans, this is just my opinion, but due to the sheer number of shoujo manga I have read, their relationship is… cliche) But Gold x Crystal is not bad either, really, it’s just that Silver and Crystal’s relationship seems to be more treasurable, at least according to my headcanons.

Hoenn: Frantic! That goes without saying! Well, I don’t think I need to explain why because their chemistry is too obvious, but here’s a little backstory from me. In gameverse, my first and only shipping is HoennShipping (Brendan x May! 

Sinnoh: I don’t ship anyone in the Sinnoh trio. I seriously find their friendship really valuable. And ‘threesome shipping’, for me, is a very wrong term. Call it Entourage if you want, but I have my stance.

Unova: Agency, DualRival and Corrupted.

Kalos: Laverre. Starting to read XY, I wasn’t entirely sure either. But boy, even with their sibling relationship, this duo is funny. And I count their childhood introductions to each other in the recent round as a shipping moment, hehe.

Others: Tea, Graceful

GameVerse: My one and only, HoennShipping. See my notes about Frantic above. Being a Gen III Hoenn baby, what gives? …Okay I admit N caught me a little off-guard when I played White a little, so maybe a (very) little FerrisWheel. 

Cross-regional: BlackSteel/DarkSteel. (while DarkSteel sounds a bit better, I think BlackSteel is more appropriate. Please throw away the term LoliShota. It utterly sounds idiotic, and I know I’m not the only who thinks so.)

Anime: None, as of now. I told you that I’m going to watch all episodes from the very start, but I’m having no progress at all because I don’t have time and Mewtwo-knows-when would I get to episode 10. (if only I had Internet access on weekdays TT.TT). And… PokeShipping? I don’t think so. I mean, I did watch Ash with Misty and Brock on tv many years ago, but I didn’t have much of an imagination as a kid. (I even think it would ruin my childhood lol OTL) 

Pokemon: Latios x Diancie. *see one my previous posts. * I always think of Pokemon shippings as weird, but here I am coming up with one. Well thank you, the two sensei of PokeSpe. *peace sign* (the two legendaries seem to suit each other there, really.) And if I were to give a shipping name, let’s see… LusterShipping? (from Latios’ signature move Luster Purge and Diancie’s nature as a jewel) I searched the ship on google and there’s one in Yu-gi-oh though. AND MedievalStory.

So I guess that’s all? Even though I have watched some episodes ten years ago, I’m comparatively new to the Pokemon fandom. There may be more added in the future, I suppose! Especially that I still have more games to play…