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I have made a remastered version of the tarot cards I have made up to this point. Here’s half or so of them. The others will appear soonish!

Basically what has changed is that I increased the saturation and tweaked some of the colours here and there. I hope you like them!

Ho-Oh - The Hanged Man

Latios and Latias - The Lovers

Kyurem - The Fool

Jirachi - The Star

Xerneas - Justice

Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres - The Wheel of Fortune

Giratina - The Devil 

Celebi - High Priestess

Yveltal - Death

Mewtwo - Judgement

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Type: Fairy/Dark
Classification: Wild Fae Pokemon
Height: 14′6″
Weight: 461 lbs
Ability: Maddening Aura - Greatly powers up the attacks of Dark and Fairy type Pokemon, but also inflicts confusion on them.

Description: Created through a modified process of Absofusion, its power proved to be too great to control. Its life energy can drive other Pokemon into a frenzy.

  • Yveltal: *charging Oblivion Wing*
  • Hero: Partner, what happened?
  • Partner: Nuzleaf cheated.
  • Nuzleaf: Cheated!? (Raises hand to Yveltal) Hold on there, buddy. (Back to Hero and Partner) Oh, grow up. What, you think this is a game of kickball on the playground? You never had a chance to defeat me, FOOL! And you know why?
  • Partner: Because you cheated?
  • Nuzleaf: !? No! Not because I cheated, because I’m an evil genius! And youre just a- a kid! Muahaha, a stupid kid! Nyeheheheheheheh~
  • Yveltal and Beheeyem: *monotonously* Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  • Partner: I guess you’re right, Nuzleaf. I am just a kid.
  • Nuzleaf: Of course I’m right. Okay Yveltal, time to kill-
  • Partner: And you know, I’ve been through a lot in the past 6 days, 5 minutes, 27.5 seconds, and if I’ve learned anything in that time, it’s that you are… who you are.
  • Nuzleaf: …That’s right, okay Yveltal-
  • Partner: And no amount of Mythical Magic, *gestures to Jirachi and Celebi* or societal promotion, *gestures to Ampharos* or some other third thing, can make me more than what I really am inside; a kid.
  • Nuzleaf: That’s great, now get back against the wall.
  • Partner: *louder* But that’s okay!
  • Nuzleaf: Wha? What’s goin’ on?
  • Partner: Because I did what everyone said a kid couldn’t do! I made it through the Voidlands, and I beat the Void Shadows, and I rode the door to hope, and I brought Hero and I back!
  • Nuzleaf: Alright, we get the point.
  • Partner: *Harmony Scarf starts to glow* So yeah, I’m a kid, but I’m also a goofball, and a wingnut, and a knucklehead expasatron!
  • Nuzleaf: What’s goin’ on here?
  • Partner: But most of all, I’m…
  • Nuzleaf: Okay, settle down,
  • Partner: I’m…
  • Nuzleaf: Take it easy!
  • Partner: I’M…
  • Nuzleaf: WHAT THE SCALLOP!?
  • Partner, evolved: I’M A GOOFY GOOBER!

For a sec, imaaaagine:

+ All Pokemon battles were dance battles
+ Pokemon are dancer’s spirit animals
+ Pokemon signature moves are dancer’s signature moves/style

Imaaaaaagine it. Enjoy :P

  • Dark Matter: Are you a real villain?
  • Nuzleaf: Well, uh, technically... nah.
  • Dark Matter: Have you ever caught a good guy? Like a... real superhero?
  • Nuzleaf: Nah.
  • Yveltal: *Shakes head*
  • Dark Matter: Have you ever tried a disguise?
  • Yveltal: *Shakes head faster*
  • Nuzleaf: Naaaah, nah....
  • Dark Matter: ...Alright! I can see that I will have to teach you how to be villains!

Tim introduces marshmallows to Yveltal, who quickly becomes addicted to the squishy treats.

It took Tim almost an hour to tell Bruce that he was keeping Yveltal, no matter how much the older man protested. It wasn’t until Tim pointed to the ‘BatCow’ munching away in the corner of the cave for Bruce to relent, realizing they’ve pretty much jumped the shark already.

Despite its large stature, Yveltal  is very calm and obedient to Tim, but it won’t tolerate anyone else. It especially sends some very cold glares towards Dick and Damian, disliking the older’s jumpy nature and the younger’s lack of respect.