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This Post is Pikachu-Approved

Football fans young and old will be treated to a very special ad during Super Bowl 50 – and this one isn’t for beer, snack chips, or cars. While ads for expected brands are battling for consumer attention, one brand’s ad will be focused on the battle itself: and that brand is Pokemon.

In honor of Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, the masters of the fictional universe are sharing a positive message: Train On. As the spot shows, when young boys and girls are inspired by what they see, they believe they “can do that” – whatever “that” is. To those who have never experienced the greatness that is the world of Pokemon, you have truly missed out. Humans, or “trainers,” capture these fantastical creatures and train them so that they can battle, Pokemon against Pokemon, with other trainers. It’s a complex world full of evolutions, rules, types…and lots of imagination.

Really, without imagination, where would all of our innovation come from? Now, take a look at the brand’s new spot – and take your imagination on a 60-second journey that you won’t regret.

~ Denise Blasevick, @AdvertGirl & CEO, The S3 Agency



“Keep In Touch.”

So I was thinking the other day that in the Pokemon world all it’s devices and tech would need a way of connecting, be it between phones, pokedexes, Pokémon Center Data Bases, PCs, etc.

This is where Capsule comes in. Their like the Wifi and data providers of everything Pokémon. They make it so that when you put your Pokémon into PCs that they are safely stored in the cloud, or when you trade Pokémon with trainers they arrive at the right destination. They connect all pokedexes so that every trainer is always up to date with the latest information about Pokémon discoveries, plus they help you use social networks wherever you are like Lumpsum to keep in touch with Trainers you meet on your journey.

The logo itself takes from the top of a Pokéball (I love it) and radiates outward in fashion that makes the C become apparent in the outer most arch. There are three archs that represent the main three services they provide which are WiFi services, cellular Services, and data services.

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Welcome to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Bridge to the Universe!

Welcome to a brand new, unique Pokemon roleplay masterlist, based off the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Super Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games! Cross over into the Pokemon world, create or join a tam of Explorers, and go on grand adventures like never before! Take on daring missions to rescue those in need, join us on different expeditions to discover untouched lands- all the while unraveling the mysteries of this strange universe! We are looking for dedicated roleplayers who are looking for a brand new Pokemon adventure! See you soon in the Pokemon world!

Masterlist More Information Join Us

Let’s start things off right.

the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, CA So as many of you know, Pokemon Go is a brand spanking new game in the works, being developed by both Nitanic and the Pokemon Company. It will be playable on smartphones, both Android and iOS (sorry windows users :( ). It is classified as an augmented reality game, similar to Nitanic’s widely successful game “Ingress,” a game that has two factions competing for portals. I checked it out in hopes to get into Nitanic’s mind a bit, and its pretty fun. I really enjoy walking around downtown Ellsworth trying to hack into a bunch of different portals, though most are owned by the same high level guy (CURSE YOU VICKVEGA82!) on the faction opposite of mine. 

The cool part about ingress was it allowed players to input different portal location ideas, allowing a way more widespread playing field. If Nitanic itself was the one placing portals we would probably have waayyy less than we do now. 

Now for Pokemon GO, not much is known. However sometime between March 14-18 the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, CA will be held, and Nitanic has stated that they will be there and “[give] Attendees (…) a first-hand, in-depth look at how players are interacting and exploring the world with one another through Pokémon GO, the collaborative approach to design and development for the game and the next evolution of augmented reality and real-world mobile gameplay experiences.” 

In my opinion, the most exciting part of this quote is the phrase “how players are interacting.” Could that mean a beta will be released before the conference and Nitanic plans on showcasing live data? eh probably not, but we can dream I guess. 

Anyways, the purpose of this blog is to determine which pokemon will be in the game for our pinetree state of Maine. My job is to collaborate with lots of Mainers to figure out different hotspots, determine environmental requirements for pokemon, and possibly just determine which pokemon should be where. Will Nitanic put sandile in the Desert of Maine? Well if they don’t I want them to know about it! I really hope they allow user submitted data (and I also really hope people don’t try to abuse it).

A little about myself, I am currently living between Ellsworth and Bar Harbor, and also spend a lot of time at my place in Naples on Sebago Lake. I have a bachelor’s degree of science in wildlife biology, graduated from Unity College. I’m looking to get a masters and eventually move onto a phD in botany. Wildlife and nature is literally my life, but I’m also a gigantic pokemon nerd, so combining those two things is absolutely my dream. 

Well Pokemon trainers, get ready; some awesome stuff is going to happen really soon. 



“Writing to Right Wrongs.”

The last time I started up an adventure to become the very best trainer there ever was, was in Pokémon Fire Red when I was reintroduced to the world of Pokémon for the millions th time.

But then I stopped and thought for a second… I thought to myself:

“How much credit does this professor actually hold? Where did he study?”

I couldn’t find anything doing research and still think the Pokemon universe could do with a few more schools regarding a WORLD FULL OF ALIEN CREATURES YOU CAN CAPTURE INSIDE MECHANICAL BALLS!

So… I made one up. This one in particular is an acedemt I imagine all people in the Pokemon world titled “Professor” would have to attend. It would be the equivalent of going to earn your masters by writing a thesis paper. Speaking of PAPER, the acronym for the title I gave this brand was a pleasant and TOTALLY intentional surprise. (Because surprises are totally done on purpose.)


The badge logo here has a protractor at its center to represent the precise and intentional exploration of a professor’s study, with the upper portion in red representing a profound foundation and the bottom portion similar to that of the letter A for Academy.

The six tree findings around it represent the different regions and fields of study the professors delve into and were designed based on the names of the current six professors who serve as the chairs of their respective departments.

And then there is the pokeball because… POKÉMON! 😅

So… The next time you start your next Pokémon Adventure, you can sleep at night knowing the professor handing you your first set of balls and a pokedex to go and do their dirty work for them while they take all the credit and give you little to nothing for it, know that they are now accomplished cheapskates thanks to the academy I founded for them.

Founding Professor JAAF, out.

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Pokemon Detective Game--Aipom Is Killed?


Pokemon Detective Game–Aipom Is Killed?

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As part of the 20th anniversary celebration of the Pokemon franchise, Nintendo released a brand new Pokemon Detective game in 3DS wherein a talking Pikachu would be playing the role similar to that of Sherlock Holmes. But, guess who died? Aipom!

External image

No, Aipom did not really die in the game. The cute pokemon was just knocked down as shown in the photo of the newest Pokemon game, Great Detective Pikachu. So, what is that red liquid around his tail you might ask? It was just a tomato juice when Aipom landed on the ground, according to Kotaku.

Tech Radar reported that Pikachu would then approach the body of Aipom without thinking of contaminating the crime scene. Well, that certainly shows us how “professional” this cute electric-type pokemon is. During the investigation of what really happened to the monkey-pokemon, talking Pikachu will be with Tim Goodman, who has been with the pokemon since Pikachu’s owner died in a car crash leaving him wandering in the streets, yelling at cars.

The concept of the game was already hinted at back in 2013, and finally it was released last February 3 in Japan. Meitantei Pikachu: Shin Konbi Tanjyou is the original Japanese title of the game and was just translated to English. As mentioned in the title, Konbi means “combination” or “team”, which would be a clue to the whole concept of the game—to pair up with the talking Pikachu to solve the mysteries in the game. Easy, right?

Great Detective Pikachu is one hell of a surprise for the fans, but, it is just a small part of the anniversary celebration because they have already created a Super Bowl commercial, a Nintendo 3DS Bundle, an augmented reality mobile game (Pokemon Go), and an arcade fighting game in Wii U, as reported by The Verge. It is also said that Nintendo is planning as well to release a 3DS version of Pokemon Blue, Red and Green.

The Pokemon Detective game was released via the Nintendo eShop in Japan last February 3. Its price is at 1,500 yen ($12.65) but if bought until before February 29, it will only cost the buyer 1,200 yen or $10.12. It is not clear yet whether or not an English version of the game will be created, and if it will be made available in Europe and America. But for sure, fans from those regions are already excited about it.

Something weird I do

As a kid I always saw those japanese letters in anime magazines about brand new Pokemon games that were just announced, and somehow I began associating japanese letters with “things that are not complete” or “things that are not translated into english yet”. 

So now every time I see a fan art of Rick&Morty with japanese letters on them I think to myself “it will probably get translated in a few months”… but then I suddenly remember that it doesn’t even origin from Japan, and my brain gets a little confused for a moment. 

Pokemon 20th Anniversary Challenge!

So I totally said I was going to do this, and then I forgot all about it xD So i’m gonna try to cram the first 4 days of this into a single post! >:D

1. What is your earliest Pokemon memory? Describe whatever comes to mind, and go into detail about your first initial feelings regarding it:

ANSWER 1: I’m not sure which came first, but I have a few very early Pokemon memories. One that has always stuck in my brain is when I started my first day of 1st grade, I wore my brand new Pokemon backpack to school (which was a black backpack with all of the original starts on the front pouch) and I just remember feeling so proud and excited that I had such a cool bag to bring to school. I also remember that when I was younger, I would always watch the new episode of Pokemon before I went to school. One morning in particular though, I was laying in bed, I hadn’t sat up or anything, and I was watching the newest episode (which was the one from the first season where Ash has to ride the Rapidash in the race? I haven’t seen it in so long, I forget exactly what happens. I do remember the rapidash burning him though xD) while laying on my Pokemon pillow. Eventually I had to get up to get dressed, but when I did, one of my baby teeth fell out! I guess it had fallen out in my sleep, and I just didn’t notice until I sat up. Still a very memorable moment for me :D I wish I could remember the first time I came in contact with Pokemon, but all I know is that I instantly loved it and made it a big part of my life!

2. Talk about your favorite current Pokemon game. Maybe the one that has the most hours clocked on it…and why it’s significant to you.

ANSWER 2: Well currently, I have really been enjoying the ORAS games. Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald were a lot of fun when I was growing up, and the remakes have definitely made me feel like a kid again while exploring the land of Hoenn. The delta episode was also really amazing in my opinion, and I thought it really added a lot of cool elements/backstory to the game! I thought Zinnia was a very nice fit :D

        If we’re talking about all-time favorite though, the Gold/Silver/Crystal games are hands down my favorites. I spent countless hours as a child playing them, making friends with the neighborhood kids through the game, and made a ton of memories both at school and at home with friends. The music is my favorite of all time, and I really enjoy the fact that you get two whole reigons to explore! Overall I am just extremely attached to those games, and it will forever have a special place in my heart :D

3. Describe your Pokemon gameplay. How do you play the Pokemon games? How do you choose your Pokemon team? Have you ever done a nuzlocke? Do you play through it quickly? Do you use EXP share or train your team? Do you nickname your Pokemon, etc.

ANSWER 3: Usually, when i’m playing a new Pokemon game, I like to play it in the most fun/casual sense that I can. I like to build a team based pretty much on just the Pokemon that I like/find along the way through my journey, and now that i’m a little older, I really like talking to all of the NPC’s/appreciating a lot of the small details as well. You get a lot more involved in the story/characters that way, and it feels like a much more immersive experience for me. :D I have never done a nuzlocke, but I do think it’s something that I would be up for trying one day. It’s an interesting challenge, but not really something I think I would enjoy doing often, because it really puts a lot of limits on how you can play the game.

     EXP share is usually a definite for me, I think it helps me enjoy the game more, especially on a first playthrough where i’m just trying to enjoy the game for what it is, because it removes a lot of the grinding and leveling up that you might have to end up doing along the way, and grinding is one of my least favorite mechanics of any game. In regards to nicknames, yes! I name every single Pokemon I catch, regardless of whether I plan on using them or not. I feel like by doing that, it kind of creates a special bond between me and the Pokemon, and gives the Pokemon a little touch of my personality. That way if I ever trade with people, they’re not just getting a generic Pokemon, they’re getting something that feels more like it has a story :D I also try to give them all thoughtful names too, i’m not too big on naming them silly things xD

4. Music can be powerful, but Pokemon music can be even more powerful! Let’s take this day to let our followers know what your favorite Pokemon tunes are. It could be from the anime, the games, and/or the movies. Maybe even include links in this post!

ANSWER 4: There are so many Pokemon tunes that I like listening to. Honestly, I would almost want to just say the entire G/S/C soundtrack if I could. But out of everything, I think a few that stand out to me most is Ecruteak City’s theme, the Route 26 theme, the Fortree City/Secret Base theme from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, and Lugia’s Song from Pokemon the Movie 2000 really gets me in an emotional mood in particular. I might post some YouTube links later of a couple of these just for fun :D There are a ton of other songs that I love listening to as well, including remixes. I have metal remixes of the battle themes from certain games that I listen to while i’m working out at the gym sometimes too! Little do the people around me know that i’m secretly next to them lifting heavy things and listening to Pokemon music muahaha >:D

Seth Rogen & Amy Schumer’s Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial: “Just Wait Till You See Our Caucus”

What’s not funny in Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer’s Super Bowl Bud Light faux political commercial where they talk about the size of their caucuses? The spot dropped this morning after being teased over the last week and it’s already trending. Michael Pena and Paul Rudd also make cameos…because as a nation “we agree on a lot” exclaims Rogen. “Like Paul Rudd, everybody loves Paul Rudd!” says Schumer. iSpot.TV in its pre-Super Bowl analysis reports that Bud Light has already spent an estimated $4.4M on spots and media. To date, iSpot reports that the most popular Super Bowl spot is a Pokemon commercial celebrating the brand’s 20 years. Sparked with percussion and an “I Can Do It” and “Train On” slogans, the Pokemon 20 spot has collected 11.1M views. Three years ago Rogen and Rudd starred in a Samsung Super Bowl commercial with Bob Odenkirk where they weren’t allowed to say the word “Super Bowl” in their ad.

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“Keep Going.”

I remember the first time I realized it. The bitter sweet sentiment spoken by the Nurse Joy at the Pokémon Center counter:

“We hope to see you again.”

I use to think this lady had it out for me to have my team get hurt, only so I would rush back to another location and have her have to heal my Pokémon yet again.

It wasn’t until later that I realized that the Pokemon centers, with the numerous amount of locations in multiple regions world wide must have been a franchise corporation with Nurse Joys having a monopoly on the brand.

Then I realized that there is no way there could be that many Nurse Joys and figures this corporation that runs things from the shadow has made clones and life life androids to run every location like clockwork.

I figured this corporation needed a corporate logo of sorts, so I gave it one.

I took the traditional Pokéball, rotated it counter-clockwise, and took a piece out of the bottom left portion of the Pokéball. I did this to represent the fact that the corporation is never finished expanding, and as long as you can find new lands to explore and Pokémon to discover, their open to building locations there too.

This three pieces also speak to three things and are colored accordingly, utilizing colours of the traditional starter Pokémon set most trainers might be accustomed to.

The warm red arch is for the warmth the free public centers provide, the green portion at the base represents the grounded natural science that has gone into the corporations practice, and the blue portion at the center represents the cold corporate soul at the heart of the corporation (I mean the pure and open honesty they exude).

At the end of the day you get a thoughtfully simple stylized C with a central point.

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many pokemon fans were disappointed by this commercial, but I have a different take on it.

you all have to remember this ad isn’t for hardcore pokemon fans, its for people who’ve only barely heard of pokemon or have long since stopped playing. You have to remember that many people watching the super bowl are big sports fans, what message better caters to that then the concept of training for greatness and being inspired by others. The ad tries to play off that emotion and how it relates to pokemon as a brand, and it certainly worked for me, it made me visit the pokemon subreddit for the first time.


Brand-new Pokemon Super Bowl commercial



“Capture friendship!”

So I think it’s safe to say the Pokédex of today in the real world would be a smart phone or tablet (let’s be honest here) and with it would be an app for social networking with Pokémon trainers you meet on your travels. A Facebook for trainers if you will.

What would that social network be called?

I’m not sure.

I’m thinking “LUMPSUM” would be a funny and quirky name that speaks to the idea of things adding up to a good time when we connect with one another.

What do you think?

As for the iconography within the logo; it consists of 3 layered and minimalist Pokéballs that come together to form a warm and cozy space for the group of minimal trainers that are rejoicing among each other’s company (putting that sweet sweet negative space to good use). I chose three Pokéballs to speak to when you start a Pokémon journey and have to choose one, but in this case you can have all three every time you look at this. ;)

Could you see this as an app icon on your phone to get in touch with other fellow trainers nearby and around the world?

Let me know in the comments below!

#pkmn #pokemon #pokemon20 #trainon #trainers #social #network #friendship #pokeballs #capturefriendship

#branddesign #brandidentity #branding #brands #adobeillustrator #logodesign #dribbble #adobe #behance #logos #logo #graphicdesign #logotype #minimalist #design #yyc #JAAF (at Calgary, Alberta)