I really wanted to draw up some Pokemon Gijinkas, so I asked folks on twitter to tell me their fav pokes and I pulled from there~

Partially the more popular ones, partially ones I just thought were fun! Can you tell who is who?? (If you can’t, you can always just check the tags, lol))


Ghost type pokemon were far and away probably the mooost mentioned pokemon in my little survey–Gengar was definitely the number one most mentioned, with mimikyu, chandelure and aegislash giving him a run for his money.

So I drew this up! I like to imagine this is the newest Addams family style sit-com to hit the market~


Someone asked for more info on the Crobat biker and I thought on it a bit more and decided he’s probably part of a sportbike gang/club. He’s their newest member, but he’s fitting in just fine. (Honestly, I just wanted to draw more motorcycles…)

Here he is with his pals, Ninjask and Beedrill~

((If you have an in depth understanding of Motorcycle anatomy, I apologize))

froggyo  asked:

Hi, i'm Flappy, I fell upon your drawing of the ginjika of chandelure and I really wanna cosplay the one you drew! Do you have, by any chance, any designs of the character? I can't see the back so it's kind of hard to researches about it 😞 You don't have to draw, if you have any descriptions for me that would be great! It will be easier for me to do ! I'm sorry again to bother you and thank you !!!

I know you told me not to bother drawing things…But like…How could I not??

You just gave me a good excuse to give them an outfit breakdown! Plus some other people have messaged me saying they’d like to try cosplaying these guys so I figured why not just make a little reference if any one actually does wanna give it a go?!? that being said I hope you don’t mind me publishing this for others to see~

Just some basic stuff—Well. I guess that doodle on the right isn’t so necessary but I hope you don’t mind it………………..