pokemon trainer for life


If Pokespe has taught me anything, it’s “Don’t have dreams, children.”

Ruby’s dream was to learn how to battle alongside his father and to grow up to be like him but due to an accident (caused by Ruby being “just like Dad”) ended up losing
that close relationship with his Dad. His dream ended up turning on him as pretty much everything wrong him now, as well as everything he dislikes about himself, is linked to his similarities to Norman as well as their tattered relationship.

Black’s dream was to win the Pokémon League, which is a goal he worked tirelessly for since he was a small child. He does end up achieving his dream but instead of having everyone acknowledge his victory, it was cut short by the attack on the league. He was also never able to celebrate his accomplishment as he is currently trapped in the light stone. ~It’s kinda more depressing for Black since his arc’s entire theme is “Dreams”~

X’s dream was to be a strong trainer and just like he said, he “didn’t mind telling the whole world about it”. Well, everyone did find out about his skills and ended up swarming him with questions on his future as well as unwanted publicity. His dream ended up severely turning on him leading to his current state of reclusion and what seems to be a severe anxiety/social phobia disorder.

So yeah, don’t have dreams or they will turn on you…badly.

Masterlist // 2

This is a masterlist for EXO and Seventeen!

Here are the other masterlist:



VIXX, WINNER, NCT, Jay Park, SuJu, BigBang



-They find your old tumblr (EXO-K)

-They find your old tumblr (EXO-M)

-Others telling you that Jongin likes you

-When they find out they weren’t your first EXO bias (EXO-K)

-They think you’re ignoring them but you just fell asleep (EXO-M)

-Other boys tease you for having a crush on Sehun

-Other boys tease you for having a crush on Yixing

-When you accidentally text them something dirty (EXO-M)

-When you accidentally text them something dirty (EXO-K)

-They can’t sleep alone so they want to come over (EXO-K)

-When you’re wearing their shirt (EXO-K)

-You want to have pets when you get married but you don’t want kids (EXO-M)

-Reaction to you sending them the lyrics of “EXO anthem” (EXO-K)

-You’re fangirling over Chanyeol’s new movie

-“No, no, it’s my treat!” //D.O

-Others teasing you about you and Baekhyun’s crushes on each other (EXO-K)

-Others teasing you about your and Chen’s crushes on each other


-Coincidence (Chanyeol fluff)


-Married life with Luhan


-Exo reaction to you fangirling over 1D’s new album



-Just a bad day (Vernon angst)

-Secrets (Brother!Seungcheol)

-Matchmakers (Vernon)


-When you’re also an idol and you perform special stage with a boy from another boy group (Jealous Jihoon)

-When they use really bad pick up lines on you (Hip Hop Unit)

-When they use really bad pick up lines on you (Vocal Unit)

-When you came down with a flu and he’s not there to take care of you (Worried Joshua)

-When you’re best friends with the China line and they both like you

-Wonhui texts

-When they texts you to tell you to have a good day even though you’re stressed (Performance Unit)

-When they find out they weren’t your first Seventeen bias-Vocal Unit

-They can’t sleep alone so they want to come over (Hip Hop Unit)

-They have a crush on a trainee who refuses to call them oppa (Hip Hop Unit)

-When you ask them how many children they want to have (Hip Hop Unit)

-When both Dino and Vernon like you

-They want to cuddle but you’re busy

-You accidentally confess to the wrong member (Hip Hop Unit)


-What dating Woozi (Jihoon) would be like

-What dating Vernon (Hansol) would be like

-Jeonghan as a Hogwarts student

-Wonwoo as a Pokemon trainer

-Married life with Wonwoo


-How would Vernon confess


-Reaction to you using the sign language to talk to a deaf fan (You’re also an idol)

Conversation reactions:

-Reaction to you suddenly kissing him for no reason (Woozi)

-Reaction to you suddenly crying in front of him (Wonwoo)

-Reaction to seeing your tattoos, that you usually cover up, for the first time (Joshua)


-Being best friends with Meanie

-Being friends with the Vocal unit

Lillie is so cute.

I usually feel pretty immune to deliberately cute characters (unless very small children, I’m sorry, I was totally the one who found bratty, know-it-all characters like 90′s anime Chibiusa and Masato/Max precious, PFFT), but.

I’m constantly bowled over by Lillie’s cuteness.

She and Suiren are the most deliberately moe main characters I am keenly aware, but I am all for Lillie. (Maybe it helps that it’s not “aw, look at her trying, how cute” in a condescending, pitiful way, but she tries hard and is actually getting somewhere, even though it’s hard and nobody would blame her for balking.)

I love Lillie, you guys. ;_;


(I already felt attached to Lillie from the second she was revealed, her having an abusive mother just felt like see, further confirmation I was right to latch on immediately!!!

And then, her anime story’s unfolding and it’s wild, because when I was a kid, see, as much as I adore cats, I had a period of time where I was scared to touch them and only loved them from afar because my bio-mom’s cat clawed me once. I still don’t know why that happened and never blamed her for it, but I still have the scar to this day from it.

But! Way later on, I took care of this outdoor cat (I know… that’s just the way it was) called Tipsy and although he was pretty scratchy in a weird clingy way, I got over my fear and later on got an indoor cat named Snowy.

And the dub called Shiron, the Pokemon Lillie raised from an egg to get over her fear, Snowy!! I am happy.)