pokemon trainer for life

  • 1% of Pokemon Trainers:Go on life-changing adventures, take down huge,evil organizations and end up becoming the Pokemon League Champion of the region.
  • 99% of Pokemon Trainers:Stand in one place or walk around in a circle all day and night until another trainer comes within their line of vision.
To AU fictionkin

I know a lot of you feel invalid or lonely because you’re not the version of yourself shown in your canon. But listen, you are just as valid as any other version of yourself. The multiverse is literally infinite, and just because the one or three universes shown in your canon aren’t your canon doesn’t mean anything at all.

In a past life, I was a noncanon Pokemon Trainer named Grey from gameverse Kanto and I traveled with a guy named Violet. In my Harry Potter canon, I was a Slytherin and Neville was a Hufflepuff, and I was adopted by the Weasleys after my second year at Hogwarts and my name was Harry Weasley, but I am still valid.

No matter how drastic the differences between your canon and the canon presented here, you are still valid, and you are real. You always have been. You always will be.

-Mod Neon

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jay and kitket are pokemon trainers that cross paths and end up traveling together. ( @mvp-of-all )

KitKet giggled and threw one of her Pokemon cards at Jay – Milotic, to be exact – and quickly stood up. “Now, we gotta travel! Come on, come on!” she exclaimed, grabbing his hand and tugging on it. “– to the gardens!”


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I missed the oppurtunity for some Friday the 13th spoopy silliness so take this until the next 13th which isn’t until January 2017.  

Imagine trainers putting cleanse tags all over their houses to keep away the fabled pokemon of ‘bad luck’, Absol from bringing any misfortune or disasters from their presence.  This old legend began when a pack of Absols from the mountains were seen running to higher ground as they howled to warn other native pokemon just before a rock slide tumbled onto the village.  The survivors blamed these pokemon for the disasters and the deaths that happened that day. 

Unfortunately, Absols now-a-days are treated still like black cats in real life. Trainers will send out their pokemon to hurt an Absol or chase it away, just because of an old superstition.  Others who happen to own Absols are urged to keep them inside for their own safety.

Also on a less sad headcanon, Imagine Gastly, Haunter and Gengar singing and performing ‘Grim Grinning Ghosts’