pokemon xy spoilers

According to Serebii:

The next batch of CoroCoro information has been posted to Japanese forums and this batch showcases new information. In this image, Pokémon #719 is revealed. As previously known due to leaks, this Pokémon is called Diancie. It is a Rock/Fairy-type Pokémon and it stars in the movie now titled “Cocoon of Destruction & Diancie”. We’re currently in the process of translating, so keep checking back.


Magnet Pull: more likely to find Steel-type Pokemon in the wild.

Static: more likely to find Electric-type Pokemon in the wild.

Drizzle: more likely to find Water-type Pokemon in the wild.

Drought: more likely to find Fire-type Pokemon in the wild.

Snow Warning: more likely to find Ice-type Pokemon in the wild.

Sand Stream: more likely to find Ground-type Pokemon in the wild.

Solar Power: more likely to find Grass-type Pokemon in the wild.

Sap Sipper: more likely to find Bug-type Pokemon in the wild.

Toxic Boost: more likely to find Poison-type Pokemon in the wild.

Solid Rock: more likely to find Rock-type Pokemon in the wild.

Competitive: more likely to find Normal-type Pokemon in the wild.

Cursed Body: more likely to find Ghost-type Pokemon in the wild.

Gale Wings: more likely to find Flying-type Pokemon in the wild.

Telepathy: more likely to find Psychic-type Pokemon in the wild.

Guts: more likely to find Fighting-type Pokemon in the wild.

Marvel Scale: more likely to find Dragon-type Pokemon in the wild.

X  & Y

Serene Grace: more likely to find Fairy-type Pokemon in the wild.

Insomnia: more likely to find Dark-type Pokemon in the wild.


Illuminate + Friendship: more likely to find Shiny Pokemon in the wild.

Super Luck + Friendship: more likely to find Shiny Pokemon with hidden abilities in the wild.


So I found this Grunt who added a single dialogue line that grants a lovely bit of understatedness to the otherwise pretty over-the-top villain speech.

The themes of XY, as I’ve understood them, are the problem of limited resources, the idea of wealth and social class is touted but we don’t see much in regard to poverty. I think the message is very mixed at best, mostly because with a problem so real and so complex, there’s no satisfactory answer. They just say “it’ll work out” and I don’t really like that glibness. It ignores the argument entirely. And the idea IS important. Resources ARE limited and we can’t just pretend that problem won’t be solved without hard work. Someday our children might be fighting over things as simple as clean water.

So I choose more to focus on the little things, rather than the intended theme. The Grunt’s statement after Lysandre’s speech just tugs at my heartstrings much more, and I find it more effective. I think it’s very human to be blind to your successes and obsessed with your failures. That’s what evokes the most empathy from me in this.

I would have loved to see that focused on. To have someone point out to him that working hard for the greater good IS noble, but that we need to have perspective. One man can’t save the world. No matter how rich he is. I wish just ONE character pointed out something like “By inventing the Holo-caster you created a way for people to communicate that might help us solve more problems together, so that we don’t have to face problems alone.” To drive home this idea of community, an idea that I feel is built well with O-Powers and the whole PSS system.

Pokemon has connected me to people all over the world, even back in Gen 4. By having common ground together, we’ve become friends. Those connections bring us compassion and understanding for people thousands of miles away. It’s easy sometimes to shut your eyes and not see the vastness of the world. Maybe it’s easy to ignore, for example, glaciers melting. Maybe you live so far from the ocean that you don’t even think about it. But maybe, just maybe, something as simple as Pokemon allows you to meet a friend who lives on an island where rising ocean is a much greater concern. It helps you to open your eyes and understand why it’s important to solve these problems. So the fact that they didn’t try to offer merit to Lysandre’s proposed problem with the world bugged the heck out of me.

And this doesn’t mean I don’t like the game. I love it. I really do, I feel closer than ever to people all over the world. So thank you Pokemon. And I hope you all do your best to connect to each other. I truly believe that connection and compassion is what can save the world. And I’m so happy Pokemon contributes to that.