Sailor Clefable and Tuxedo Gengar custom art plush ♥

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Clefable, Gengar and Pokemon belong to Nintendo.

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask belong to Naoko Takeuchi

Plush are by me.

Blind bag thrifted toys: bootleg Pokemon edition

Thrift stores love to just bag things up that look similar and throw them out on a rack for a dollar, so I bought what looked like a bag of army men with a couple familiar Pokemon, what I got was a couple of army men and a whole shitload of Poke-masterpieces.

Everyone knows ol’ Charmander.  He’s not feeling that hot today.

Is this Sivally?  Mewtwo in half a suit of plate mail?

Okay so this Darumaka is actually kind of cute.  He looks like he just wants a hug.


Zangoose has had enough of this shit.

Umbreon has no idea what’s going on.

Meanwhile Delibird stares into the void…

Help us Electabuzz!

In conclusion, this was an excellent purchase.  There ended up being over 20 of these and most of them are terrible and I love them.

anonymous asked:

What do you think weddings are like per region? And are there religions?

The religion question is a whole other post, but weddings?


     Weddings are fairly simple affairs in Kanto. Couples that want to go all out tend to go abroad to beaches or monuments in other regions. Although the ceremonies are usually rather quiet, Kantonians invite their closest friends to after parties that have a reputation for having lots of alcohol, music and wacky behavior. If you saw a video of a couple doing a crazy choreographed dance on their wedding day, most people would say “that must be from Kanto”.

Kanto weddings often feature:

  • Arcanine imagery to represent loyalty, 
  • Meowths using payday like flower girls, to wish wealth towards the couple (or people/pokemon throwing coins to mimic a meowth).


     Johtonian weddings resemble traditional Japanese weddings, being held at shrines. However, they take place in two ceremonies; one during the day and one during the night. They’re short, and often there’s a small party inbetween, with the day ceremony including only very close family. Nature also takes a part; depending on the shrine, a tree sapling may be planted by the couple.

Johto weddings often feature:

  • Beautiful caligraphy of the couples’ names as a gift. Writing is very important in Johto culture, as evidenced by the Ruins of Alph.
  • Bellossom dancers, or other talented pokemon. A more humorous couple might get dancing Bellsprout.


     Hoenn weddings are most likely outdoors, and are usually like big family gatherings. The dresses and suits are bright colors, and pokemon are treated like any other guest. Flowers play a big part, often lining tables and even wedding veils.
Hoenn weddings often feature:

  • Dresses made to resemble Gardevoir, Milotic or Masquerain.
  • Tons of fruit and berries, especially in/on the cake.
  • Luvdisc-themed decor.


Typically very ceremonial. Prepare for looong, long speeches and rites. Three officials are needed to recite these, representing the trios of Sinnoh.

“With the gift of knowledge, we will learn about each other. With the gift of willpower, we will live our lives together. With the gift of emotion, we will love each other.”

Sinnoh weddings often feature: 

  • Gifting the couple with a pokemon egg as part of the ceremony. This is to reflect the birth of Arceus, and represents a new life as a married couple. This is organized by the preacher, who asks the families who can provide one.
    • In the case that the couple doesn’t want a new pokemon (they’re moving soon, having a child, already have a lot of pokemon, etc.), an ornamental egg is used instead.



@emeyllgeepro as per request #2

I was just going to do a little sketch of this for that Pokemon Go Variant thing but I had an idea and I had to see it out to completion. This would be an example of an event-based variant, and not a regional variant. Thanks for the idea!

I think I may have a couple more Pokemon requests in me before Saturday if any of you are interested. Send me an ask and if I get to it, I’ll be sure to tag you!

anonymous asked:

What are all methods you use to shiny hunt? Any specific ones or anything? Or are a good few of them just luck and only some by method? Cause from what I've seen you've been pretty lucky! Which also makes me wonder if you have a shiny charm? If not how far are you from it in needed Pokemon?

Oh damn questions ok- Well, I haven’t tried soft resets yet because I’m not too interested about shiny special pokemons, but I do Masuda and SOS.

I do have a shiny charm because I completed the Alolan Pokedex :D

For Masuda (egg hatching): There are a few methods to make the shiny come faster (in generation 7).

  • Most of my pokemons are french, and the other pokemon in couple with them is a foreign Ditto (my game is french and this Ditto is british). Having a foreign Ditto will multiply your chances of getting a shiny by four.
  • I have the Oval charm, which is a charm that increases the chance of getting an egg. It makes the whole egg collecting process faster.
  • To make the hatching faster, I have in my team a Pokemon that has “Flame Body” as a talent (so for my case, I use a Talonflame). This talent, I believe, divides the number of steps to do by two. (therefore the hatching speed is increased).
  • With all that the shiny chance is reduced to 1/1336, but the Shiny Charm allows you to divide this by 3, so it gives you ~1/445 chance to get one!
  • If you want to make the process even faster, disable the manual disposal of eggs and make it automatic so your eggs get send automatically in the PC when you go get your eggs. With your “Flame Body” talented Pokemon, go pick 5 eggs in your team each time and use Tauros to reduce the number of your steps. Go and pick eggs from time to time and send them to your PCs until the 5 eggs you have in your team hatch, and if none is shiny, repeat the process!

For SOS:

  • Reminder that SOS is a method that’s only available in gen7 so far. Basically, it’s making a pokemon call for help over and over until the helping Pokemon that appears is shiny!
  • My SOS team is made of Decidueye, Lurantis and Xurkitree.
    Decidueye and Lurantis both can learn False swipe (reduces enemy to 1 HP) and Synthesis (self healing). That way, you can increase the chance of the enemy Pokemon calling for help, and minimize the use of medical items with Synthesis because your Pokemon heals itself! Having two of them reduces the use of Leppa Berries since I can switch between them, because they have similar attacks.
    Xurkitree is just one of my favorite pokemons because I love it’s design, and also because it can learn Hypnosis and Thunder Wave. Paralysis multiplies the chance of catch by 1,5, and sleep by 2, as well as making the shiny enemy stop calling for help and preventing you from catching it. (obviously, try and get a team of Pokemons that are way more powerful than the shiny you’re hunting, above lvl 70 is best!)
  • I have over 900 Leppa Berries. XD These are extremely important because they allow your Pokemon to regain 10 PPs to moves that have dropped to 0. And believe me you’ll drop by 0 quite often.
  • There’s a rumor that says chains are very important. Basically, chaining the Pokemons that are called for help (basically summoning the same Pokemon over and over without Pokemons from any other Pokemon families interrupting this chain, or without interrupting the battle) increases your chance of getting a shiny as it progresses.
  • Don’t forget to switch the Pokemon who calls for help to the newly summoned Pokemon every once in a while, so it doesn’t run out of PPs itself and kills itself to end the battle, so you don’t break your chain.

I’m probably telling you things you already know, but who knows! I have no idea if the people who follow me are interested just a bit about shiny hunting, but it’s a newly found passion of mine and I love talking and learning stuff about it, so why not, maybe this can help!