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💗 if you could hug anyone, who would it be?
I mean I would say Mark but Im going to say Jinyoung because of this post . Im so awkward to hug tho, im so short.

🐹 what are some of your favourite Pokémon and why?
I, for some reason, loved Shuppet when i was little. It was probably because i was an angsty child who thought dark pokemon were cool. Now i like Castform because its cute but strong. Im also a 3rd generation pokemon child. 
[i also love squirtle and pikachu for obvious reasons]

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Love that misunderstood alien sweetie <3

Deoxys Is not only my favorite Psychic, but one of my all time faves. I prefer the Attack forme the best I think.
He beat out Mew, but not by a very large margin. My other favorites are Espurr (who is for a later day), Reuniclus, Swoobat and Gardevoir.

Also, this background was hell.

Deoxys © Nintendo


Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald-Regis Battle (by pokemonmusicmaster)

Even to this very day, this theme still gives me the chills, especially the intro.