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Trainer's Guide for Raichu, if it hasn't been done yet?

Trainer’s Guide #026: Raichu, the Mouse Pokemon

(Standard variant)

Type: Electric

Many owners never evolve their pikachu into raichu, both because of pikachu’s popularity and the dangerous electrical power of raichu. Its pretty orange coat and competitive uses do attract experienced trainers, however. Once you understand the behaviors of raichu, you can easily avoid injury from its electricity.

If your raichu runs too low on electricity, it will raise its tail and gather power from the air. This can shock anything in the vicinity. On the flip side, if your raichu has too much electric power, it will dispense it by anchoring its tail to the ground. Both of these behaviors are dangerous and destructive. Be careful when letting it be indoors. If it becomes suddenly agitated, let it outside WITHOUT touching it.

To properly maintain your raichu’s energy, let your raichu recharge by rubbing against a power socket or other source of electricity. When its ears stand straight up, raichu is done charging! Return it to its pokeball or coax it away from the power source with a tasty treat. NEVER let your raichu near a large body of water. Wash it with minimal water, a wipe, or a dry brush.

Raichu love to run. If you are an athlete or biker, take raichu with you on trips. If you have an pokemon sport groups in your area or find a competition if you are a traveling trainer, consider letting your raichu join. Runners often bring batteries for their raichu to chew on if they get too tired during a run. Also, don’t let it hang out on a carpet…try getting a plastic covered cushion or a tire for it to sleep in. 


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