pokemon x and y version


Okay guys,

To celebrate 20 years of pokémon, Nintendo is releasing a legendary pokémon on the mystery gift world wide every month for the whole year!
These gifts are avaliable on;

•Pokémon Alpha Sapphire
•Pokémon Omega Ruby
•Pokémon X
•Pokémon Y

It started in February with Mew which I missed unfortuneatly. But now in March, it’s Celebi! The dates for each pokémon are above!
Get em’ all!



“Search it out, and find the way:
the point where we can all meet.
The point where we’re all the same.
There it lies: the future we seek.
Start from there, and then we’ll forge
a world where all can be free.
Free to dream, and free to smile.
Free to be who we will be.”

–Junichi Masuda (KISEKI: Pokémon X & Y Versions)

is it just me, or does Pole-Bear’s version of Fritz Smith, look exactly like Trevor from Pokemon X and Y?

let’s observe:


Pole-Bear’s version of Fritz Smith:

small resemblance, but it’s probably a coincidence