pokemon trainer for life

Pokemon Drawing Challenge - Day 1 - Me as a Trainer

So I want to try my hand at a Pokemon drawing challenge for February, with Pokemon’s 20th anniversary coming up and all that. Let’s see how we go ~

If I was a trainer I’d have a thousand Eevees. I’d be a crazy cat lady, but with Eevees instead of cats 8D

I do have my very own shiny Eevee. I hatched him at the end of last year and he is my precious baby ❤️ His name is Max :3

Pokemon-themed Valentine Gift Tags

I made these for some reason… If I think of it… Nah, whatever.

Gift tags for that special Pokemon Trainer in your life!

Download link: http://fav.me/d9r8d9v

Free to print out and use for personal use, but please DO NOT re-post online or use my artwork for any other purpose unless I get credit somehow. Thanks!

Obviously, re-blogging on Tumblr is okay.

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo/Game Freak. This is my silly fan art.

unsolicited fun facts about me

i’m almost always wearing a sweater, or hoodie

i try to dress like a real life pokemon trainer 90% of the time i leave the house

i make themed outfits but hardly ever wear them

i have four purses and i switch them out to match what i’m wearing that day

i’m kinda lame

First fitness shot of 2016 & new ink.

Currently sitting on 74kgs (HOLY CRAP)
Estimated weight goal to be about 64-66 kg for a decent ‘Natsu-esque’ figure
Deadline - April 23

In other news;
Raichu and Pichu join the team. POKEMON TRAINER LIFE IS REAL 😎.