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my friend told me the E version photoshoot makes them look like pokemon gym leaders and now i can’t get it out of my head so i wrote a bulletpoint list as to what type of leader i think each person would be!!!


NAMJOON - electric type specialist

  • namjoon is the first gym leader you have to face when you set out on your journey. you’re hesitant at first when you were starting out because your parents were well-known trainers back in the day, so you were scared that you wouldn’t match up to their reputations. however, meeting namjoon was a breath of fresh air because he held no expectations of you whatsoever. coming from an elite family of pokemon trainers himself, he was able to relate to your self-doubt and encouraged you instead to go on your own path to self-discovery
  • (that “encouragement” just so happened to be an hour long sermon, so you weren’t really sure exactly what he said after the 20 minute mark, but you assumed it was something along those lines)
  • you come back the next day hoping to battle him immediately, but like all gyms, his was designed as a puzzle.
  • “All trainers think that all it takes is power and experience to become the greatest out there. What they tend to forget is that intelligence and strategy are just as important!”
  • H O L Y SHIT was this dude a fucking sadist or something because his gym was a fucking MAZE
  • you were essentially stuck in the dark, maneuvering your way blindly while stumbling across trainers to boot. the place was filled with doors and hallways, each room only accessible after solving a riddle or trivia about pokemon
  • after much stumbling and a lot of bullshitting your way through the answers, you eventually find your way to namjoon
  • “Ah, so you made it! You were definitely much faster than (rival’s name). I’m excited to see how well you do!”
  • despite being generally nice and supportive, he definitely did not go easy on you during your battle
  • “What? Do you expect me to be the easiest gym leader just because I’m your first official battle? Not a chance, darling!”
  • suffice to say, you almost got smote out of the sky by his powerful raichu, whom you thought you could have easily defeated with your ground type pokemon
  • electric types have very little weaknesses (read: only two) so Namjoon is pretty much an expert when it comes to dealing with those weaknesses. 
  • you got a ground type? bitch, he has pikachu that knows how to use SURF
  • “Holy shit? I thought surfing pikachu was a myth!”
  • “The only thing mythical about my pikachu is that it’s about to pound you to dust!”
  • In the end, however, you were able to defeat him (although, you might have had to rechallenge him a few times. But you got there eventually)
  • “Wow. It feels just like yesterday that we just met. I’m sure that I will be hearing more great things about you in the future. I’m already excited to see how much you will grow! ‘til our next battle!”
  • ((he ends up climbing the ranks and joins the elite four. so that next battle comes sooner than you could have imagined!))

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Pokeball Ideas I Came Up With, Then Drew Really Badly

I didn’t really think many of these out tbh but they’re cool right?

  • Sky Ball: 3x catch rate for flying types & pokemon with the ability Levitate
  • Circut Ball: 3x catch rate for electric and steel types
  • Terrarium Ball: 2.5x catch rate in tall grass
  • Plain Ball: 2.5x catch rate for normal types
  • Solid Ball: 3x catch rate for ground and rock types
  • Note Ball: 4x catch rate if the pokemon learns any sound-based moves
  • Life Ball: 3x catch rate if the wild pokemon is in the red, otherwise 1x
  • Sun Ball: Like the moon ball, but for sun stone
  • Warm Ball: 3x catch rate for fire and grass types
  • Myth Ball: 3x catch rate for ghost, dragon, and fairy types
  • Chance Ball: Random catch rate from .5x to 5x
  • Weakness Ball: 4x catch rate if the wild Pokemon has a type advantage

agent-gravityfalls  asked:

Is it typical for pokemon with type advantages/disadvantages to not mix very well? like how heatmor and durant are common predator prey. if it varies how do Torterra and Luxray interract, if they do? sorry for the barrage of questions, thanks!

It’s not necessarily type, it’s biological interaction. A Heatmor’s type gives it an advantage in hunting Durant, but it probably still would go after bug types even if it wasn’t a fire type (for example, Heatmore will hunt very young Bunnelby if given the opportunity).

I haven’t heard of any particular problems between Torterra and Luxray, but socialization training is still important for both.

all right but what if lillie is ash’s next female companion

there goes her “personal reasons” to stay with the professor and assist him

Knowledge is carefully planning your pokemon teams to have type advantages against every type.

Wisdom is knowing nearly every flying type has a secondary typing and therefore you don’t need to have a type advantage against the flying type to defeat them.

Pokémon GO Battling

“Pokemon type advantages do matter and play a big part.

Pokemon attacks and defense have a tap or press n hold moves

Trainers battle in an arena, as for the defending pokemon trainer appears in the middle and so dodge in a circle around them.

pokemon trainers can dodge left/right by swiping.

Defending pokemon trainers have a warning of a “red radar” above them when they start charging for the second attack.

Trainers also get red targets on their pokemon attacking when a trainer defender is about to use a tap move.

A few charge moves are either leech life, critical, and some can’t miss.

Pokemon trainers can select 1 pokemon to field train at friendly team gym and only 6 pokemon can attack an enemy gym. Dosen’t change regardless of how many pokemon are defending the gym.

All gyms have Pokemon Leaders like in the Pokemon Gameboy verision. Even having a second person to add pokemon to the gym, you can also become a Pokemon Master or Gym Leader.

Walking through a gym, trainers can swipe through other pokemon that are stationed there and trainer avatars.

Pokemon Go trainers can only guess the damage on their health bars having no values either on them and no texting given on “super effective”

Same as ingress level 6 needs 54k XP; Level 7 needs 108k XP. Same as in Pokemon GO

Here is a chart of what the Pokemon GO Beta Tester has seen so far:

Event                           EX Reward/Prestige

Catch Pokemon                    100

Catch New Pokemon           500

Nice Throw                            10

Great Throw                          50

Excellent Throw                    N/A

Defeat Pokemon Training  50 /50

Defeat Enemy Pokemon      100/-250

Deploy Pokemon                   500“

Source: pokemonhype.com