pokemon winona



Winona: Thank you both for asking! The father of my daughter is my husband, my little Ketchy!

Mr. Ketchup: I thought I’d never hear that nickname again.

Winona: Ah, but it is a cute one!

Mr. Ketchup: That would make a nickname to a nickname, my dear marina…

Winona: And there is nothing wrong with that, hm?

Mr. Ketchup: …

Winona: Anyway, there is, indeed a backstory to our first meeting! It was the deep seas of Johto, when we were a Mantyke and Remoraid! We were childhood friends, always there for each other through thick and thin, and caused a bit of mischief.

Mr. Ketchup: I believe it was you who was stirring up trouble. I had told you not to go into those coral reefs!

Winona: Aha! But the look on those Tentacruels’ faces when we swam right in…!

Mr. Ketchup: It was only worth it since we didn’t get stung.

Winona: Hehe! Anyway, the topic at hand! We started to really, truly feel for each other when Ketchy helped me evolve! Ironically, he did shortly after!

Mr. Ketchup: Perhaps it was only just timing…

Winona: Or maybe was it fate?