pokemon the second movie


Second trailer for the 20th movie. I have many questions 

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Eh, pretty much the same bio summary as the other ones that he’s posted. But here’s some sort of relevant information for PSers:

  • 「フルーラと仲よく話すサトシにご機嫌ナナメ」- Misty’s cranky mood at Melody and Ash’s friendly conversation  
  • 「サトシを助ける」Saving Ash. These guide books really like reminding us that Misty saved Ash’s life in the second movie.

Hurr hurr did one for Oliver. There were a lot I could have picked but like with Chadley’s my “this needs to be a somewhat viable team hggnngh” drive overrode a few options. I really wanted Slowking in there but it just threw off the whole thing because did you know that fucker is 6'7" tall?? So I went with Stoutland as the second option.

Honestly I would have just gone with all ghosts if I’d have let myself

god i want to do them for other characters too this is too fun

my favourite thing about pokemon go (and probably one of the smartest things about the game) is that it’s all gen 1 pokemon so far.

everyone knows the first gen pokemon. farts like me who played the original gameboy games but never followed through into the later games remember the pokemon we’re catching and remember what else is out there to catch. people who are fans of the later generations know the first gen as well as they know the current pokemon.

by making pokemon go first generation only (for now at least), the dev’s have basically just captured every single fan, past and present, and thrown them head first into their virtual world.

i havent been a fan of pokemon since roughly pokemon 2000 when the second gen was released after the movie. but this game is bringing me back to when i was 7 and playing pokemon blue on my brothers game boy. 

it’s fucking brilliant. 


Tentacruel, Aerodactyl… Haha, I don’t need to jump into the Poke-rap. I’m sure that enough of you out there could easily continue it. :3

Mewtwo is one of those Pokemon that make people sigh both in frustration and amazement. Why? It’s bad ass and powerful. I mean, we all have memories of ALL THE FEELS from the first Pokemon movie. Second, it expands the Pokemon lore by showing how humans can build/create new Pokemon from existing! I still think Gligar is descended from a Krabby and a Zubat. More on that with the Gligar poke-dot. And why not? 

I know, I know the creation of Mewtwo isn’t the same thing as crossbreeding to create a new species, but it makes me think of the potential. 

Fun facts, Mewtwo is the only Amiibo I own and central to a comic I’m writing at the moment. 

And finally a question… In Pokemon X/Y Mewtwo has two mega stones… and according to the story in X/Y the stones are made/availble via the death of many Pokemon long ago thanks to AZ’s device. How.. did Mewtwo, a human made Pokemon, exist back then? Especially if Magearna is supposed to be the first man made Pokemon and she/it was made after the weapon was fired?