pokemon type advantages

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Pokémon GO Battling

“Pokemon type advantages do matter and play a big part.

Pokemon attacks and defense have a tap or press n hold moves

Trainers battle in an arena, as for the defending pokemon trainer appears in the middle and so dodge in a circle around them.

pokemon trainers can dodge left/right by swiping.

Defending pokemon trainers have a warning of a “red radar” above them when they start charging for the second attack.

Trainers also get red targets on their pokemon attacking when a trainer defender is about to use a tap move.

A few charge moves are either leech life, critical, and some can’t miss.

Pokemon trainers can select 1 pokemon to field train at friendly team gym and only 6 pokemon can attack an enemy gym. Dosen’t change regardless of how many pokemon are defending the gym.

All gyms have Pokemon Leaders like in the Pokemon Gameboy verision. Even having a second person to add pokemon to the gym, you can also become a Pokemon Master or Gym Leader.

Walking through a gym, trainers can swipe through other pokemon that are stationed there and trainer avatars.

Pokemon Go trainers can only guess the damage on their health bars having no values either on them and no texting given on “super effective”

Same as ingress level 6 needs 54k XP; Level 7 needs 108k XP. Same as in Pokemon GO

Here is a chart of what the Pokemon GO Beta Tester has seen so far:

Event                           EX Reward/Prestige

Catch Pokemon                    100

Catch New Pokemon           500

Nice Throw                            10

Great Throw                          50

Excellent Throw                    N/A

Defeat Pokemon Training  50 /50

Defeat Enemy Pokemon      100/-250

Deploy Pokemon                   500“

Source: pokemonhype.com