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rules: tag nine users you want to get to know better.

[Welp, since it says USERS and not Muse…. I’ll be filling it out]

1. how old are you? [I’m 28 =v=]

2. current Job? [I work at a clothing store.]

3. dream job? [To work on the Galapagos Island and be with the giant Tortoises 8D]

4. what are you talented at? [Uhhh….. Being a derp?]

5. what is a big goal you are currently working towards? [Fixing up my inherited house.]

6. what’s your aesthetic? [I don’t know what that means, so I’ll say Frenchest of Fries. That’s always the default answer =v=]

7. do you collect anything? [BESIDES POKEMON?! I used to collect bottle caps -3-]

8. What is a topic you always bring up in conversation? [How awkward I am at conversations.]

9. what’s a pet peeve of yours? [People chewing with their mouth open.]

10. good advice to give? [You have the right as an individual to feel comfortable, accepted, and loved.]

11. recommend three songs! [Uhhh……. NEXT QUESTION!]

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