On Fakes and Forgeries

So while we were at Anime Midwest last weekend, perusing the shops, I ended up finding a really nice Mewtwo statue for a surprisingly-cheap price. ($30)

I’m usually pretty careful about purchasing merchandise at conventions, since you can never be quite certain where the vendors got their stock from. That being said, I’ve become pretty good at spotting bootleg pokemon merchandise. Not everyone knows this, but there’s actually some really easy to spot differences in tagging and production that can out a forgery, if you know where to look.

So while we continue working to brew up some original art and content, I thought I’d start a series of educational posts about common fakes and how to spot them. I’ll be covering tagging, pricing, and design of authentic products when compared to fake products. If you’re unsure if a product you’re considering buying is a fake or not, send us an ask and I’ll help you out in making responsible purchases.

Because nobody likes getting an inferior product, right?

I’m so disappointed and angry at myself bc I just discovered that two plushies and a phone strap I bought over the last year are bootlegs. I thought I was educated enough to recognize them but turns out the fake tags blinded me and I fell into the trap. Again.

After my discovery I watched a few more videos on bootlegs and one of them pointed out just how many vendors sell them at conventions. There was not a single booth that sold legitimate stuff!

Honestly, the lesson I learned from this is that I should never ever buy plushies or figures or phone straps or anything at conventions again! Well, except for manga and DVDs I suppose…


((This is an old recording of some of my friends reacting to Pokemon bootlegs. My friend Phil’s reaction is PRICELESS - he’s reduced to NOTHING BUT ‘WHAT’. AND THEN THE GROWLITHE REACTION, OMG))


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6ndncMQFSE)

I don’t think they even tried to translate past this point, because these are some of the worst I’ve seen… and by worst I mean best holy shit I can’t stop laughing.