So, after three years, countless map creations, remakes and edits, I have finally completed my remake of the Hoenn Region from Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire, and Pokemon Emerald.

This map is far too big to view on Tumblr, so here’s the link to the full 11.1MB image (it’s quite big so may take a moment to load) - full map

“The Hoenn region (Japanese: ホウエン地方 Hōen-chihō) is a region of the Pokémon world. It is located south of Sinnoh. It is the setting of Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. It is inspired by the real-world Japanese main island of Kyushu. The names of most of the cities in Hoenn are made of two words put together (Little Root, Fort Tree, Slate Port, Ever Grande, etc.) rather than colors or plants as Kanto and Johto had done. Professor Birch of Littleroot Town offers the starter Pokémon known as TreeckoTorchic, or Mudkip to Trainers beginning their journey of this vast land.”

This map was created by myself, Rhys Wilcox (Tumblr: because-rhysons) (deviantART: Lightbulb15) (Twitter: @RhysWilcox) please notify me and give credit if used.