Whew! This one took a while. Here’s gen 3: Hoenn! I can’t believe I’ve done almost 400 of these things. x_x Next up is Sinnoh…

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“My, how you two have grown since you first began your adventure! I almost don’t even recognize you!”

I think it’s about time I reboot my hack series, don’t you? These two need their happy ending!

Someone on YouTube brought this up and I thought it was important to note

We all know the sins that GameFreak has dared to commit by using the RSE designs for Maxie and Archie as opposed to their ORAS designs. (Not actually a sin and most certainly not whitewashing.)

The thing is, at several points it’s been implied and all but directly stated in leaks that the villains in Rainbow Rocket are from timelines where they succeeded with their plans.

So where do RSE Maxie and Archie come into play in this?

The simple fact is that in another alternate universe, ORAS Maxie and Archie succeeded with their plans, but most certainly not in the ways they expected.

Go watch Generations again. Maxie and Archie were successful in awakening Primal Kyogre and Groudon without the player character there to stop them, but then found out that the Primal Evolutions were too powerful for them to control. Primal Kyogre and Groudon began destroying everything and even specifically targeted the ones that had awoken them.

The non-Primal Kyogre and Groudon are presumably far easier to control, considering that their base stat total doesn’t exceed that of Arceus itself, and thus, the RSE Maxie and Archie succeeded and survived.

So yeah, ORAS Maxie and Archie are actually dead in the timeline where they succeeded.

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