Pokemon Christmas Event Announcement!

Hey guys! Christmas is around the corner, and I’m sure plenty of people have a Pokemon game on their Nintendo 3DS system of choice! So, in order to be nice this year, I had an idea!

You see this Pokemon?

his name is Delibird! He’s based on Santa, as you can tell.

You can equip Pokemon with items, such as rare items, evolution stones, berries, and PokeBalls! In addition, you can trade Pokemon holding items over Wonder Trade.

So, for Christmas, how about we Wonder Trade a bunch of Delibirds that are holding items! These items can include:

-Kinds of PokeBalls
-Rare items that sell for a lot of money
-and Evolution Stones

That way, it’s like Santa delivering gifts to unsuspecting trainers!

So let’s make Wonder Trade festive for the next few days!

Pokemon Trades

Heeeeey. So i’m looking for some pokemon, and i’m willing to trade some stuff in return.

From X/Y and ORAS, I need:

  • Thundurus
  • Tornadus
  • Landorus

I can offer:

  • Emboar (Adamant, Reckless)
  • Victini
  • Manaphy
  • Celebi
  • Jirachi
  • Darkrai
  • Arceus
  • Meloetta
  • Suicine (event shiny)
  • Entei (event shiny)

Sun and Moon stuff below, but put under a read more for spoilers.

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My favourite thing about Pokemon XYZ is that there’s an episode where Serena’s doing her contest thing and it cuts to her mom’s Rhyhorn watching it on a laptop

But later in the episode we see that Serena’s mom Grace is actually at the contest watching from the audience

Nobody else lives at that home. Meaning that the Rhyhorn got a laptop on his own, punched in the web address hmself (or maybe got Fletchling to do it) and started watching his owner’s daughter be a contest star.

All on his own.

Damn that’s a smart Rhyhorn.

For those of you in Europe, Australia & North America, a second chance event for Arceus has gone live in both North America and Europe on XY & ORAS. In North America, this is through the code ARCEUS20 and in Europe it’s through the code ARCEUS2016 and these codes can be redeemed until December 31st 2016. It won’t work if you obtained Arceus during the events held around the world earlier this year.

Source: Serebii 

Mega Charizard XY

A mega collaboration between myself and @tulerarts! I did the composition and sketching, Tuler did the linearts and coloring.

We’ll be selling this at Anime Expo 2016 in LA this weekend (July 1-4)! You can find us at Table C7. Come by and say hi! :D

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Link to first post with more female trainers (roller-skater, boater, goth and rocker)

Pokemon trainers based on their in-game outfits in XY.

I wanted to try out drawing the boys even though their clothing selection is so tiny. I hope Sun & Moon expands on this.

Link to gallery of a bunch more male trainer outfit combos

Link to gallery with a bunch of female trainer outfit combos

Sorry for another long post. Detail images under the cut:

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Link to 2nd post with male trainers

Pokemon XY trainers and their pokemon based on available in-game outfits.

Playthrough 1: Sporty tomboy who likes to use tricks

Playthrough 2: High-class dandy boater who uses water type

Playthrough 3: Super spoopy dark/fairy/ghost trainer

Playthrough 4: Punky rocker who likes cool pokemon (guitar not actually available)

Gallery with tons of outfit combos (girl only)

Sorry for the long post. Some detail images below the cut:

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