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Manami: W-wait Karma-kun! How is this fair?!

Karma: C’mon you can do it Manami~

(AN: Part 2 of a previous posttt. See if you can guess all the characters and what they all have in common!)

Hey, I’m looking for some blogs to follow that post stuff like:
• Love Live
• Pokemon
• Anime in general tbh (looking for new stuff to watch anyway)
• Kawaii stuff
• Hello Kitty
• I guess Japanese stuff in general ehehe
• Gaming stuff is cool too
• Steven universe and other cool cartoons • RWBY

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As previously stated, Egu’s been having trouble finding 10km eggs on Pokemon GO. A bunch of people, the most notable one being OnoKen, do not have this same problem, and have been gleefully rubbing this in his face.

Let me tell you right now…it gets worse.

egutakuya: No, that’s weird.
onoyuki19840622: This guy for whom it happens habitually is grinning [at you].