I was playing pokemon go the other day with friends and I managed to hop into a kyogre raid last minute and it started to rain really, really heavily. we joke and say “kyogre’s drizzle made it rain!” and laugh about it and proceed to take it down pretty easily. so i’m trying to catch this bigass blue whale with a waterlogged phone screen, huddled under a tiny umbrella with the two friends that were watching me do this, and I manage to actually curveball and catch kyogre. the ball clicked with its little star animation and all at once - the rain just abruptly stopped

the heavy as hell, soaking us to the very bone drenching the socks in our shoes rain lasted the duration of the raid until the exact second that ball clicked

it was the most surreal moment of my life. i think i may have just completed pokemon sapphire irl.

Did the #gymleadersona meme around twitter and yee Ditto is the best Pokemon /owo/

To earn the Ditto badge, you have to find out who is the real gym leader inside a mirror maze, where two other imposter Dittos are going to confuse you with their disguises :3c

Y'know what I want?

A live action Pokémon AU series where we get to see the darker sides of Pokémon. Bounty Hunters, International Police, gangs, mafia, theft, death, and high scaling battles where people are killed and cities are destroyed. I want story. I want eye-catching scenes and heart wrenching acting.

I’m tired of watching the story of a boy who wants to be friends with Pokémon.





| ^・ω・^)ノ