pokemon type advantages

all right but what if lillie is ash’s next female companion

there goes her “personal reasons” to stay with the professor and assist him

so I found this out about Pokemon Conquest on bulbapedia

_“Had this game not existed, the game Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE would’ve been a Fire Emblem/Pokémon crossover game.”

you might already know about that, but how in the fresh heck would that have worked???

I need a fight between you and palkia now.

tbh it would probably be a pokemon mystery dungeon style crossover with the pokemon as the characters (type advantages replacing weapon triangles ect)

Pokémon GO Battling

“Pokemon type advantages do matter and play a big part.

Pokemon attacks and defense have a tap or press n hold moves

Trainers battle in an arena, as for the defending pokemon trainer appears in the middle and so dodge in a circle around them.

pokemon trainers can dodge left/right by swiping.

Defending pokemon trainers have a warning of a “red radar” above them when they start charging for the second attack.

Trainers also get red targets on their pokemon attacking when a trainer defender is about to use a tap move.

A few charge moves are either leech life, critical, and some can’t miss.

Pokemon trainers can select 1 pokemon to field train at friendly team gym and only 6 pokemon can attack an enemy gym. Dosen’t change regardless of how many pokemon are defending the gym.

All gyms have Pokemon Leaders like in the Pokemon Gameboy verision. Even having a second person to add pokemon to the gym, you can also become a Pokemon Master or Gym Leader.

Walking through a gym, trainers can swipe through other pokemon that are stationed there and trainer avatars.

Pokemon Go trainers can only guess the damage on their health bars having no values either on them and no texting given on “super effective”

Same as ingress level 6 needs 54k XP; Level 7 needs 108k XP. Same as in Pokemon GO

Here is a chart of what the Pokemon GO Beta Tester has seen so far:

Event                           EX Reward/Prestige

Catch Pokemon                    100

Catch New Pokemon           500

Nice Throw                            10

Great Throw                          50

Excellent Throw                    N/A

Defeat Pokemon Training  50 /50

Defeat Enemy Pokemon      100/-250

Deploy Pokemon                   500“

Source: pokemonhype.com

anonymous asked:

Aside from Ash, is there any common criticism you see toward the main characters of the anime that you feel is totally wrong or off base? Like how people constantly complain about Ash not being a good trainer like Red or being stupid, etc. But ignoring Ash, what common criticism do you see towards the other characters that bothers you because it doesn't feel justified?

This will be fun.

Well to start a big one for me is..

Participating in Contest and being a Coordinator apparently being “sexist” or belittling of female characters: Fuck this complaint with a rusty ten inch pole, the only reason people even say this is because it’s a thing that’s “not what the main character is doing” and that’s horseshit, Contests are treated as a very legitimate way of Trainers interacting with their Pokemon, shown to be just as serious as someone going for Gym badges, not any lesser. GIRLS AND BOYS PARTICIPATE IN THEM so whatever sexist undercurrent you’re trying to find doesn’t exist. Even in DP where the females dress up in pretty outfits you have the boys doing pretty much the same damn thing.

I didnt see people complaining when Misty wasnt really occupying herself with anything in particular during her time with Ash (and he was the one driving the story forward) but suddenly it’s a big deal when the females have a journey that’s treated with just as much importance as Ash but because it’s not battling in the conventional since it’s belittling and “girly”, fuck off with this please.

And this goes right into

Misty’s successors (but particularly Dawn and to an extent Serena) getting criticisms  because they’re more “aware” of their beauty and put a token effort into how they look and are somehow shallow character because of this: This is just an odd complaint to me, again I know people can be annoyed by I guess the girlish stereotype of a female character caring about her looks but again, it’s only a few choice scenes? And it’s not tied to their character in any vain way (well okay technically Dawn at first when it came to contest, all it took was a simple character arc to smooth that out) and you only BRIEFLY see it most of the time. A lot of the time it’s played for laughs and not much else, such as when Dawn has like a bad hair day and gives extremely self conscious and that’s just how’d most people react I find? I guess my point is that occasionally caring about one’s appearance is not a bad thing at all, especially when it makes up a very minor part of the character’s “pie chart”. If they have plenty of other characteristics to bring to the table why should it matter? You don’t have to LIKE the trait but please don’t act like it’s their ONLY trait I guess is what im saying.

Speaking of which…

Dawn being an Ash clone: This. One. Drives. Me. Nuts. Okay I will not deny that Dawn and Ash share some similar character quriks that’s part of why the two of them work so well together as a team but it’s still frustrating to see people boil Dawn’s entire character to just “Ash 2”, like it’s so insulting to me. It just screams to me that people are to lazy to look further into her character then what’s on the surface and would rather just make sweeping generalizations and call it legitimate criticisms. There’s just so much more to her then that to me, there’s her bouts with self doubt, always being quick to blame herself when things to go as she planned, but at the same time her boundless optimism that overshadows even Ash at ceartain points, always trying to turn a bad situation into a good one, her creativity and clumsiness, etc etc. Like?? It just bothers me so much.

May being seen as weak, incompetent, irresponsible etc: This is something I see quite often and it’s very annoying to me. Yes May be a bit spacey and absent minded every now and then but she’s by no means an idiot who’s everyone’s inferior. I think people get this perception because a good part of her character arc is working her way up out of the shadow of characters who establish themselves as her superiors at first like Drew and Ash, and people see THAT version of May more then they do the character who’s overcome all that and becomes a very talented Coordinator all her own. And they completley ignore the moments she shared with Max, taking it upon herself to be a big sister and make Max her responsibility while they’re traveling. Like I said THAT version of May is lost on a few people and what they see is some gross exaggeration in her place. 

Iris’ win over Ash at the Battle Club not being fair to Ash: This is a relatively minor one but its still annoying whenever I see it come up. Iris had every reason to beat Ash in that particular instance, she had a experienced Pokemon with a type advantage that Iris managed to use effectively (unlike that farce of a Axew vs Golurk battle) and ended it in victory. It’s not like Exacdrill was a new capture it was a Iris’ FIRST Pokemon (and had it longer then Ash had Pikachu tbh) so yeah, I can believe that she would beat Pikachu in this instance.