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-How old are you? 24 years
-Current job/dream job? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I just want to survive
-What are you talented at? Sewing, drawing
-What is your aestethic? Plush dolls
-Do you collect anything? Pokemon plush dolls, ahaha
-What is a topic you are always up to talk about? Undertale, Steven Universe, Pokemon, Dragon Age
-What’s a pet peeve of yours? People talking down to me as if I know nothing because I went to art school. As if that means I’m of lesser intelligence.
-Good advice to give? Be calm and try to reason with people before getting angry and fucking shit up, at least that way nobody can claim you started it.
-Recommend three songs:
”Youth” by Daughters
“Must be Dreaming” Frou Frou
“King” Lauren Aquilina

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