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My name is Isaac, I'm an INFP, and I'm a Cancer/Leo cusp. My biggest passion is singing! If I had any superpower, it would definitely be to fly. My favorite colors are blue and red, but I also love rainbows 😍😂 My favorite Pokémon is Flygon, and his name is Twister. He's a huge dork, but he's also really adventurous and sweet. When we're in battle, he brings everything he's got and has a fierce determination inside of him. I couldn't ask for a better Pokémon! 😍 #ConnoisseurGabi

Oh my!! It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a request!

Alola, Isaac and Twister!! Sounds like you two are very close, wonderful!!

Let’s see here, Isaac. Looks like you’re a person who is guided by morality above all. Because of this, it’s hard for people to stay on the same page as you. (sigh, I know the feeling) Regardless, you always seek the good in others and people find you’re a great communicator once let give you a shot! I think perhaps some people overlook you, again, because you are tricky to read. A loving and considerate person who can also be a bit dramatic and even volatile, but the secret’s in you! You’re good at reading others, so if you wanted to, you could use those skills on yourself and work to really connect with others. :)

As for Twister!! Flygon in general are very loyal pokemon. After being raised from a little trapinch, they have a lot of respect for a trainer who sticks with them. Like you, flygon admire people who can prove themselves and follow what they preach, as well as being flexible in new situations. The reason Twister gives it his all when he’s with you, in my opinion, is that you’re both totally on the same page! 

Y’all are two sweeties who will flip a switch when they need to get serious! Reminds me of a classic home-cooked breakfast. A perfect balance of savory and sweet. And a good foundation for the rest of your day. I love it!! You two take care of each other, you hear me? Best Wishes!!

(and should you ever find Twister buzzing an extra lot, just know he probably admires your signing so much, he’s trying to pay it forward and put on a show just for you!)

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Evaluations are open once again! If anyone is curious, please check out my Connoisseur Gabi page for details on how to get one!

Thank you @ask-francis-kinloch tagging me! Anyway here are 10 of my favorite songs (in not particular order).

1. Saturday Night -Misfits
2. Scream -Misfits
3. Go Your Own Way -Fleetwood Mac
4. Nobody Thinks About Me -Michale Graves
5. Panic Song -Green Day
6. 86 -Green Day
7. Welcome to Paradise- Green Day
8. Scarecrow Man -Misfits
9. Pumpkin Head -Misfits
10. Longview -Green Day

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Aahhh I’ve been meaning to do this for a very long time and now I’ve gotten so many followers and friends, I figured now would be a great time to celebrate with a Follower Forever! 

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This list doesn’t even begin to say how much I owe ya guys. You’ve been with me since the beginning of summer, when I decided to become a Pokemon Blog. Some of you guys are still following me from when I was awkwardmissrice and then poyo-pop. And then, when I became explorer-of-dungeons, everything really changed. I met a lot of you then. I tried to stay Pokemon only. But soon that changed. I changed my url to clemontic-gear-on. I also began to get more involved in different things, like Markiplier for an explain. I went from a casual watcher to a full out fan. And all of you stayed with me even when I changed my blog. And then, of course, tiny-box-treecko came along and things are just great.

Let me say this, back in September, I only had 100 followers. Can ya believe that? And I was friends with almost all of them. Eventually, I gradually gained followers (and friends!). I went 100 to 600 in a matter of months. And even now, I’m on my way to 700 followers. You guys have helped me through some rough patches you probably didn’t even know you helped out with. There was a lot of things going on in the summer and things were beyond suckish in the beginning of the year too. Ah I’m rambling, but seriously, thank you all. Even if you aren’t listed, you mean the world to me. You’ve helped me more then you could possibly know. And this is just a simple way of saying thank you. 

So, for the sack of wrapping this frickin’ thing up; Thank you all so much! I look forward to many more memories to come! And new friendships too~ And remember, have a happy holiday! No matter what you celebrate, remain safe and don’t let anyone stand in your way! 

With love,

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"wait who's Misty?" Pokeshipping fic w/ one sided amour only on Serena's end. :)

The Kalos group were currently enjoying the start of a nice lunch break beside a local river on the way to their next destination and, at the same time, had decided to take advantage of the opportunity to learn of more adventures and things from Ash’s past.

“Oh, well, I can always show you some of the pictures my friends and I took!” the raven-haired trainer had exclaimed with a guffaw, already plopping his backpack on their compact table to pull them out. “C’mon Pikachu!”

“Pikaaa!” the electric mouse cried in glee as he pounced after his trainer.

“Sounds like fun!” Clemont agreed with a nod as he started setting up the campfire with all of his necessities. “You’ve been traveling around the world a lot longer than the rest of us. It would be nice to get to know some of the people and Pokemon you’ve met outside of Kalos, wouldn’t it?” he asked openly towards Bonnie and Serena.

“Mm, sure!” the Pokemon performer nodded affirmatively as she started setting up the table, carefully moving Ash’s abandoned backpack out of the way while he ran over to the Lumiose City natives and sat down beside them.

“Hehe, feel free to come join us whenever you’re finished, okay Serena?” he asked with the same charming smile he always did, leaving her chest fluttering and burning in its wake.

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ALRIGHT MR. #CONNOISSEUR! I'm Daniel, INFP, a pisces, and I'm a sophomore vocal education major with a B.A. in clarinet (So I guess you can say I really love music lol) My favorite color is yellow, and I'm pretty ditzy and sorta petty. I have a tendency to blurt out memes at inappropriate times - like during an important lesson. Which is pretty embarrassing. My poképal is Hikari the Ampharos, she has a calm nature and her warm light helps me out on a blue day, probably my guardian angel tbh lol.

Awh… My lil Danny boy!!

Well it seems to me you appreciate your Hikari a lot!! What a lucky pokemon! okay let’s begin!

Danny, you’re a smart person. Very understanding and tolerant, you’re quick to make friends with almost anyone! However, you find yourself misunderstood a lot. Perhaps this is because people are a little caught off guard by your being driven my your principles rather than logic, despite your vast knowledge. But you’re a sensitive dude who knows what’s important to him, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. A quick learner, you’ve figured out what your interests are and haven’t stopped working to master them. 

Hikari!! A calm and cute little ampharos. Hikari, like you, my dear, is a people person. Her strength lies in getting along with others, and she loves her friends. Also like you, Hikari’s inner feelings are prone to being overlooked. She might be taken for granted by others sometimes, because she’s wise like you and is often relied on like a guiding light, literally!! But because of this, I feel your connection is strengthened through feelings of empathy. *typical pisces, hehe*

A calm and mellow pair, who also have quite a large group of admirers, even if they don’t easily notice it! This is because of your wise, yet comfortable aura. Yes, I see it. I deep aqua blue!! That’s the color of you bond, and while you may get lost in a sea of emotions, you’ve got Hikari to light the way to shore whenever you need it. (and she has you!) You two are great together so great together it’s beautiful!! Good job, friends!!

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What towns/cities/regions do you see your ships living in when they settle down?

I’ll do the generic popular four.

Pokeshipping. Pallet Town. I can’t see Ash settling anywhere other than his beloved Pallet Town. It’s super close to the Indigo Plateau, too, which is good, since Ash is the Kanto Champion and Misty is a part of the Elite Four.

Contestshipping. Slateport City. Slateport City is the location of the Association of Pokemon Coordinators, for which both May and Drew work. Drew works on the administrative side for the APC itself, while May teaches at a school established by the APC.

Ikarishipping. Hearthome City. They mainly stay here for Dawn. Dawn is a Pokestylist, and Hearthome is the center for that field, since it hosts the Hearthome Collection Contest. She also often judges for the Hearthome Pokemon Contest. Since Paul is the Sinnoh Champion, however, he has to disappear to Lily of the Valley Island for about a month every year.

Wishfulshipping. Opelucid City. Iris becomes the Opelucid Gym Leader at 18, and the gym turns into her “office” as the Unova Champion when she’s crowned. The gym includes living quarters, where she and Cilan stay. Cilan teaches at the Opelucid campus for the Pokemon Connoisseur Association.

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I don't know if you're still doing these, #connoisseurgabi, but it's such a cute idea, I can't resist! My name is Akemi and I'm an INFP/Virgo mix. Even, with that personality type, I'm hasty, temperamental, and lazy. I enjoy drawing and immersing myself in fandoms. My partner is my Bulbasaur, Major. He has a careful nature and is capable of taking hits. He is moody, resilient, and a bit of a strategist. While I'm aggressively affectionate, Major's more reserved. Thank you so much Gabi!

No worries, my dear, Chet and I are always available!! 

So it sounds to me like you’re quite a communicator!! An INFP (mediator) and a virgo! And you’ve got a knack for paying attention to minor details as well. At times, you might  get overly critical, but you know that everyone has a little good in them, and that’s what you try to work with. Virgos can be a little temperamental at times too, but only if they’ve been pushed around. They are kind of taken for granted in my opinion, but they’re so much more than the person to talk you. You’re fun and charming, and despite your tendency to be lazy, you can be pretty organized (in your own unconventional way) too!! It’s no surprise that a kind, grounded, and rounded person like you would find a good partner in a pokemon like…

Major!! the bulbasaur!! Looks like Major is a lot like you as well. Bulbasaur are often given to trainers just starting out on their journeys because they’re easy to train and are very loyal and calm. Bulbasaur are more serious than their fire and water counterparts, charmander and squirtle. They prefer trainers who are respectful and considerate of others. Major’s careful, but he’s a resilient one, too! No surprise there! He’ll take a hit, in battle or in life, and he’ll use that in the future as a guide for what to do in a similar situation. Major might be more reserved than you, but I’m sure he appreciates that affection a whole lot!!  

Major is attracted to your observance, and your passion. You may not be the most reverent trainer, but he knows that you’ve got a unique view of life that makes you focus on what’s ahead, even if it’s not exactly the same recipe he would follow. Akemi, you can rely on major to keep you calm when the roads get rocky. Trust goes both ways, as I’m sure you both have learned!! I’m also sure that Major is as thankful to have you in his life as you are to have him. Major and Akemi!! Two intelligent partners who together make a bitter-sweet delectable combo!!

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said: Does this mean Cilan will come back? He’s a Pokemon connoisseur too!


said: Yeah, I noticed that as well. Perhaps Dent could cameo in XY as a judge for the Master Class or another TriPokalon with him and Yanappu being Poffle-testers? The door seems open, nice to have a callback to this profession as well.

Maybe he could…. A Pokémon Sommelier judging the TriPokalon would have to be either A-class or S-class, because they’re skilled in noticing every detail.

It took me a while, but I finally managed to hit 1000 followers!

Even through various hiatuses, busy periods, ups and downs for both myself and my blog, you’ve all managed to tolerate me to some degree well enough to continue following me…

…And for that I am truly grateful! I could never have imagined that so many people would have found my odd ravings and hysterics – punctuated by the occasionally trashy shipping fic – to be enough to garner such a group!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I hope you all continue to enjoy my blog, and the veritable mash of absurd content that I will endeavour to continue provide!

But this isn’t just an ordinary Follow Forever! Oh no! The landmark milestone of 1000 followers deserves something a bit more extraordinary!

As you might’ve seen from the crude paint edit from above, I’m doing a fic raffle of sorts! This small event is only open to those following my blog as a chance to openly thank you for being here for me for all this time; regardless of whether you’ve been here from the start, or if you’re a more recent arrival!

Here’s how this is going to work:

I’m going to write three fics: One drabble length (500-1000 words), One medium one-shot (2000-5000 words), One long one-shot (5000-10,000 words). If you’re interested in a chance to win a fic, please send an ask to my blog and tell me what fic I’ve written is your favourite! You can find my list of fanfiction here! Feel free to expand on why you liked it!

I’ll give a week for everyone to send in their asks! After that, I’ll do draw urls  at random for each fic I’ll write, drawing for the drabble first, the medium one-shot second, and the long one-shot lastly! Once the winners are chosen, I’ll announce them, and ask that the winners send in a preferred pairing (shipping or non-shipping is fine, I would prefer to keep it to three characters maximum) and then you can feel free to send in your prompt for me to write! Be aware that I would prefer to write within the pokemon fandom (I’m most familiar with the anime). I would also prefer if prompts were of the non-smut variety, and I won’t touch anything pokephilia related, incestuous, and nothing that portrays abusive or otherwise exceptionally negative relationships. Any other conditions are at my discretion, but aside from the above, I’m ready to write just about anything!

Thank you all again, to my dedicated followers! You’ve all helped me to feel accepted in a small, but much beloved fandom here in our little corner of the internet, and I hope to be able to continue to prosper here!

And of course, without further adieu, this being a follow forever, here’s the list of blogs that I’m following as well!

They’re all great people, and I highly encourage you to follow them, as they’ve actively made my dashboard one that I’m happy to come home to every night!

Italics are for my friends and mutuals whose conversations I always welcome! Bold are blogs that are my favourites and you’d have to put an army between me and them to prevent me from liking and reblogging their posts! If you don’t have either of these, don’t worry, I’m awful picky about who I follow, so you definitely have the approval of my strange tastes, regardless!

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Thank you all again for making my dash such a wonderful place, and thanks once more to all my followers for allowing me the privilege of trying to entertain you! I hope you all continue to enjoy my blog!

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I get where you're coming from with saying Cilan and Dento are two different characters, but that's like a girl getting married and saying she's a completely different person just because her last name changed to her groom's from her maiden name. (I hope I don't sound mean!!! ;O; </3)

Noooot exactly. I’m aware it’s me being picky as hell so I’ll put my explanation under a cut. But it has to do with character archetypes and Dento’s character type, the host doesn’t translate well. Especially when it has to do with wine. This is also an essay I’m warning you:

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